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I did all the female voices for Castle Crashers! Check the favorites for flash I was in, and suzumiya-haruhi.net for my voice demos. *Yes, I played Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome.* Email me at DizzyAngelXX@gmail.c om if you need a female voice.

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Rina-chan's News

Posted by Rina-chan - September 18th, 2009

I usually don't post/link to photos of myself on Newgrounds due to all the negative responses people like to give, but I just feel like plugging the cosplay shoot that I did today with my friend April.

If you haven't guessed from my NG userpic and my Xbox Live gamertag, I'm pretty obsessed with Guilty Gear, and I've always loved the character Dizzy, so I got the costume. Most of it was just bought from ebay, but I did the wig styling and tail ribbon and April helped with the wings (they were a pair of crappy Halloween wings; I hope to get a better pair later.)

http://myspace.com/innersakura --- it's in the galleries. Feel free to add me as a friend as well unless you're an obnoxious troll.

Posted by Rina-chan - September 3rd, 2009

So I finally got an XBOX Live membership! I shall now accept friend requests from whoever wishes to play me at Street Fighter IV (sorry, that's the only game I'm gonna be playing online right now---gotta get practice in for upcoming tournaments.)

Gamertag: DizzyChanXX

I bought a crappy used headset from work today but I have no idea whether it sounds okay or not, so if it's not good, then we will have to play in silence. Well, other than the sounds of Zangief's lariat. Or tiger shots from my little Sagat.

Posted by Rina-chan - August 17th, 2009

I'm feeling much better, so thank you for the well-wishes everyone. I'm going to be trying to catch up on lines soon despite being busy with work---just a reminder, I don't really check my PMs due to all the spam I get, so if you could please email me voice requests etc. at midori.ninja@gmail.com that would be super helpful.

I've been playing a lot of King of Fighters XII lately, especially seeing as I cosplayed Athena Asamiya. Curse not having XBOX Live =( (although I heard the online for that game sucked anyway...)

Also, I found an animator for my Street Fighter project!

Posted by Rina-chan - August 4th, 2009

Hey guys. I'm in the middle of this awful throat sickness right now, so I'm really sorry that I'm behind on lines for a lot of people. (I pretty much can't even talk right now at work...I'm like "HAI WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY VIDEO GAYMEZZZZ" in this frog voice) If it doesn't clear up soon, I'll be going to see a doctor. Just wanted to let producers know what's up.

ALSO. I'm in need of a talented animator for a Street Fighter comedy project I'm writing, so if you think you might be interested, email me at midori.ninja@gmail.com and we'll discuss.

Posted by Rina-chan - July 19th, 2009

I met Daigo Umehara for the first time today at EVO 2K9! I'm such a fangirl, heh.

got my ass kicked at Capcom vs SNK by a couple of pro players
& got to play some GUILTY GEAR; I'm so obsessed with that game these days.

Oh, I met a few Newgrounds users there too, so if you were one of them and happen to be reading this, it was nice to meet you :)

Posted by Rina-chan - July 11th, 2009

THANK YOU to everyone who came up to me at AX and told me they liked Brawl Taunts or quoted it in the game room! It was very meaningful :3

It was fun playing people in Street Fighter. I didn't get to play too much Brawl aside from entering the tournament, but the random team I joined with won second place in Rock Band, lmao.

Also, be sure and wish Sonicmega a big congratulations for winning the tile of AX Idol 2009! He's one of my favorite voice actors here on NG and has contributed a lot to my projects and others'.

Posted by Rina-chan - June 16th, 2009

So I can't go to Comic-Con after all.
I didn't buy a ticket earlier because I didn't know if I'd be in town then, and now even the one-day passes are sold out, so... looks like I won't be going this year.

I will be going to Anime Expo, though, so hopefully I'll have the chance to meet some of you there.

Posted by Rina-chan - May 26th, 2009

Occasionally I read reviews on a variety of submissions just for the lulz, and there are some pretty funny ones, so I might as well share. Please note: The majority of these were NOT directed at me or Brawl Taunts...and YES they are actual reviews! XD

rilly funny it was great i wold recamend it to some of my frends some of em the others wold think i am a fag

I didn't really find it funny it was kind of imature and there wasn't animation skill involved
>>Author's Response:
thats a pretty mature comment for someone that has a cock in its profile image.

This is awesome. It would be even better if I could unlock someone other than that jiggly-fuck. but people like blade and any stupid sonic pallet swap should not be in at all I hate them

Your a complete fucking reject and a faggoty one at that. Thats just my opinion though.

The necks were a litte too large (No, they were fat. As big as the head, come on), but other than that, awesome! Made me laugh, actually. Which is pretty hard, since I'm german.


You like to attend the same schools, use the same water fountains, use the same restaurants, park in the same places, and live in the same neighborhoods as Honky McWhiterson? You can be thankful for that, because your fathers and grandfathers didn't have those luxuries.

macke more and lunger flash

But what's with purple he sounds more retarded than gay, unless he was a retarded gay guy then that makes some sense... but good job on humor then acting could be better that's why I gave it an 8. Good not perfect.

Pay no attention to guamdude. He left his brain in guam, apparently, and doesn't know much about 'software' as they call it.

i do not like all the bad owrds but i love the ending
>>Author's Response:
Oh no bad words!!!!!!

This submission basically sums up itself in the first minuet, not very good and have seen better mercey point
>>Author's Response:
you spelled minute and mercy wrong.

You're a big fan of Egoraptor... but you don't like any of his work? Careful, the people around here worship Egoraptor. They have a shrine over there where they kiss his feet daily. It's to the left of the Rina-chan statue, both of which are at the base of the 800-foot David Hayter monument.

The animation was of an unnaceptable standard, to make a flash movie, that is actually good, you need to spend time on it, like, more than a week, will make a good short one... No time was spent on this at all...

Hey, I just got angry because so much people use those annoying computer-voices for talking-parts in their flashs! It's ok when they don't dare to speak the dialogs themselves or something else but I can't hear those ugly voices anymore!! (I don't want you people to hate me now, I just think that when you use computervoices, the quality gets lost)

(People think this is a useless review.)

the real way to get rid of them is to STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOU THICK HEADED DICK!

Hey look all the people who like your videos, look fuckin gay... Well at least you will have some gay friends to watch your stupid fuckin videos with you.

Thing of the most vulgar way to say poop... How did this end up on the front page? I remember when NG used to have all the sweetest flash... now... its this dreck... What a shame, this used to be my favourite site... Now I visit it once a month... what a shame...

this is a good flash, but their voices are all "blarghenschmarghen." Shadow says "HE-E-E-E-ELLL" instead of "hell"

I know about the sequel that is in audio on youtube nut no sequel on newgrounds and i noteced someone used this audio in on of there flashes
>>Author's Response:

That was so funny! Now I know why Link can't talk. And, even though I have a YOUTUBE account, I dont know how to put videos/recordings on there. So Im no threat either. Buuuuuuuuut......my friend, Jake, has a dvd of The-Big-Gay-Dance's background song. He came to schoo, turned on his radio, and did The-Big-Gay-Dance at lunch. (PS: I AM going to summer school. Only cause' I have to.)

i WATCHED THIS 1 AND THE LAST 1 7 TIMES IN A ROW NON STOP ALTERNATING!! IT MADE ME CRY IN LAUGHTER{well technically i was BAWLING in laughter..}!!!!!!!! im still crying as i write this review!!!!!!!

you have to remember we don't need people trying to state the obvious to us we are not mindless 2 year olds we know what Common sense is. and no offense to you but please no more poor Jokes. I'm not trying to be mean but it really gets on my nerves when someone tries to pull of a mediocre Puns...

Let me ask a question: What happens when you take a flash that SUCKED BALLS and you create yet another abomination to follow it up? You get another Newgrounds garbage movie that only deserves as being used as toilet paper. Wait... what am I saying? To clean my ass with toilet paper like this is like brushing your teeth with a plunger: it's already so ingrained with shit that it serves no purpose.

What the f*ck does NSWF mean anyway? Im not a complete and total internet nerd, and dont speak your language, im just a mild internet nerd. It just wasnt.... good... it was just some poor excuse to make cartoon porn. Now to forth children, vote your 10s and jack off in the socks your mother just cleaned for you..

he has the look like holy shit a member of the female gender making erotic suggestions this is the first time ive ever heard this! wait till tom hears on my myspace..... o tom youll always be there for me

first dont make it sound like ur balls have droped second so funny lool

LAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! ok seriously that sould not even be under games first off and the next time u got people talking in to the mic make sure that they dont wrap there lips over the mic! you both sound like a bunch of retards on a microphone ranting about some dumb shit, and a little hint, DONT YELL SO LOUD ON YOUR MIC, IT SOUNDS LIKE SHIT!!!!!!! gay wad !

Kutos, and much better than that Kitty Krew crap, thats just sad...

Don't be so emo, and if all you do on the PC is look at porn, you don't deserve to use the PC.

You're voice acting is not good also. The voice used doesn't portray Mario's at all, is too quiet, and simply sounds bad. It's amazing that you keep making these when almost nobody likes them. Sorta like those stupid cat clock crew movies... how they dont get blammed in 3 sec is beyond me

Why you chose to call them Dicks instead of Parts is either beyond my understanding or a sad attempt at humor. The very first one was amazing, but it wasn't even a "funnie" so, no stars, and blam.

I still found "Greatest Cartoon Ever" pretty funny just because it was a string of poorly made square VG characters holding hand while singing how gay they were

the only gud part was the very 1st one for the rest it physically hurt to watch them i mean i feel like i just passed a gull stone

Posted by Rina-chan - May 21st, 2009

Everyone's always saying they want to play against me and don't like the fact that I refuse to play Brawl online. SO, if you want to challenge me at either Brawl or Melee in person and you aren't too far from Los Angeles, come to the UCLA tournament this Saturday! All the details are here:

http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx ?id=5718

I'm also going to be announcing matches, so...

Posted by Rina-chan - May 18th, 2009

I finally caved in and got a Twitter last night. I get really bored waiting for my turn at the arcade sometimes, or I'm just out doing something and want to spam things from my phone.

So, if for some reason you're interested in my random updates, you can feel free to follow me.