2009-06-16 19:59:54 by Rina-chan

So I can't go to Comic-Con after all.
I didn't buy a ticket earlier because I didn't know if I'd be in town then, and now even the one-day passes are sold out, so... looks like I won't be going this year.

I will be going to Anime Expo, though, so hopefully I'll have the chance to meet some of you there.


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2009-06-16 20:03:57

maybe you know where I could find some good game sound effects in an mp3 or .wav file format? if you do please let me know


2009-06-17 02:38:18

Thats stinks..I waited too long as well and I just couldn't get a one day pass so Comic-con was out of the question for me as well.


2009-06-17 03:37:59

Sad fac:(


2009-06-17 04:48:52

"Oh sob, oh cry."
Meh, I got nuthin'. Hmm...


2009-06-17 20:05:58

There There matey, there are still other expo's you can go. Besides there might be another chance


2009-06-18 00:14:58

Thats sad, its nice to hear that you can go to anime-expo however. Sorry that you have to miss out.


2009-06-18 06:10:26

Awe sorry you couldn't go. Though couldn't you just convince someone to give up their ticket for you? :P


2009-06-18 16:25:41

Oh well...i hear comic-con will be boring this year anyway.
And hey, you ARE going to anime expo so now you can save you money for that eh?

Cheer up.


2009-06-20 13:06:06

My gf dropped a while back, so I've got an extra pass and you're welcome to it. If you'd like it, hit me up AIM (SN: Mommaoncrackrock), I'm on before 2pm and after 10 pm mostly


2009-06-20 15:14:30

I'm sorry your not going. Better luck next time.


2009-06-20 19:28:05

Awwwh nooo!
There always next year!

Lifes a bi**h like that and well, hope the anime expo is goof and everything!

*And i would like to quickly post in that your very very talented*


2009-06-21 13:26:27

You moved away from Sun Valley, and I wanted to meet you in Canyon Plaza.


Rina-chan responds:

I'm in Burbank now, that's like right next to it haha


2009-06-21 14:50:59

OMG! It's a gurl on Newgrounds!


2009-06-22 01:53:04

Well that sucks, not going to the comic con without realizing that you werent coming to town sooner or later, though cheer up Rina, i bet you will have a great time at the anime Expo, have a great day and be happy :D


2009-06-22 14:31:26

Poor Rina.....


2009-06-22 15:50:55

Tom Fulp said the Comic-Con was in around July 23rd.


2009-06-22 18:00:34

cheer up theres always next year. :)


2009-06-22 18:37:13

Comic con was great i met Tomar, Afro, ego, swain, harry and tom plus the whole crew!

I gave Ego a statue to thank him for all his hard work as an animator and his eyes lit up like the 4th of July!

it was great everyone had fun.

Because i gave ego the statue, Wade fulp gave me a free calender and a copy of Snow snow for lucy by spike ^_^

so yeh and Ego of course drew up a free commission for my newgrounds cartoon version of myself and it looks great i have to show you!

it was too bad i didn't get to see you though, yeh know Voice actor to voice actor ;D


Rina-chan responds:

I'm talking about Comic-Con San Diego.


2009-06-22 18:39:03

Btw where is the Anime Expo being held at?
and what day and time?

Rina-chan responds:

July 4th weekend, LA convention center


2009-06-22 21:16:15

Good Luck Next Time...

You were Merryl in Metal Gear Awesome? D=


2009-06-23 02:35:51

rina-chan i love the way you did pricess polygons voice in taco man the game master remastered even though it sounds like the ones from most of the flashes you make with kirbopher


2009-06-24 01:21:29

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to tell you that I'm really excited that you were in Taco Man: The Game Master. Ebolaworld is one of my favorite people on newgrounds, youtube, etc. Anyways, I know you won't make any decisions based off of one person, but maybe you could see if you could be featured in some other animated series i think are good. Like Eddsworld, hmm... did I already say Eddsworld? Meh, they're all i could think of right now. (Did i mention Eddsworld?)


2009-06-25 10:04:32

hey I am Drago3511, i am kinda new to Newgrounds so I was wonderinging if you or Kirb could help me out? If you could thanks. you guys are awesome!!


2009-06-25 10:17:33

that sux you wont be at comic con but its awesome youll be at anime expo im going as well if you see a guy in a gas mask with a black and blue tail is me wahoo :)


2009-06-25 19:52:25

Are you going to be cosplaying at AX this year? and which days are you going?


2009-06-26 01:46:30

Great news. To the first line, I didn't read past that.


2009-06-26 09:59:04

Man I wish I could go to the anime expo. Oh well. Lucky!!!!!


2009-06-26 17:49:21

i meant to say i was at wiz con....and why dont you reply about the other stuff like when is the anime expo and where is it?


2009-06-26 17:50:26

ugh..........nvm i just found out......ffs....ross is such a jerk....


2009-06-27 03:02:44

sorry you couldn't go, on the bright side you are going to anime expo, always look on the bright side Rina


2009-06-29 02:15:40

What days you going to be at AE? Me and my friend are going to go friday wearing full douchebag attire (I'm going for Leather jacket torn jeans douchebag, he's going to go for the whole polo shirt frat boy douche bag) and we're going to record ourselves doing douchebag related things (satyrically of course), so if we see you maybe you could be a special guest on our quest to achieve douchebag nirvana.


2009-06-30 19:49:36

Well it sucks to be you to not be able go to the biggest fangasm fest alot of people (including myself) would go to.

At least you get to go to a great expo where alot of otakus go to after watching 5 hours (its true, otakus watch them that long) go out in the sun to (horribly) dress up their favorite characters and go crazy over their favorite voice actor.
So in other words. . . . good luck at Anime Expo (you might need it)


2009-07-02 00:56:59

Hmm, thats sad to hear. Hopefully things will go well in Anime Expo to make up for the loss ya kno? I hear this year is gonna be really fun.


2009-07-02 17:28:46



2009-07-02 17:29:19

Also, good that your going to Anime-Expo though ^^


2009-07-03 11:44:05

Sorry :( It's all my fault. WHY!? WHYYYYYYY!

Sorry, I exaggerate in my emotions.


2009-07-05 13:44:35

ouch... your level rocks man...


2009-07-05 18:36:22



2009-07-07 03:15:29

*om nom nom nom*
... cookie?


2009-07-09 00:37:07

I love you, Rina-chan! And anime is god, so yay!


2009-07-10 04:07:06

Not sure, but I think you made a very, very short appearance on tv... about a second. It was on Penn & Teller: BS on Showtime, relating about video games and violence. It aired couple hours ago.
You were Princess Peach during E for All... about 4-5 minutes in the show.
Congratulations if it is you, if not... whoops!

Also, maybe you could convince someone with the 4-day pass to not go to Comic-Con for one day and use their badge :)
I had to do that once.


2009-07-10 06:45:56

hello there. you are AMAZING! You have done so much over the time you existed here in newgrounds! i guess you can say im a fan o yours! ^^ wanna b friends?


2010-01-21 16:55:17

well at least you can go to any expo/con i can well because i live in Australia *sad face*