2009-09-03 07:01:31 by Rina-chan

So I finally got an XBOX Live membership! I shall now accept friend requests from whoever wishes to play me at Street Fighter IV (sorry, that's the only game I'm gonna be playing online right now---gotta get practice in for upcoming tournaments.)

Gamertag: DizzyChanXX

I bought a crappy used headset from work today but I have no idea whether it sounds okay or not, so if it's not good, then we will have to play in silence. Well, other than the sounds of Zangief's lariat. Or tiger shots from my little Sagat.


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2009-09-03 07:08:29

Byson > Sagat


2009-09-03 07:26:39

no tits or gtfo lol


2009-09-03 07:45:42


Rina-chan responds:

We're both on Newgrounds here.


2009-09-03 18:44:07

Buttfucking twatholes, I don't have some of dem games on dem discs. How 'bout you get some Microsoft points for things? Or get some older games?


2009-09-03 19:03:17

I'll send you an FR, but I dont have SF IV. :(


2009-09-03 22:06:25

I'll send you a FR. I hope you don't own me too badly.


2009-09-04 06:15:52

damn, i still need to get an xbox. one of my friends has SF4 and we're never off it. its like melee all over again

despite all that time playing i still cant get to grips with el fuerte


2009-09-04 16:22:28

Akuma vs Fei Long YAAAAAAAA lol add me plox Dafralanatah


2009-09-04 21:04:06

I like to challenge, but right now I'm busy working on a game I'm making and sometimes go against people on other different games.
P.S. I'm bored of playing Street Fighter IV I played it for three weeks straight when i had it getting really easy.
P.S.S. I also broken it by accident two days ago.
P.S.S.S. Your a great voice actor as well you should be on a T.V. series or become a great singer.


2009-09-04 21:15:39

also I forgot if i still had my sf4 i would challenge you.
also i play for cash and i'm a top notch gamer i check my records of all the games i played against people on the xbox live on how many people i stomped.
P.S. I also write down the people i played against on a notebook
records for the xbox live won/187 lost/23


2009-09-04 21:26:19



2009-09-04 22:10:14

id send u a friend request but unfortunatley i dont have street fighter IV so id just be a waste of space on ur friends list :P


2009-09-05 07:53:34

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2009-09-05 13:08:51

AHHH I have to Send a request Ur my favorite voice actor Damn U MICROSOFT WHY DID U BREAK my XBOX WHHHYYY Also love ur voice acting Keep up the good work :D


2009-09-05 13:38:30

hmm, if you get CoD4 or 5, Hawx, or TF2 add me (andy70707)


2009-09-05 13:53:04

i played street fighter lV but i sucked at it, ill add you as a friend


2009-09-05 15:13:13

Lol good luck rina :) hope you can KO the other competators on the tournament :)


2009-09-05 16:05:46

:O i bet ur friends list is full already lol :3
tear sad face
buy CoD4 lool best game evur


2009-09-06 01:42:03

All my friends agree (against me) that your voice sounds like your really hot.
I don't think voice and attractiveness go together, but I think you are fun by your voice.


2009-09-06 02:41:53

Why do I find it odd that EVERY SINGLE NEWSPOST OF YOURS has at least 3 or more comments aboot your voice?

Rina-chan responds:

because that's pretty much what I'm known for on Newgrounds.


2009-09-06 10:25:54

Doe you has any COD? ;o
or GTA IV?


2009-09-07 03:00:55

definitely gonna add you once i get street fighter 4 in a couple days :)


2009-09-07 15:08:53

You make me want to buy an Xbox :O


2009-09-07 17:22:19

Yo rina i got Street fighter 4 if u want a good challenge add me my name is zeronazozx. i use sagat too TIGER UPPERCUT BITCHES


2009-09-08 12:22:58

I want SFIV!!! Can I still add you anyways, just incase I get SFIV, or you get any other games?


2009-09-08 20:03:37

ahh kool guilty gear best siries ever


2009-09-08 20:27:35

Would love to challenge you, but sadly I have no 360. Congrats on getting a Live Account though! I will challenge as soon as I get a 360, after all, youre my favorite voice actor, and I never got the chance to play you back at AX. Also for tying up my headband in the tournament, thanks!


2009-09-08 21:30:13

Yeh, but dontcha think that it's getting a bit... erm... redundant? Especially with the whole "OMG UR VOICE IS LIEK SOOOOOOO GREAT" thing? It may be a compliment, but a bit excessive in some, possibly most cases.


2009-09-08 22:05:14

Debug here, if you need a sparring partner or a friend look me up. My user name is h0micidal_apple, Well it's actually my brothers account but I don't think he'll mind


2009-09-09 00:40:23

aww only SF4? No MvC2?

Rina-chan responds:

I'd get it if I had extra money!


2009-09-09 15:56:43

I wanna make love to your chin. Don't deny me any longer D:


2009-09-10 15:45:25

Wow....people on the internet are pretty stupid huh?
I mean LOOK at all these responses. Is there any point to them?


2009-09-10 19:14:14

I guess it's true then: Idiots will come when they have a reason to.


2009-09-11 13:30:23

hey i'm geussing youve already got a full friends list by now but could i play you on some game sometime? my gamertag is iTz ToXiCzZ or itz toxiczz lol...


2009-09-12 03:07:39

your gamertag is epic win, i must add you. guilty gear for the win :3


2009-09-13 01:58:00

Having been a loyal Nintendo guy for all of my life, I only have the Wii, but in light of what I've seen with XBOX Live I'd really love to be able to save up for XBOX360.

And I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way...I'm a taken man (and happily at that) but I must say...sometimes I just really want to make love to that voice of yours. >_>;


2009-09-13 04:12:11

mine is G0ldwolf silly and im getting sf for my b b daY And you have been online a long time ago


2009-09-14 19:29:37

Awesome you finally got it. I play Street Fighter IV, too. Please accept my XBOX friend request. ^^


2009-09-15 02:00:24

lol, I'm an invader now. Also, you already got me on your friends list. BUT WHICH ONE AM I


2009-09-16 02:05:25

if i ever get street fighter 4 ill spar wit yu but as of now i mentor peole on re5 and castle crashers
my gamertag is hunterror as well

ps love your jokes


2009-10-01 19:37:28

You got Xbox Live? Cool. I'd send you a friend request, but I don't play Street Fighter too much :( I haven't played that since I was a toddler (literally)


2009-10-25 01:46:52

Nice to see I can have another playmate. Exceptfor your tortoise connection.
Look me up if you want a friendly match against my Saikyo arsenal.

Gamertag: A Zero 2 Hero


2009-10-28 15:27:56

exbawks sucks.


2009-11-27 01:34:10

Never really been a fan of street fighter (or any platform based fighter game for that matter) but if you ever get anything that involves FPS that has nothing to do with war, (besides Call of Duty) I would gladly play. Anything else is fine, but nowadays, they have ruined most other genred games with their sequels and prequels.