2009-07-19 06:28:11 by Rina-chan

I met Daigo Umehara for the first time today at EVO 2K9! I'm such a fangirl, heh.

got my ass kicked at Capcom vs SNK by a couple of pro players
& got to play some GUILTY GEAR; I'm so obsessed with that game these days.

Oh, I met a few Newgrounds users there too, so if you were one of them and happen to be reading this, it was nice to meet you :)


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2009-07-19 07:02:09

Guilty Geaar is a sick game :D


2009-07-19 07:28:51

I'm gonna save the economy with comic books!


2009-07-19 08:39:41

yeah i'm jelious of all the cool conventions you guys have over there in the us =S we've got super nova and thats pretty much it lol oneday i'll make the trip


2009-07-19 21:31:45

Daigo Umehara the game player, Capcom´s player of the decade! This guy is awesome. Guilty Gear has a game? I only know the anime.


2009-07-20 20:38:44

Lucky..... I wanted to go too........ Meeting Daigo sounds cool though. And luckily I managed to get my hands on Guilty Gear XX blue reload a couple years ago. I say that either Millia, or Chipp are the best characters. Like your Dizzy pic though.


2009-07-20 20:41:49

Oh, and one more note. Guilty gear never had an anime, unless you count the commercials, or the little film that plays when you start up the console versions.


2009-07-20 23:38:39

I wish I had the money to go to all the cool places you went to for that matter im not even in america so that makes it oh so much harder to meet people from newgrounds oh so much harder me still at least I can send you a message on NG then again I don't want to look like a Creeper >.<. a fan of ur's -MetalMetroid


2009-07-21 21:23:21

Ah for the guy down of my first comment I was refering to the trailers of anime and trailers of a movie that I saw on youtube of Guilty Gear. May be they exist because Guilty Gear have a manga that I found on Internet with the first volume including 10 first chapters.


2009-07-22 13:05:08

I just checked it again. Yeah, its not an anime series, its just the trailers for the game, and the video that plays when the game starts, Sure the animation looks badass. but its not a series.


2009-07-22 19:13:16

Good to hear you had fun at Evo 2k9. I didn't meet anyone like Daigo or any other competitors (Due to the fact that I got my ass kicked in the SF IV tourney) but I did meet Craig from Screwattack.com there. I'm really a big fan of the site and to finally meet him was really heart warming inside. I guess I should train for next Evo then. A fighter's work is never done. Wish I could've met you :)

(Updated ) Rina-chan responds:

You may have seen me. I was wearing yellow Dizzy ribbons all three days and a blue wig on the second day; also I was the female announcer for semifinals. XD


2009-07-23 05:04:57

: D


2009-07-24 16:12:20

Do you know what is the diference between manga and anime?

Anyway here is the link of the manga, but it´s in Spanish so I don´t know if you will understand it corybell http://www.mcanime.net/foro/viewtopic .php?p=871427url to download and to read online http://submanga.com/Guilty_Gear_Xtra/

Why isn´t in English? I don´t know I search and nothing, but I know Spanish and for that reason I read it.


2009-07-24 18:56:42

Yes I do know the diference, and I acknowlegded that there was a manga series, but I was just letting you know that there isnt an animated series.


2009-07-25 07:06:27

youre not the best lookin girl but still no.

Rina-chan responds:

and you're a huge dick


2009-07-25 12:12:43

That video of Daigos' comeback at EVO 2004 is one of my favourite Youtube vids. The crowd just goes apeshit :P


2009-07-25 16:48:17

sadly i didnt meet you but it would have been nice to make your acquaintance ^_^

but i was wondering.....whats your thoughts on capcom's game series
devil may cry?

i love it completely



2009-07-26 13:53:43

Anyways, back to the conversation:
Who is your best character in Guilty Gear, is it Dizzy? Mine's Millia Rage.

Rina-chan responds:

Ky, Sol Badguy and Dizzy.


2009-07-27 21:13:20

Seriously though, Bridget from guilty gear's a dude?!?!?


2009-07-29 10:56:44

Hello :D
ima newgrounds newcomer, and a huge fan of ur work ^^
altough ive been watchin newgrounds along time ago, im still new to how to work in here, i was hopin u could help me

Joynet *i know my names suckz -.- wat was i thinkin*


2009-07-29 11:00:50

oh and guilty gear is ok *not a big fan*
but i like capcom vs SNK more, with chun li i kick everyone´s butt »:D


2009-07-30 11:20:47

here are 2 querys that have been bugging me for a while now... does your hair really look like your character and 2 whats EVO2k9? my friends ditched me to go to it and i had no idea what it was and they wont tell... lol wri- type back!

Rina-chan responds:

I don't have Dizzy hair IRL but I wear a blue wig when I cosplay her.


2009-07-30 11:59:23

hi i am a big fan of u . p.s i heard that have a cruse on someone.

Rina-chan responds:

A cruse?


2009-08-01 01:59:03

Perhaps he means crush? I dunno. Oh, and my friend says he wants to get your autograph. After he saw the one you gave me, he went nuts trying to find you at AX. Also, I dont have a 360, or SF4, but, I do go to my friends everyonce ina while, so I wanted to know If I could get your XBXLive username and play you on live?


2009-08-01 06:34:54

you have such a cute voice, love it everytime i hear it ^^


2009-08-01 18:44:07

Oh, and good job on doing the voice of Rocky in "Dedede's army".
Are you planning to write for any other flash projects?


2009-08-02 01:00:11

I couldn't go there cos' of damn bussiness crap my dad has


2009-08-04 15:40:39

Is there a famous newgrounds movie you're not a voice actor for? D: