Dizzeh! :D

2009-09-18 02:43:23 by Rina-chan

I usually don't post/link to photos of myself on Newgrounds due to all the negative responses people like to give, but I just feel like plugging the cosplay shoot that I did today with my friend April.

If you haven't guessed from my NG userpic and my Xbox Live gamertag, I'm pretty obsessed with Guilty Gear, and I've always loved the character Dizzy, so I got the costume. Most of it was just bought from ebay, but I did the wig styling and tail ribbon and April helped with the wings (they were a pair of crappy Halloween wings; I hope to get a better pair later.)

http://myspace.com/innersakura --- it's in the galleries. Feel free to add me as a friend as well unless you're an obnoxious troll.


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2009-09-18 03:06:41

You looked good as Dizzy.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time. - (Have a nice day)


2009-09-18 05:36:03

The only way I'll go to a comic book convention in cosplay is if I can somehow find a blacksmith and fashion me a suit of armor!

It'll probably be made out of aluminum I'll collect from soda cans. But if it's too expensive to fashion. I'll just have to stick to Aqua Resin, Card Stock, and Fiber Glass.

But as for Cosplay in general...I don't watch enough anime to really understand the thrill. But some people DO look good in them. Except for the Fat Guys wearing Sailor Moon Costumes.

(Note: I wanna wear armor to hide my insecurity :P - lol)


2009-09-18 19:36:07

Nahhhhhhhhhh, I'm good.
Oh, and just outta nowhere, how close am I to being banned on here?


2009-09-18 22:57:07

I'm not on MySpace a lot, but I sent you a request regardless (Facebook is where it's at :>). My NG and MySpace username and Gamertag are all Budge007.... because I'm original like that.


Hmmm I never really listened to the girl voices in Castle Crashers (you mean the Princess' that get captured right?) but I might need to now. I will be honest, Cosplay isn't my thing. A friend of mine at High School last year tried to get me into it, but him showing me a picture of a 70 year old Naruto cosplayer sunk that boat REALLY fast.

Anyway good luck with any and all of your future projects.


2009-09-19 08:52:04

i like how you drawn yourself mostly in the Brawl Taunts movies thank you Rina Chan and i love you lol.


2009-09-19 16:27:18

mah god you looked so great as Dizzy, she┬┤s my favorite female character in the game, but Sol is also cool maybe someday I can show you a picture making cosplay, see ya on another time


2009-09-20 01:15:51

Wonderful! you made the costume by yourself?
It's awesome!

Rina-chan responds:

No, I ordered it off ebay lol


2009-09-22 09:50:29

Why is your voice so awesome?


2009-09-22 21:52:54

lol r u a /b/tard?


2009-09-23 18:31:43

Ah wangdoodles. I still dunno why I comment here, even after, like what, 9-10 months? Whatever. At least I don't suck your cock a lot.

Rina-chan responds:

I'd be frightened if I had a cock.


2009-09-24 16:15:44

pretty good cosplay Rina ^-^


2009-09-25 12:47:11


Address: 701 Lee Rd
Address: Suite 300
City: Chesterbrook
StateProv: PA
PostalCode: 19087
Country: US

Rina-chan responds:



2009-09-25 14:06:37

is rina-chan a /b/tard? hmmm...... NOPE! There are no girls on the internet (or at least not on 4chan) also rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids


2009-09-29 07:48:34

Did you got my PM.


2009-09-29 19:05:05

Well, it ain't all bad to have a cock... provided it's an e-penis. With the BBS, it's okay, in fact somewhat accepted, to say that you have a dick. But if mutation or evolution kicks in and grows a dick on you, THEN you should be afraid.


2009-09-29 22:39:45

cosplay much... lol jk you look cool :3


2009-09-30 13:28:46

Ack! Look at some of these comments Oo!! I can see why you don't like to make personal posts!

I thought your cosplay was awesome. Wish I had that kind of foresight and passion towards my hobbies!

Good stuff! :)


2009-10-01 03:34:44

Whoa...you have an awesome voice.... plus, what's with the thinking about negative responses, no ones gonna give you any, your hot ^,^


2009-10-01 11:15:13

Haha, nicely done (Y)
Chipp Zanuff is my favourite GG character, i nearly wet myself the first time I head him say "HOLY ZEN!" dizzy is also pretty cool even if she is a gear! :P
nice costume, might have to get me one off of fleebay. ;D
I added you as a friend, i'm the guy from the UK with the immensely stereotypical haircut. :)


2009-10-01 19:24:56

Wow, Rina-chan, It's really you! I'll be looking forward to listening to you as Nimka in the Moribito anime later this month...


2009-10-01 19:32:13

Nice Dizzy, whose the model who dressed up like her? Lmao.


2009-10-01 21:30:22

lol i love ur voice in the brawl taunts vid! btw did u make the last one??


2009-10-04 20:15:42

all right. now i get to see who is one of my favorite artist on NG, thanks
its nice to get some true material so you dont just know the person thru a machine.
im not intending anything here. i love your work, i just wanted to put a visage on it you know