Behind The Flash

2008-06-10 03:44:33 by Rina-chan

Since so many people asked me about it, I'm just going to say it here. No, I'm not getting "butthurt"; I'm simply expressing how irritated I am at how so many people have to take something fun and lighthearted and always turn it into a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

I'm still doing the documentary. Don't get my wrong---I'm not out to waste people's time, so you can bet I'll produce that. It's just going to be its own project and not a Behind The Flash thing.

The reason I cancelled the actual podcast *for now* is because everyone turned it into a fucking conspiracy game instead of just simply TAKING IT FOR WHAT IT IS. "Rina only interviews her friends. Rina only interviews video game parody artists. Rina only interviews people she wants to do voices for. Everyone she interviewed is part of the popular Newgrounds clique." Etc etc etc. No one could simply accept the fact that it was just something I was doing as a fun experimental project and I didn't have any specific 'pattern' in mind when I selected the guests!

Yes, I got a lot of shit for Brawl Taunts. But I didn't care. Why, you ask? BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKED IT. IT MADE THEM LAUGH. IT ENTERTAINED THEM. And entertaining people makes me feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside. But with Behind The Flash, about 10% of the listeners really enjoyed this and the other 90% said that it was stupid/the guests were stupid/I was stupid/my questions were stupid. Not to mention an 18 page thread making fun of it over at another animation forum, and a rather douchebaggy comment from a certain animator about it the other day via Skype. As if that wasn't enough, my guest bailed out on me and all the other guests I had lined up ended up flaking out or were never available.

Normally, I deal with criticism like an adult and use it to work on bettering my projects, but when there isn't enough support behind something and it's more criticizing/bashing than people saying "Hey, I enjoyed this" it isn't worth it to me to wade through PMs, emails and forum threads talking about how stupid these interviews are. I just can't deal with it anymore, for now anyway.

Honestly, I love Newgrounds so much, so it really pains me to see that trying to do something nice and unique for the community only results people hurling insults back at me instead of ignoring it and going on about their daily lives. I think this AIM quote from a friend of mine summed it up pretty well:

AnimatingGerkin (12:45:48 AM): hurts me to see someone in the community thats actually TRYING to be pro-active give up


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2008-06-10 04:03:38

this is just like with viewtiful chris. people shouldent start bashing you oz your tryin to entertain


2008-06-10 04:35:17

I can imagine the frustration you are feeling that there is so much bullshit going around about what you do.

But behind every successful person in a community, there is bound to be that one asshole that tries to smear it for their amusement. These buggers will do anything just to stir up a little controversy within a harmless project or the sorts. These people are the simple-minded dipshits that will do anything to make themselves feel more superior, especially with a successful person as yourself.

Many of these so-called "haters" are, in my prediction, nothing but prepubescent asswipes who's only real so-called voice is on Newgrounds, which is mostly negative in the first place. Those who actually have reached puberty share the mentality of the prepubescent. I wonder how many of them actually read your interviews...

But, case in point, when the going gets tough, never, and I mean NEVER give up on what you do best. You should stick to what makes you happy. You're doing an excellent job; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Rina-chan responds:

It's not just a few worthless assholes, though... it includes some prominent animators who I really looked up to and whose opinions I respected.


2008-06-10 04:46:43

Ah, I've seen these situations many times. All I can say is you can't listen to what the bashers say and just do what you feel is right. If you think stopping your podcast is the right choice, np. Hey, you're gonna be a professional now, and things like this happen and are sometimes worse in the pro industry. All I can say is good luck and stuff. I'll always enjoy hearing ya flashes and movies and stuff. I said 'and stuff' in 2 sentences in a row, AWESOME. Ciao. Don't be down.


2008-06-10 04:59:00

People will always judge the way you do things, even the most respected will share their judgments. Even though the comments may be disheartening to hear, you can't let that slow you down. As long as you think you are doing the right thing with your work, you will always become the successor.

Rina-chan responds:

Yes, but I also want people to enjoy my work.
If there are far more flames than there are people saying "hey, this is interesting" then I feel like my project failed and it's not a good idea.

With Brawl Taunts, for instance, even though it DID result in a lot of criticism from animators I look up to, at least a ton of people thought it was funny and it made their day so I feel like my goal was accomplished.


2008-06-10 05:02:22

Personally I think you need to realize Newgrounds has been and will be like this forever. People will loudly state their opinion, sometimes in an offensive manner.

If an artist like.. lets say "Egoraptor" were to quit his series after a bunch of prominent animators and angry users abused his work, he wouldn't have got very far.. Would he? You just have to work for yourself, ignore your brutal surroundings if the opinions/suggestions/critic aren't beneficial to what you're trying to achieve.

In this kind of environment you need to develop a hard shell. It's the sad truth.

Though it's your project. If you're not getting any enjoyment out of it anymore, then give it a break.

It's entirely up to you. And as a friend I can say I'll support your decision if you believe it to be the right thing. Just come to understand that the harsh opinions will always be louder then the praise.

Best of luck! And I hope you do attempt the video doco at Comic-Con. That would be great fun.

Rina-chan responds:

But the difference would be that so many people overall LOVE his work that it would still be worth doing in the end. Same for Brawl Taunts as mentioned above. If the majority of people do like something and it entertains them, a job is done.

But BTF honestly had way more people who thought it was ridiculous or "a bad idea" than who got enjoyment out of it.


2008-06-10 05:03:01

I think the fact that you're taking this so much to heart just goes to prove how much you care. I really love listening to your podcasts. When I recorded my segment for your next one, I got really excited - I wanted to be a part of it.

In the segment I sent you, I said that I thought there are some video game parody artists who do it for popularity. You aren't one of those people. You voice for any flash author that knocks your door. Whether the animator is "popular" or not. When I asked you to voice for me, you said a straight out "yes" and never even questioned it. I think it's obvious you care deeply for this site. It sucks that some authors whose opinions you hold in high regard would douche you out like that but I there's a ton of us that hold you in higher regard.

You're the first person to actually do an NG audio podcast. No hiatuses now!

Rina-chan responds:

Actually, there was an audio podcast before this run by a couple of kids. And it actually got promoted in an official NG news post... (which of course never happened with BTF even though pretty much everyone knew about it hahah)

Thank you for your kind words, though :D I will still be doing the documentary project.


2008-06-10 05:32:55

Hey, keep your chin up, hold your head high!

Don't let these losers bring you down.

Sometimes people who go online and just flame everybody don't really realize what they're actually doing. To them it's just "Lol now she's gonna msg me back calling me a douchebag hahahahahaha" but they never realize it's truly like "Oh i just ruined the enthusiasm you once had about your own project and made you feel bad."

I mean honestly, even if i thought something was complete and total BULLSHIT, and srsly i mean like totally unbelieveable, i wouldn't start flaming the guy for it! Hell, anybody who knows me will know i'll jump in the same boat, and be his front man and take the shit for him myself.

I hate flamers with a passion. And i love people like you, as well as everybody else who posted here! That's what makes newgrounds worth while.

But keep in mind: don't put too much pressure on yourself. If this project was started solely for fun, then don't continue it if the point has been lost. But i can imagine that even though that may have been the intention, it probably evolved into something more important to you.

oh and by the way... i know i haven't actually spoken to you through newgrounds before but i think your voice acting is incredible! When i saw the brawl taunts, they just made my day. They were so good! And then i come here to find that you were also in metal gear awesome?! I love your work. So remember that for every guy who decides to flame, theres gonna be another one of us rooting you on :D

Best of luck!


2008-06-10 05:46:40

put it this way
if everyone liked it, you would be doing something wrong

its impossible to satisfy everyone

use your head and do what you think is right, dont let it get to ya


2008-06-10 06:03:16

I haven't listened to any of your interviews. That being said, i will say that sometimes you do a project that you love... and no one else does. It hurts, but it happens (its deffinately happened to me before). Just because you pour all your love into a project doesn't mean everyone will love it. It just sounds like newgrounds isn't ready for your idea right now...

I won't comment on the quality of your interview becuase i haven't heard them, but i hope you keep on lovin NG and come up with new additions to the community :)


2008-06-10 06:32:13

Although I might be a stranger in the whole light of things in your particular works, I have seen many of your projects. Whether it's sound clips, or voices from you for flash projects, I've seen a lot of projects with credits towards you.

But to see someone as active and as contributing as yourself be as down as you are now seems a bit surprising. It's just that, you're letting people's thoughts affect you, and it just seems like you've been through so much already, that I would of assumed you would of gone passed the idea of being affected by other people's words. Yes, I know you've said that some of the people who said negative things about you were people that you well-respected, but if these people are the "well-respect" people that you categorize them to be, chances are, they gave you those comments for a reason. Think about it! They know how professionally you take voice acting to be, and they've seen your previous work, so obviously they know that you have the skills and knowledge to be awesome in the projects you do because after all, they wouldn't of hired you if they hadn't known about you and your criteria right? So why would they go so far as to try to hurt you through words? However, I am in no place to decide what person is right for you to think about or not, so I'll just go on ahead and say, just take things positively, regardless of how demeaning they might be.

Now unfortunately, since you did not post a link of this "Behind The Flash", I can't really comment about why people would dislike it or any sort of comment that can help you with that particular problem, but from the info that I'm getting from your news blog, it seems to me like there sure was a lot of people that didn't like it. However, you even said it yourself that you take criticism like an adult and use it to help your future projects, so why should something that "no one is giving support" to be any different? Just how much actual "support" do you really ever need to make something benefit you for the future? Isn't getting something 90% negativity allowing you to have an opportunity to better yourself by just as much? Even if it's 100% negativity, that just only means that you can just come out with something better by that much. Sure people will take it the wrong way sometimes, but you can't please the crowd in general perfectly. No one in the world can do that, and that's a fact. One of the great thing about Newgrounds is that there's never only one shot and that's that. You're allowed multiple tries. Who isn't titled to having more than one shot at something here on Newgrounds? You should know that better than the vast majority of the people on Newgrounds that "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again".

So you ran into a few snags with this project. It happens. Now, this is only me seeing only the mass successes you've had with your voicing career, but it seems to me like this might be one of those few times where one of your ideas doesn't go so well. THAT'S OK! Not everything goes according to plan, so you just have to (as one commentator said) "chin up" and press on. Well, I guess there really isn't any point in telling you to press on since you're actually going through with the project still, but just for future references, you should just continue to do what you like to do regardless of other people's opinions.

I really would hate to see one of Newgrounds' best, if not, best voice actress to leave simply because of the comments she received from a not-so-successful project. If it didn't work the first time, chances are, you'll figure out (if you put enough thought into it) a way to make it better and for the vast majority of Newgrounds to enjoy it. You've OBVIOUSLY done this kind of work before and it worked out most of the time, so what's stopping you from believing that you won't be able to do it again? Like you've posted in your news blog, you've cancelled the actual podcast for now (I hope you'll excuse my lack of knowledge on podcasts because some of the next sentences I say might be false) so that allows you to have more time to get the project more organized and put together in a better manner and possibly add different content or change your content as you please doesn't it?

Plus, even if this projects turns out to be a big bust, that doesn't mean you can't make another "Behind the flash" project with your experience from the criticism you took on the first one. I, personally think it's a great idea that you're turning interviews with flash artists into a project, and I'd love to see more of it if you ever so desire to continue it, but that's only my opinion, and I can't speak for the rest.

So, all in all, it's up to you. I'm thinking that you'll probably prevail over this problem seeing as how you've contributed so much to Newgrounds. Just to help out, I'll be looking forward to the podcast with great anticipation, and if you don't see a review from me to it, then yell at me through the private messages, and I'll hop onto it as fast as I can.

- Nondo

*Phew, it's been awhile since I've made a comment this long, but hey, it's nothing compared to the entertainment that you've given us so far. ^_^ Good luck. I'm sure you'll find out the best possible way to make this project go its best if you put your mind into it*


2008-06-10 07:04:57

"and a rather douchebaggy comment from a certain animator about it the other day via Skype"


feel better soon =]

Rina-chan responds:


I originally had his name in there but decided that would not be a good idea LOL


2008-06-10 07:29:04

I just finished listening to your interview with EgoRaptor...

I downloaded last week, I finally had time to finish listening to it.

You asks a lot of really good questions! Like you've done professional interviews before!

And I'm touched by how humble he was. Not to mention such a great sense of humor coming from both of you.

Well...I won't make this lengthy, just wanted to say I enjoyed listening to both of you talk.

I might just see Speed Racer. His opinions about the fill are very insightful.


I know your frustrated, but your better than these guys. Don't let them drag you in hawaii, we have saying...

No get all Hoo-Hoo, about all kind stuff. Let it wash away like the ocean.


I really appreciate all the hard work you put into entertaining the good folks of Newgrounds. Your free to stop and quit anytime you wish. It's hard sometimes, fans keep pressing you, giving you advice, wanting you to do your scripts,'s all just vanity.

I appreciate the fact that you made something that I will remember for years to come. Comming from don't have to worry weather or not you disappoint me as a fan. I respect all artist and what they choose to do. Cause freedom!

Cause your an artist. You express yourself...and that's all that really matters.

And whatever you decided to do or not do is something I will appreciate too.


2008-06-10 08:18:44

Believe it or not Bug, she's talking about Wonchop!.. You're yesterdays news.



2008-06-10 08:22:49

Don't listen to those assholes. If you're doing something you love and it's for the sake of the NG community, then just do it despite what other people think. For every project there will always be people that love it and people that hate it. As a flash author I have to deal with this, a lot. It's almost impossible to please everyone.

They're only a bunch of n00bish rants from people who don't really understand how much a project or an idea really means to the person who made it. If they hate it, then it's their fucking loss. Users may hate you in another flash site, but at least you have our support here in NG, that's what really matters. Do it for us, NOT for them. Cheer up, this is normal in the internet. Those flamers can just fuck off.

I personally enjoyed the interviews, Egoraptor's being the best one even though it dragged for a while and he got carried away about Speed Racer and stuff. It was fun none the less.

Apart from that, I'm still interested in helping you out with the podcast (if you're really going to continue with it ) . I want to do this for the people who ARE interested in listening to another author's opinions and experiences with flash. I've been busy with a lot of personal stuff lately, but I'll find the time to participate in your podcast. Just let me know.

Best of luck and don't let them affect you.


2008-06-10 08:46:29

Youre not alone. I love NG too. But, thats how things are always gonna be no matter how much you try to be different from all the criticism. They always got something to bitch about.

Anyways have fun and dont let them get to ya. Like you said, just deal with them like an adult. And good luck with your interviews Rina.


2008-06-10 09:21:37

Reading this made me have doubts. I have been trying to get into flash myself, i just have so many ideas, that i can't portray on paper, but after i see that so many flash artists are being so stressed out over these people being assholes over anything that the animators put out. I have enough stress in life now as it is..

Well i am sorry that all the BS has gotten to you.. i feel if your submissions are good in your eyes, then that should make it a success, even if only a few people like it. I mean even it entertains only one person, it still entertained, which is the goal you want to reach. This is life you can't make everyone happy, if you try your going to waste alot of time trying to.

Well overall i'm trying to say; If you are pleased with your work and people try and say it's bad.. ask why, alot of people won't even have a legitimate reason, they're hating it to be mean.

When the crap gets ya down, don't forget that I'll always be your fan!

Even if it doesn't mean much to you, i'll still be around to give MY support :D!

Unless someone shoots me or something..


2008-06-10 10:35:44

Even prominent animators were hatin'? Maybe they saw you rollin'. Possibly, ridin' dirty?

I really enjoy your Behind The Flash site and your voice talent!

P.S. Yikes, seeing your post times, you might wanna get some sleep!


2008-06-10 11:40:25

What? Did my comments contribute to this?
I think everyone on Newgrounds takes me way too seriously.
I'm pretty lighthearted. I'm not a mean soul-devouring monster whose every word is meant to rip out your heart.
Most of the stuff I say has little weight behind it. When I'm genuinely serious, I'm very analytical and critical, but very civil about it. When I make outrageous remarks, I'm usually just poking fun.
And my parody was simply a parody; I wasn't saying "Behind the Flash" should be shut down because Rina interviews video game parody artists. I thought I specified that I was just having fun with that.

Anyway, as for this decision, I think by closing shop you're basically proving those who say "Rina does things for the attention and popularity alone" quite right.
After all, you're shutting something down because only 10% liked it and 90% didn't.
Someone who was truly doing something they enjoyed would make it regardless of public reaction.
I guess it's too late to turn back on your decision, but this really sets in stone for all the detractors that you're all in for the fame in whatever you do.
It was kind of a bad move.

Also, to Ross' comment about Egoraptor not giving up after a few popular artists criticized him, I'm pretty sure had his animations started getting low scores and only a small number of people actually enjoyed them, he would've quit or tried something else.
As Rina said, he is and always has been getting massive worship from millions, including many "popular flash artists". So I really don't think he's one to use as an example for resisting the resistance.

"Artists" like LogoPresents go crazy making work as long as it's glorified. The moment the crowds turn against them and they have very few people behind them, they cave in and leave. They quit.
And I'm pretty sure it's the same with most animators around here.

It's easy for guys like Egoraptor to put up with a few complaints when they can just bathe in fanboy praise every moment.

Whereas guys like Zekey have pushed themselves to prominence and continue to create awesome works despite a constant flow of negative reactions and opinions that far outweighs the little glory they get.
And through it all they never give in to contradicting themselves and creating something they know the audience will glorify because it appeals to their primal tastes despite being creatively insignificant.
It's guys who keep producing despite large amounts of resistance who really deserve my respect.

===To get to the important part of this post:===

So, Rina, next time you set to something, and it's something you genuinely enjoy and arn't doing for attention or popularity (and you really believe that), keep going, even if people are accusing you of crap (if you know they're not true, just ignore it).
Recently, I've gotten tons of crap about the large number of collabs I've done in the past while. People say I "can't become popular on my own so I have to rely on the works of others to get success". This is total bull, and I know it. The collabs arn't actually that numerous at all (I've been recently cleaning out my old flash documents as part of a New Years resolution, and I've decided to get all the projects that involve others done first so that no one expects anything and non one else's work goes to waste). And my work can stand on its own; I don't require others. I just haven't had much time for large solo pieces recently because of lots of stuff in my personal life (though, admittedly, I do waste lots of time on pointless stuff- like writing this massive comment right here).

Keep going. Ignore the haters and the fanboys. First priority in your decisions on what you do should go to your inner artist. Second priority should go to those you know who really appreciate your work (and aren't just either sucking up to someone well known or just waiting for the next video game reference).


2008-06-10 11:46:39

Also, am I the only one who notes the irony in Wonchop making fun of someone else on the internet for... well, for just about anything?


2008-06-10 12:17:19

You should of been around NG long enough to know everyone just complains about EVERYTHING

Rina-chan responds:

Oh, I know that by now being a voice actress here for as long as I have.
But this time there was a lot of stuff contributing to my decision.


2008-06-10 14:33:52

It's silly to give up on something because the majority of the internet doesn't appreciate it. If 10% likes it, keep doing it for that 10%. If 10% of the Newgrounds population likes something and 90% doesn't, you're infamous. If 90% of the Newgrounds population likes something and 10% doesn't, you're probably a furfag.

Besides, wonchop??? Really???? You are letting this furfag affect you AT ALL: YK4Mw Wonchop is like one of the most overrated pieces of shit in the universe. He's trying to be like legendary frog or something, except he's failing at doing even that, making failure sonic collabs, and prancing around in animal suits, each one with a bigger dick hole than the last.

Also, the 18-page thread on the planet's loveliest forum ( was more like a love letter than an omen of death. Don't let the few douchebags stop you from doing what you want to do. fgshgf

I'm going to make you interview me in a couple of weeks regardless of whether or not you continue the podcast on a regular basis.

Never give up, trust your instincts. Press Z or R twice.

Rina-chan responds:

You just made my day. XD


2008-06-10 14:54:00

aww man this really bums me out. you shouldnt listen to the 13 year olds that have no lifes except the ones they make up in their computer chair. (not all 13 year olds are bad mind you.) you have created something great. amazing even. there will always be bad feedback.
and even though theres more "haters" you gotta think about the people who listen and love what you do, they will stick by you no matter what. i think that BTF has a cult following already. and that is way better than being mainstream. i mean think about all the shows that have aired, got canceled and are now the most popular underground sensation.

family guy, invader zim, futurama.. hell even simpsons had it rough in the begining.
and then theres the cult movies... and books. (where the wild things are...ROCK)

even if the audience who listens to your podcats doesnt have a bigger voice than the ones who bash it, its growing.
i stumbled opon BTF a few days ago, and listen to every single one of your podcast that night. i thought it was a fantastic idea.
ive already told a dozen buddies who do flash and watch flash on newgrounds about it. and im sure the people who have listen before me has done the same. so your audience is growing.

and plus... its your thing! ask what you want, interview who you want. for the people who say "you only interview the well known animators..." fuck em. they need to get off their asses, animate and get known, pay there dues! you dont see fucking rolling stones interviewing some damn garage band from bumble fuck nowhere.
god people suck. haha

atleast youre doing something for the community, unlike these fucking shitheads who sit at theyre computer all day in the forums bashing and talking shit about people who could probably kick theyre ass if they ever met them.

most of the people who diss you are the people who dont do anything for newgrounds. dont contribute anything but stupidity.

but the lot of us who do support you, and look foward to your return, will miss BTF. and its the same people who will be there when it comes back.



2008-06-10 16:04:06

As many people have said, the decision on what to do next is in your hands.

Fact of the matter is, it's very clear that what you're trying to do is something that you enjoy as well as something that other people can enjoy, too.

After things like Brawl Taunts and the dozens of other things you've done, like the AJ/PW radio plays, you have no reason not to do something like a podcast series if it's something you enjoy.

However, I think the problem lies in the fact that you didn't take one thing into consideration, and that's what I've been talking about in my podcast contribution: things like Brawl Taunts and your radio plays appeal to completely different people as opposed to your podcast segments, but it sounds like you were trying to make these things for the same people.

On the one hand, your radio plays and Brawl Taunts are fast, quirky, satirical takes on popular material that is specifically meant for laughs.

However, Behind the Flash is something completely different. It's a podcast meant for people that want to get to know certain Flash artists better. It very rarely leads into something like Brawl Taunts that is meant for humor.

And I think that's what went wrong. You essentially jumped from one train heading in one direction and onto another leading somewhere completely different, hoping that it will take you to the same location.

There's no doubt that there are people that enjoy Behind The Flash. I know I did. But that's because I'm someone that, occasionally, is willing to try out something different.

However, going from things like Brawl Taunts and your radio plays to something more subtle won't attract the same audience as it did before. That has the exact same chances as, say, Egoraptor making the first MGA, but then going into something a lot more art-driven and story-based.

I mean, maybe I'm just rambling here. Perhaps you weren't trying to appeal to the exact same group of people with Behind The Flash. I don't know that for sure. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

But assuming that I am right, it should be known by now that you would've gotten a ton of flack regardless of what you've done. People like Egoraptor, Tomamoto, and yourself are very well recognized here on this site. The only problem with this factor is that you're bound to have a bunch of cliques that have nothing better to do with their time between days at middle school than to hate on people they don't even know.

And that's the final key factor, if my previous rambling is correct, as to why there appears to be a huge gap between people who liked BTF and those who didn't. Just like Ego and Toma, you're bound to get flack no matter what you do, and that's why you should do what Ross said and develop a hard shell.

It happens everywhere, and that's why I'm telling you to do so as well. Just to use an example perhaps everyone here can understand, this kind of gap can happen even in the videogame world. Do you think that, for example, every single Nintendo fan was happy when the company announced a new IP called Pikmen, a game about a fat space midget that goes around picking little plant people? I bet Sony and Microsoft fanboys had a field day on that one, as well. That could be directly applied to Behind The Flash, right?


I know I'm throwing a lot at you, but let me illustrate it like this: there's nothing wrong with doing something different, and that's exactly what Behind The Flash is. However, you should have anticipated that the results for something different would be different as well. It's natural, and should be treated as such.

Remember when the two of us used to talk about stepping away from Gamer Kids and trying to do something a lot more story-based and serious? There was no way in hell that I'd think that doing so would appeal to the same group of people that liked Gamer Kids.

All in all, again, perhaps I'm just rambling, but you should have expected a different result for a project as different as Behind The Flash. There were bound to be people that would like it, but they weren't going to be the same people who enjoyed things like Brawl Taunts.

But whatever it is that you choose to do, I'll support it.


2008-06-10 16:42:05

"Rina only interviews her friends. Rina only interviews video game parody artists. Rina only interviews people she wants to do voices for. Everyone she interviewed is part of the popular Newgrounds clique."

Rina should interview whoever the hell she wants. Of course some people will start complaining about bullshit but that´s what will always be the case if something you do reaches a large audience. Screw all those retards and keep enjoying what you´re doing. There are plenty of people out there who enjoy it and who will keep listening to Behind the Flash regardless of who is being interviewed.


2008-06-10 16:55:43

For what it's worth, I really liked those interviews. I can't compete with all these really long freakin replies so I'm just gonna say it was good and please don't stop making them.

How about you animated the interviews? Like there's a studio and you've brought them there. The problem would be that the interviews get kind of long, but the animation could be minimalist like in Snake's codec conversations or something. It might make it more interesting, or at least make it so you can put it on the portal. Just a thought.

Rina-chan responds:

I wish, but I actually can't draw or animate at all. The flashes credited to my name are ones I helped out with as a writer/producer.


2008-06-10 17:17:43

I remember the first time I saw the Brawl Taunts I laughed a lot, then looked for the second part and realized what you were doing was very good, I liked your voice a lot in that flash, that's what made me create an account in NG,but, that's not all, I started searching info about you, so then I found the podcast and told myself it was a very good idea hearing experiences of other artists and at the same time your voice, I liked it so much I subscribed in iTunes and decided to make a cover art in photoshop so I could give it to you .

Now well as a fan of your work I'm really angry, this things happen a lot in large communities, I've seen many cases in which people do something for fun, but when it becomes relatively popular, the community starts to taking it too serious, and by consequence if they don't like something the bashing, flaming, negative criticism arise.
I hope all of this "hate" comments diminish, because maybe they won't stop, there will always be people trying to put obstacles to your work, and you know it's not bad if you don't like something, the bad thing is when you make fun of it.

It's difficult to ignore bad comments and worst when its from a considerable number of people, but you'll always have your fans with you, hopefully you will continue doing what you like.


2008-06-10 18:39:33

i feel like there's nuthin left to say everyone else beat me to it ^^;
i support you and just for you to know i LOVED those podcasts they really opened my eyes on a lot of topics especially Kirbo's and Ego's
i hope you get through this slump and i look forward to your documentary ^^
try and relax ^^;

go see speed racer its like drugs you go in normal and come out high sure cheered me up


2008-06-10 18:43:05

Great voice acting! *Claps*


2008-06-10 19:05:16

That's a shame. I was wondering why there hadn't been any new interviews for a while. The BTF parody, although light-hearted and friendly, might have given the petty complainers some invalid points to jump on and use. If only they could form their own opinions or just take the podcast for what it was, huh?

I thought Behind The Flash was pretty cool, even inspiring at times. It's surprising you've had so much negative feedback (if it could be called feedback). What was it that Wonchop said that bugged you? He tends to make snide remarks about people's work on the P-Bot posts as well. I'm sorry to hear that some animators you respected turned their noses up at your project.

Hopefully, the people who seem to hate BTF so much will find something else to complain about, leaving you to consider getting back to doing some more interviews. Do so in your own time if you choose to go back to the project. It's good you spoke up about this in any case. That's one of the reasons I enjoy Behind The Flash - it's laid-back and you don't bite your tongue over things that bother you. Both the interviewer and interviewee get their say!

So, which animators were lined up for the next few podcasts? Who pulled out?


2008-06-10 19:06:25

KagomeHigurashi responds:

I would do anything to voice for Peach in an actual game! Too bad Nintendo seems to mostly use random people from Seattle D:

The answer is clear. You must go to Seattle. And force Nintendo to recognize your awesomeness, and the fact that you are, in fact, a woman, something that I think they've overlooked in the past, oh, 8 or so Mario Party games, plus any voice acting done after Mario 64. x.x

*sigh* I'm really sorry that, unfortunately, a large majority of the world has turned into this massive douchebaggery. Honestly, I want to find out more about this "Behind the Flash" project you're working on, as I'd become interested in your work ever since being introduced to Metal Gear Awesome by a friend, and I realized just how many parts you'd actually been in. o.o

It's unfortunate that you have to wade through so much shit just to find the satisfaction that you've entertained a margin of people who have viewed your projects...I can really understand the frustration you're dealing with. But, buck up...where there's a mountain of shit, there's bound to be a few nuggets of gold. Those nuggets are the people supporting you and your endeavors, and the work you painstakingly provide to make some of us laugh our asses off, or simply just entertain us for hours on end. I know I don't amount to much, but you can count me in as one of your die-hard supporters.

On a side note, I also admit to having e-mailed you a few times about being my inspiration for voice-acting...I finally got myself a mic, now I just need to figure out how to go about working it. x3

Here's to you, and the realization that those people who bash your work are, as a whole, a bunch of egotistical retards who gather on the internet to flame anything and anyone in order to justify their lackluster existences.

It'll get better. I promise. :3


2008-06-10 19:06:28

I really enjoyed Behind The Flash and thought it was an original idea to entertain the people of Newgrounds, and it saddens me that a great show like Behind The Flash is cancelled just because people doesn't accept the people the creator of the show choses for her interviews. I hope the show will be back up soon and you will feel better soon. Good luck with future projects and ideas.



2008-06-10 19:25:03

you know, i agree with Ross. You have to be tough in this enviorment if you want to survive. So what you might want to do is just ignore those people as if they were just rocks that could type...or not so much i'm sure about the typing part

RandomHaterOfBrawl sayz:

wyhs u hatesd brwl so mcuh?

im sure thats the normal hater mail eh?

Rina-chan responds:

Oh, idiotic hate mails like that don't bother me at all. But when prominent artists in the flash community continually emphasized what a "bad idea" these podcasts were, it eventually really did get to me.


2008-06-10 23:20:12

I downloaded the egoraptor podcast a couple hours ago and I thought it was pretty good, though it got a bit lost half way through but then I thought that just added to its' greatness. I will get round to the other interviews at some point and hope they are just as good.

Do what you must, but make sure its what you want and not what others want.


2008-06-11 00:35:35

Did you enjoy Behind the Flash? Yeah, you did. So do it. And screw the rest. Afterall, you've received critique about voice acting too, haven't you? And you're definitely not stopping that - you know you're talented and so does everyone else.

Do what you enjoy. It's just a podcast, something fun, something enjoyable. Whether or not everyone listens or critiques isn't important. People will listen and take something from it. The animator will feel good, you and your listeners will be learning - you're only losing something if you stop it.

Rina-chan responds:

Most of the listeners I had, were people who listened to it just to have fodder to mock.


2008-06-11 03:10:01

Zetsubo shita..... T__T


2008-06-11 03:29:35

Screw the 90%, I love Behind The Flash. I hope you resume the podcast, the interviews really made me laugh. As long as you like doing it, just do it. (Quoted from Egoraptor :D)


2008-06-11 03:39:00

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2008-06-11 03:39:49

As someone who has recently become a fan of your work on newgrounds, and as someone doesn't usually listen to podcasts, I really enjoyed your interview with Egoraptor. So much in fact that I was actually looking foward to the next one. It's such a shame you had to cancel it, but if that's what you wanna do, then I won't stop you.

With that said, don't let these bashers, haters, and others like them get you down like that. Just keep doing what you love to do, and you'll be fine. I know it can be hard sometimes, but just keep at it.

It's sort of like with what's going on with the game "Beyond Good & Evil." It was a great game, even though it was a commercial flop but that apparently didn't stop the developers from working on a sequel. (okay, maybe this isn't exactly like BG&E, but I hope understand what I'm trying to say)

I don't know if it will cheer you up, but I'm gonna check out your other podcasts, and should you decide to bring back BTF, then that would be great.

I'll continue to look foward to your future works, especially that documentary of yours and the parody rangers movie, so shine on you crazy diamond, shine on.

Rina-chan responds:

(Parody rangers isn't actually my movie, it's Kirb's.. XD)


2008-06-11 04:52:17

I am behind you on this The two Brawl Taunts movies made me laugh and I'll be damned if I see a good VA and Writer be flamed like this again. I am sure you have heard this already but I am saying it anyway. There are people here on your side. I being one of them. Though I am sure that brings little comfort I just thought I should help out a little. All the best Rina.


2008-06-11 05:23:53

Everyone's right, just forget an ignore those idiots who had nothing better to do than to try and insult you. If they're putting that much effort into meaningless internet insults then it just proves how terribly lacking their lives are. You have so many fans of your work, and I'm with them, you're amazing at what you do, I don't think there's any other way to put it. I listened to the podcasts that you did, and though I don't usually listen to podcasts in general, I thoroughly enjoyed the ones you did. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you have a lot more fans than it looks like, it's just easier for the bashers to make their annoying opinions known that it looks like there's more of them. I, like many hope that they don't get you too down and that you'll ignore them to keep doing what you love to do. I really look forward to your future projects as I honestly think you're very, very talented Rina and hope that the support from comments like these help ya feel just a bit better.

Rina-chan responds:

They do, thank you.


2008-06-11 11:59:51

Chill out abit, Kagome. Don't take things too hard on yourself. If you like what you do I don't see the problem to keep doing it even if many people don't enjoy what you did as well. And seeing tons of people actually reply in some huge paragraphs I gotta say they actually do care.

But, it's your call whether you want to continue the podcast or not! No one can force you, ya know.


2008-06-11 12:15:31

No way, I think you had more listeners than you think. And besides, like a lot of people are saying, who cares? Do what you enjoy.


2008-06-11 12:36:30

I think it's pretty lame this happened. I mean, I acctually only discovered that podcast a couple days ago and then I read the newest post and well, my reaction was "Woah, what? This stuff is funny, and entertaining, and honestly some stuff these guys are saying is interesting." And so I wanted to know why this was happening and so I ended here and to my disbelief there were not be any new episodes for quite a while (if ever.) I have never "made it big" on newgrounds or anything like that but I know how it is to get insulted for something you worked hard on and/or did for fun. I mean, I am not anyone important or anything so being told I suck (or whatever more gruesome insult I might receive) isn't as big a deal, but I know what it's like. Instead of people complaining about all this stuff, they should just appreciate what people are trying to do.

I don't know if my opinion matters or anything but I wish you the best of luck. I hope everything works out!

Rina-chan responds:

Of course it matters! Thank you~


2008-06-11 13:59:30

DAMN GIRL! No need to be so hard(core) on your friend! Kirb never did anythign to deserve a gun to teh head, did he? wait... Did he?!

Rina-chan responds:



2008-06-11 14:46:56

Those stupid douchebags. I was just listening to your interview with Egoraptor yesterday at my friend's house, and it was the first full podcast I've ever listened to all the way through. Yes, even in it's 45 minute length. I find them witty and funny, and a podcast I'd actually subscribe to since I don't have any right now. Just ignore those assholes.


2008-06-11 17:39:39

I liked BTF...

Anyway, everyone finds something to complain about. People find room to complain about democracy, presidency, currency, Metal Gear Awesome, Fable and Behind the Flash.

Ya know what? I really liked BTF. I really did. But if you give up at getting thrown a curve ball than nothing will go anywhere. You don't hear good reviews about anime really, at least not from the mature people who watch it; they don't review, the crowd who bashes everything do. So if your attitude to BTF is like that then your voice acting probably won't go very far, honestly.

Do what you want, but I love Behind the Flash. I'd respect you for keeping it going, really. Who cares what the respected people of Newgrounds say? They're respected in a scary place in the internets.


2008-06-11 17:54:10




2008-06-11 19:06:40

Well, that sucks. One of my favorite podcasts, poof! Gone.
Like everyone's saying, ignore the jerks that are downright flaming BTF, and pay attention to the people that are giving constructive criticism. People that just flame are losers, people that give C.C. genuinely want to help. Either way, I support your decision, even if I don't agree with it.


2008-06-11 19:08:41

Don't even worry about those assholes that keep talkin' shit about your stuff. U could ignore them. But me, I go to their profile and talk shit about their stuff. Like some ass clown named Betty and his friends. >.<

Rina-chan responds:

Oh, Bobbyballer... XD


2008-06-11 19:19:17

Woah.. I was about to write a super awesome comment but i just read most of them and and anything I would say will be just simply be repeating what is said.. So I'll just write a bit it then.. Your an awesome voice actress and I really enjoyed your interviews. Anyways you said that some people or 'prominent animators' that you look up to just dissed you out of nowhere(pffft what dumbshits), but you gotta remember that beneath all those assholes here in newgrounds (and I mean waaaay beneath all those dip shits) are alot of people who look up to you! (And I really mean alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooot of people! Including myself of course!) So please give us another chance :(

PS. Your Awesome!