Entry #1


2008-02-18 01:48:16 by Rina-chan

Okay, trying out this blog thing.

Anyway, I wish I could voice Princess Peach in a flash movie. Or Ashley Graham, because I just cosplayed her. Dammit. Someone cast me as those plz NAO

Ignore me, I had quite a bit of caffeine today. And I doubt people even read these things...


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2008-02-18 03:14:21

But didn't you do Ashley Graham's voice for Resident Evil Foar already :D ?

Rina-chan responds:

Her voice sounded like mine, but I don't remember doing those lines at all... o.O;; It's been driving me crazy! But it would be terribly embarrassing for me to contact the animator and be like "Hey, did I ever do voices for you?"


2008-02-19 08:42:44

Hey Kagome :) ! Dont worry , sooner or later you'll get the chance to do their voices .
(Oh, and is there any progress with the lines ? )

Rina-chan responds:

Soon, I promise!! ;~; Real life has been keeping me so busy...


2008-02-19 17:00:35

No problem ! :) I have been busy too.


2008-06-03 02:26:31

And now, you're well knowned and people want to marry you and get your number(kinda creepy) and hi I guess :/ FLCL I like whoopde do! anyways yea hi and later(I gonna give it my all for my work!)


2008-07-10 06:08:46

People read these, if they can find you.


2009-02-22 03:47:49

Greetings from the future. I'm gonna send a storm of comments and PMs to a lot of flash authors. Also, two of them will block me. Guess who they are.


2009-03-29 13:54:26

Aww :(

I wish I had a paypal account and money so I help :(

I might be sneeky and use my mums to donate :P


2009-06-11 20:02:11

Hey Rina! Okay, i just wanna say i love ur voices in all of brawl taunts (especially as yourself XD) and ive been watching them a lot lately. I actually think i can do all their voices o.o it scares me sometimes but still! XD i think i might make a youtube vid of me doin the voices or sometin... well ill tell you when i make it! ^_^


2009-07-09 00:52:49

I read these things, Rina-chan!


2009-09-10 21:08:50

I wanted to try Street Fight IV.
But too bad my mom won't let me get an Xbox Live.
It looks so cool.
Whats it like playing the game?


2010-03-03 13:06:07

Rina, I've always been a fan of your voice acting, so when you see something or someone ripping on you they are probably either jealous or have no life. Don't take it personally, and just know that you have WAY more fans then enemies.

Keep up the good work.


2010-04-07 19:52:32

i hate my life so i eat coclaet i kinda like it but i hate you more


2010-11-13 02:05:24

Hi! I watched a lot of funny movies which you took part in voice acting! Those are great! Nice voice acting too!


2011-02-27 23:14:05

awwwwwwww sorry but i cant do anything bout it :(