I did all the female voices for Castle Crashers! Check the favorites for flash I was in, and suzumiya-haruhi.net for my voice demos. *Yes, I played Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome.* Email me at DizzyAngelXX@gmail.c om if you need a female voice.

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April Update

Posted by Rina-chan - April 30th, 2012

I'm not really active around Newgrounds anymore, but I do have two major updates.

First, if you haven't yet, be sure to get "Skullgirls" out on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade! I voice the final boss, Bloody Marie, who can be quite challenging to fight against ;D She's awesome!

Also, for the bronies, I and others are working on bringing an MLP convention to Southern California [don't worry, it's all-ages. I'm not into the r34 stuff.] Here's a promo animated by Newgrounds' own RebornMCW:

[Obligatory reminder: I rarely check my PMs or post comments here, so if you need to get a hold of me for any reason, please send me an email at dizzyangelxx@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @rinachan. Thanks!]



Ah. Well congrats on the boss voice, and good luck with the convention. Hope to hear more of your work on Newgrounds, even though we don't see you as much.

I would have to say my favorite character is Ms. Fortune. Bloody Marie can be a bitch to fight at some points.

Oh dear... a whole convention? Bring mace, it could get ugly.

Congrats on the Skull Girls voice im thinkng about getting it on the 360 but best of luck on getting a Convention off the ground its tough but the end result is well worth it in the end :D

Wow, I didn't know you voiced in "Skullgirls". Well, the game isn't out yet in Europe.
I always wanted to try it out, so I'm even more excited now.

Oh and guys. You will hear her again on Saturday. =P
Just check my NG channel/page/whatever on that day.
*Shameless advertising (You can punch me if you want)*

This was a surprise. I just bought SkullGirls yesterday, and I must say Bloody Marie is a real pain. I never expected to read about it on NG. Good job playing the SkullGirl!

Angry Joe (from the Angry Joe show) actually played the game a little while ago and said he was going to do a review on it. It gave out some pretty good feedback of the game and hopefully it's turn out pretty well. <a href="http://www.youtube.co">www.youtube.co</a> m/watch?v=LQK-z7ZbdKk&feature=relmfu

fuck ponies fuck you

ok cool.....wait? you watch mlp? HOW LONG WAS I OUT!!!!!(didn't check on newgrounds that often)

HAH! Wow...I think I may have lost all of my respect for you. I guess contrary to popular belief, you ARE a girl. Easily swayed by fads of all sorts. Fuckin' pony-fags. And an MLP convention will never happen, simply because too much of the fan-base IS into the R34. You'd probably have to have police officers and shit on standby to prevent child-snatchings and shit like that. Way more trouble than it's worth.

We miss you Rina chan.


I just bought skullgirls...cool game XD.
And Gangsta... fuck you >.<


When my friend showed me Skull Girls I was like..."Hey I know that voice for Bloody Marie".

soo uh.. you single?

soo uh.. you single?

soo uh.. you single?

soo uh.. you single?

soo uh.. you single?

I hear ya Rina, I've been on here since 99, joined in 2000 and sadly I have seen a lot of good people come and go from here

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