New Voice Demo

2011-10-10 23:02:21 by Rina-chan

It's time for a new demo. I got this one professionally recorded at a studio, so my recording quality at home isn't quite this level but still pretty clear.

If you're interested in having me read or audition for a part in your flash, please send me an e-mail at with some information on your project and the character you'd like me to voice (picture/voice descriptions are awesome!) It's a much better idea to email me instead of PMing me here, because if you send me a PM I probably won't get it for an eternity ;P

I'm always interested in trying new things and would like to try some roles that challenge me <3


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2011-10-11 00:14:02

awesome new demo! - such a huge range of characters - - EFZ is about 70% done : ) in case you care! in the next episode i was going to have you pick up a second character if you were cool with it - so hopefully i can challenge ya with that!


2011-10-12 10:04:54

That was pretty good.


2011-10-16 01:54:36

this demo as good as ever. lots of different characters


2011-10-21 00:20:57

I loved the demo :D


2011-10-21 17:23:36

Nice work, I saw some new avenues explored this time around; I don't think I've heard you do a British-esque accent before. The digital, crying, and Applejack voices were a nice touch. Keep at it.


2011-10-22 21:34:53

I've met Haruhi Suzumiya in a Team Fortress 2 server.


2011-10-23 23:01:38

Hey Rina!
Anyway I listin'ed to your Demo and i loved it.
Personaly i do find Newground Users like you as a source of inspiration
Please Keep it up not just for fun but maybe for fans like us


2011-11-02 20:42:56

Wow! Great voice acting! I would have expected you to be working on voiceing anime or something! Lovely!


2011-11-05 19:34:24

Sexy, Scary, Sweet, Freakin awesome voice!


2011-11-10 09:43:19

Holy crap!!! All those were you?!! That was amazing, you are an extremely talented voice actress.


2011-11-10 18:49:10



2011-11-19 01:38:42

btw congrats on movin back to LA


2011-12-20 18:53:18

I've always found you very attractive. You and I should get together for coffee sometime. Too bad I live in NorCal...


2011-12-20 19:41:01

Excellent job. You really do sound like a professional!


2011-12-21 07:04:25

this is of topic but remember the brawl tants. how is Chris doing after the 3rd one


2011-12-26 23:47:03

Let's just thank God you're not writing. Who knows how many poor Sarges will be killed if such a cataclysmic event were to occur? Oh yeah, you know what I'm talking about.


2011-12-28 13:56:48

All voices sound the fucking same. Poor sarge ...


2012-02-05 03:32:01

CONGRATS on being selected for the "Project Saturation" MLP Animation. Applejack, who knew!


2012-02-13 11:56:10

u do pretty good voice acting, and i knew movies with ur voice stand for quality (at least havent seen one which wasnt good till now)


2012-02-17 21:42:17

Hey Rina-chan! I'm making a flash movie, and I need a female voice; specifically, I need a shrieking whiny white-girl-trying-anime voice that has zero range whatsoever. You think you're up for the part?

HA HA HA, of course you are. You'll do anything for more attention.


2012-02-19 00:28:41

You need a new userimage


2012-02-21 12:31:21

i like your voice! :D


2012-03-12 11:56:47

The little voice you used (with what sounded like pokemon music behind it) surprised the hell out of me. lol. You seem to have a very broad range of voices, but idk much about the voice acting world. I meant it as a compliment nonetheless.


2012-04-04 04:03:05

hey zeesquid, i can't hear over your CONSTANT BITCHING!!!! anyway love your work, keep it up.