Crashing your castle, part 2.

2010-12-13 20:19:36 by Rina-chan

Something exciting has happened!!

"The Red Princess can now guide you on your real life adventures." ;)

If anyone downloads & uses this please take a video to show me~ I'd love to see it in action but all I own for navigation is my iPhone, haha.


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2010-12-13 20:47:43

You sound the same in every film.


2010-12-13 20:58:23

Like to see your voice on a GPS system jeez... i know the internet is full of trolls but chill the fuck out no? congrats Rina :D


2010-12-13 21:45:00

Lol nice moving up in the world now alot more ppl willl here ur amazing voice :D


2010-12-13 22:20:11

I always wanted a TomTom, so I'll be sure to download your voice when I get the chance. But how does that work? Do they just measure the pitch of your voice and a computer reads it out in your tone? Or are you actually pre-recording voices such as "Go left in the next 2 miles". If so, that's a shit load of voices to record.

If a fan made "Metal Slug" move were to be made into a fan made movie as I always fantasied about...who would you play as if chosen for either an acting or voice acting role?

Fio, Eri, Nadia?

Rina-chan responds:

I recorded specific lines in the princess voice like "turn here" etc. GPSes that can actually speak the names of streets do exist, but they are read in a Microsoft Sam-style voice (text to speech) since I can't imagine how difficult it would be for a real human to record every possible sound combination.


2010-12-15 15:03:15

flagrant weeaboo


2010-12-15 18:43:57

On GPS?! That's super sweet.


2010-12-21 12:37:24

Dude, seriously.

Shut up.


2010-12-23 11:30:42

oh my gawd! that's so cool


2010-12-24 13:46:22

You're such an overrated cunt.


2010-12-29 12:05:57

like it, but ur name sounds familar... like from the book Speacils....


2010-12-29 20:40:01

Can't figure you're way out of a rope or a cage but you know how to get to all of my relatives?


2011-01-07 19:16:14

I dislike you and everyone must know that I dislike you. I won't give a valid reason why I dislike you, but you should know that I started disliking you when some user on the forums made a thread saying that he openly disliked you and that everyone else should dislike you. He didn't explain why he dislikes you either, but you shouldn't need a reason to dislike a popular user. I don't own any equipment to record my voice except for an Iphone I got for Christmas, but I'm sure I can do a better job than you at voice acting. I'm never going to submit a voice reel of me voice acting but I can assure you, my voice is beautiful. I don't understand why you are popular. I don't like you so no one should.

TL;DR sarcasm


2011-01-08 08:09:22

your videos rock


2011-01-08 09:49:37

Gah wild dogs! What should I do!?


2011-01-11 16:36:52



2011-01-29 14:52:17

I like your voice.


2011-01-31 04:35:09

I say that you are a better animator than people say you are.
people have been talking smack bout you, and i can now honestly say after seeing some stuff with you in it that i dont agree.
just sayin


2011-02-03 17:57:25

STREET FIGHTER CHODE 4 RETURN OF RUNKHA CHUNK THE FET........Over rated voice squeek.... reality sucks hey?


2011-02-06 02:00:06

Well, Rina has a great voice. And I don't see any problems if she does sound the same in every film. As long as it's a different character in a different storyline, then it's all cool


2011-02-12 19:06:20

You are awsome and very fun. I love You


2011-02-14 23:06:50

Cool. Try not to listen to trolls. is seems as though anything successful is being judged just for that. Whatever.


2011-02-24 20:22:26

You are the best and im shure that pretty cute too. Keep the good work


2011-02-27 21:22:16

o really? :3 lol hahahahahahah