Crashing your castle

2010-09-06 03:02:52 by Rina-chan

Hey PS3 users! Make sure you get your copy of Castle Crashers on the Playstation Network :DDDD /31/castle-crashers-on-psn-any-minute-

Rescue me (as the princesses) AND fight me (as Medusa). 8D

The arcade cabinet edition looks really awesome too. Wish I could play that one!


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2010-09-06 03:21:28

Castle Crashers on the PS3!?!?!?!
That's awesome, I always played it at my friends house, but now I can own it!
Oh, and keep up the great voice acting ^_^
-Osama Bin Steve


2010-09-06 05:45:46

In "Adventure Time" the TV show.

Marceline the Vampire Queen calls Fin a "Castle Crasher" in the episode "Henchmen".

Will you be voicing anything in the next NG game?

Rina-chan responds:

Not that I know of. I mean, it would be amazing, but I don't even think they are including voiced effects...? I have no information on it other than what they have posted on their blog, lol.


2010-09-06 06:14:39

come crash my seriously...


2010-09-06 09:59:36

DOH! i don't have a ps3 -_-

Rina-chan responds:

Get it for 360 then! The 360 version already came out years ago XD


2010-09-06 10:00:02

Wait we have to save you and then kill you? That's a weird storyline.


2010-09-07 07:36:49

Castle Crashers on the PS3? Awesome!!!


2010-09-09 01:37:10

i want to check that game out...looks fun on a totally irrelevant note you should play Fat Princess :D...but i will check that game out, btw love your voice acting..its funny


2010-09-09 08:51:32

Castle Crashers finally comes to PS3, huh? If you don't mind my asking, why wasn't it on PS3 b4?

Rina-chan responds:

They originally made it for 360 and it took a little while to port.


2010-09-09 20:32:25

Rina i really haven't knew you make that voices
keep doing that work
Ps:tanks you say the game is on sale


2010-09-10 09:26:54

oh yeah i forgot that i have a 360. thanks :)


2010-09-14 18:50:41

I already played the demo and it seemed like an awesome game.


2010-09-22 00:53:05

i have sex with small animals


2010-09-25 06:23:57

Congrats again Rina-chan! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing you again in (Hopefully) Castle Crashers 2. :)

PS. The arcade cabinet edition was really old school awesome. lol


2010-09-25 21:59:16

add theguy215![witch is me]dudette


2010-09-30 21:07:08



2010-10-02 12:13:41

thats pretty amazing 0.0 were u trained or are you just good at voice acting?

Rina-chan responds:

I have taken several workshops and done some private training, but I taught myself for the first few years of doing it.


2010-10-02 20:07:32

just fight you or rescue you? where's the choice to marry you? D=


2010-10-03 22:25:12

Hey i love dizzy too!!

Rina-chan responds:

Guilty Gear = <3333
I even cosplayed her!


2010-10-04 22:30:09

What do you think of street fighter Chode?


2010-10-04 23:17:10

Look I'm not trying to be a troll or an ass but can you tell me of your views of the movie street fighter chode?
Within the cheap blows and bad cock jokes there is constructive criticism (though very vague). Thats all I want.

Rina-chan responds:

Truthfully? I never bothered to watch it.


2010-10-05 19:54:24

Wow, I knew you did the princesses voices, but you also did medusa? Nice job

Rina-chan responds:

Yeah well it was pretty edited; I mean she just goes RARATARARARHHGH, lol


2010-10-08 21:19:02

I'm so getting a PS3 and getting Castle Crashers, if only if I wasn't poor and lazy... D:


2010-10-14 10:10:09

Do you make pc version too?


2010-10-15 09:53:27

So, your voice is in both versions(x360 and ps3)? I'm asking since I'm kinda saving up for a xbox720/slim, and wondered if I have to play it on a ps3 to hear you.


2010-10-16 17:36:30

beat it in 3 days


2010-10-18 11:42:15

I would if it was out in EU... >_>


2010-10-26 00:52:01

I wish people still played Castle Crashers on Xbawks, at least I have fallout new vegas.


2010-11-03 16:16:13



2010-11-03 16:28:16

Bummer... I don't have a PS3... Must be cool to have another professional (if indie) release under your belt though Rina-chan. Now you can go and get a job with Funimation or one of the big anime publishers, they need to get some quality voice actors for anime dubs XD


2010-11-08 15:21:10

Do you make pc version too? Please? :D


2010-11-13 20:00:27

Been there, done that.


2010-11-14 02:52:27

not to sound rude, but if alot of us already have that for 360, then there really is no point in getting it for PS3 as well. Unless of course, there are people who just have the PS3, in which case, yeah, go for it. I heard that the PS3 version has a few things the 360 version doesn't have. That true Rina?


2010-11-23 05:33:36

Did you voice in Street Fighter Chode aswell? Your performance was splended.


2010-11-24 15:05:43

Do you really have pink and red hair?


2010-11-28 22:43:07

Rina, do you have a ps3?


2010-12-02 15:34:59

shit I don't have a PS3/XBOX360 ):


2010-12-03 07:03:45

I got the game a week ago and i think the voice acting for all the characters is good so good work X 2
(because you voice acted 2 characters)


2010-12-03 19:58:39

I'm starting a web series and we have a part for you..


2010-12-04 15:43:55

i love the game my freind has it(i dont have a ps3 GOD DAME IT!)


2010-12-05 19:47:22

Congrats Kira, it's really impressive what you've turned your newgrounds voice talents into. Amazing :)


2010-12-08 10:46:52

You do know that the 360 is superior to the PS3 right? Stuff like Castle Crashers has been with it for quite some time. PS3 just ripped it off, only thing I can see myself playing on that would be Kingdom Hearts, and maybe God of War.


2010-12-09 00:16:36

so... can you get it on psp?


2010-12-09 08:23:24

i am too poor to buy that -_-'


2010-12-09 13:35:19

You sicken me.


2010-12-09 19:17:14

hell no im waiting for gears of war 3 if you dont know what it is go watch the trailer or the gameplay


2010-12-10 19:11:22

Hmm. You know, maybe I should get Castle Crashers when I can be bothered to get some more MS points. I mean, I hate Johnny Yong Bosch as a voice actor but I'd have missed out on several decent games if I'd boycotted everything he'd had a role in.


2010-12-11 05:47:42

ho are you anyway?


2010-12-11 05:49:03

why do boys like you?


2010-12-11 05:50:28

i'm gust a 4yearold kid from philipines


2010-12-11 05:52:33

My mom wont buy the game (castle crushers)!!!!!!);