2010-07-14 18:59:00 by Rina-chan

http://rinachan.newgrounds.com is not me. It is an impostor account made by some trolls. Please disregard any reviews or posts made by that "user". Thank you.


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2010-07-14 19:05:13

I kinda find that hard to believe.

Rina-chan responds:

Why? It's not that hard to steal someone's picture/userinfo and register a similar looking username.


2010-07-14 19:22:20

You know you're famous when you have people impersonate you.


2010-07-14 19:42:27

OKay I will! :D


2010-07-14 20:00:04

Whoever made that false account clearly needs a life...


2010-07-14 20:11:08

I think that one tricked me awhile back on NG chat until I realized no line was there.
Just another thing to ignore really, don't give them any attentio and they'll go away.

Then again you can be trying to trick us and act like a total @$$ on that account and then say it wasn't you but it really was. joking


2010-07-14 20:53:02

The person is stating it's a back up account so no one can troll you can they even have a link that links us back here

Rina-chan responds:

Yeah, but that's why it's a problem. This person is leaving abusive reviews under my screen name (meaning, one that looks almost just like it) and I am already getting messages about those reviews.


2010-07-14 21:30:17

I know which one is the true Rina Chan lol im too much in love with Rina chans voice to be swayed by an imposter lol.


2010-07-14 21:38:06

I know that your the true Rina Chan, the main clue that your the real one is your sign up date!


2010-07-14 21:51:50

It's actually not that hard to believe. You're a famous, and probably one of the only, female voice actors on newgrounds. You have every other one beat if there are any others (i.e. Nakoruru, Stamper, etc). I do want you to do a voice acting job for me one day, but not just yet. I want to wait until my flash movies get of the higher quality like Egoraptor....ok, I'm not going to set my expectations that high. Maybe some-one a little less. JKAmovies, maybe (haven't heard from him in a while though). Well, good luck getting through this (although I don't think that you'll have any problem with this at all). Cheers!


2010-07-14 22:42:03

You liar you just use that account to troll the hell outta people when they make stuff that you dont like

(Updated ) Rina-chan responds:

If that were the case, why wouldn't I just do it under my own account? Also, I have already sent Newgrounds staff an email asking them to ban that account.


2010-07-15 09:17:58

Now that is just plain evil :(


2010-07-15 11:41:57

i dont even know why he or she impersonated you just plain retarded <.<


2010-07-15 12:22:01

I got news for you rina, the only "abusive reviews" that was left on there had a 1 on an animation claiming you were a fat son of a bitch.

That's not trolling. It's called defending someone.


2010-07-15 12:22:13

I checked and the fake account has been blammed. Energy drinks all around on my "tab" :D


2010-07-15 12:48:59

Ahh that suxs, can you not do anything about it?


2010-07-15 14:40:41

rinachan = fake, got it.

Btw, you said you went to Evo right? Did you manage to get your hands on MVC3?


2010-07-15 14:51:12

Oh yeah also guess who made that account fuck you


2010-07-15 23:27:26

It appears the imposter has been BLAMED.
However it seems the damage has been done.
Oh well, back to life.


2010-07-16 02:08:13

oh hey whats goin on guys


2010-07-16 09:35:57

What's the matter? Shit in your bathtub too much?


2010-07-16 12:03:18

The final days of Runk-a-Chunk......Thank God.


2010-07-16 12:36:05

u kno ur famous if some one trys to be u!


2010-07-16 14:14:49

Roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and you...... SHIT IN A BATHTUB


2010-07-16 22:34:29

So the tortureous trolls show themselves again thinking thay have guts to do whatever. Bad choice trolls >:) "charges Tri-Cero ray and aims"


2010-07-16 22:43:05

Hey Kira it seems there's another fake account still active. Just mentioning it.


2010-07-17 00:46:37



2010-07-17 02:17:01

Where's the tear gas and bean bag shotguns when you need 'em.


2010-07-17 03:27:18

honestly i just dont get it.... some1 who is popular on NG getting swarmmed by trolls..... why? this is my 1 pet peeve for the internet! pointless hating! it makes no sense! people call you the 'queen of ng' which i tend to not care about, since your neither creator nor admin of NG, you just do a lot of voicing and are proud of your work. i am honestly loosing all faith in the internet, and mainly NG, as it just become an Ass-feast and Tom/Admins/Creators/etc(?) dont seem to really care that their site is filled with a-holes! -sigh- i should really stick to Youtube, much less drama.


2010-07-17 04:53:17

OMG wtf did you do you troll you got the real rina chans page deleted!


2010-07-17 06:08:52

I understand that some people don't on NG don't like you, but to do that? That's a little...well I would say childish, but then again it's the internet. I hope the matter gets taken care of though :/


2010-07-17 14:57:18

"ERROR - No user "rinachan" exists in our system."

Okay. Moving on, then...


2010-07-17 16:50:13

We really should ban anything that is offensive to anyone.

Im sure Tom Fulp would agree with the first few flashes he made


2010-07-17 17:32:17

In the old days when an person on ng got ridiculed, people made one or 2 movies. Had a laugh and moved on to the next person contributing to this site.

There were even cases when animators joined that hate-collab themselves while being incognito removing the whole hatefull atmoshpere afterwards, showing to be a good sport about it.

These days you get an army of 14 years old's :) on your ass and couple of stalkers.

When I was 14 I had a 56k modem and payed by the minute. So I quickly watched 2 movies ( yeh i actually payed to watch newgrounds :) ) clicked 0 or 5 and then shut down. Now its freaking summer time ( hunting season ) :/


2010-07-17 17:47:23

i'm still waiting for the guys who own the krinkles or krinkeis (with the second i capitalized) accounts to do some masterful trolling.


2010-07-17 21:39:18

I play Akuma, perhaps you'd like to see my raging demon?


2010-07-18 10:04:03

There's another imposter and some people really think it's you:

The flash movie "Street Fighter Chodes" was made extra for that.


2010-07-18 12:15:24

Don´t worry Rina-chan, I think they already banned that account. And I know how trolls can impersonate others just to be annoying (the problem is when others don´t know that and send you PMs about the reviews).


2010-07-18 18:19:23

Honestly, instead of wasting their time on trivial matters, they should do something better with their lives, like IDK get a fucking job or a Girlfriend? Most of them just dwell in their basement rooms all day playing WoW and going on 4chan everyday. What pathetic way of living.


2010-07-18 18:57:11

The fact that you care means the troll is winning.


2010-07-18 22:55:51

U mad? :)


2010-07-18 23:33:29


I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure it'll do no harm.

BTW, in an unrelated note, me and my friends were looking at a Pokemon fanfiction I'm writing (titled "Pokemon Hunter") and one of them suggested that you voice one of the villains in my story. Just thought I'd throw that out there, I thought it was pretty cool.


2010-07-18 23:55:59

the hot rina-chan never disapoints


2010-07-19 04:17:53



2010-07-19 05:10:14

Lol, i would find something like that kinda flattering. I mean, yeah. Haters are gonna hate, but taking enough time to actually post shit under "your name." and go to such extents? You know you're doing well when shit like that goes down, you know?


2010-07-19 06:19:37

'Sup baby.


2010-07-19 08:10:54

I like rinachan better than rina-chan because rinachan has no submissions and has spared NG.


2010-07-19 14:37:33

Jeez. That sucks. Why can't people get a life?


2010-07-19 16:07:54

YES! Exactally. People impersonate other famous people to get popular, but by doing so their just making the origional popular. The good thing is ur THAT famous to have an impersonater, the bad thing is people believe her :/


2010-07-19 18:36:04

You're still the worst writer on newgrounds.