Chillin' like a villain

2010-04-29 21:47:35 by Rina-chan

Pardon me if I'm scarce around the interbutts for a while, because SUPER STREET FIGHTER is out.
I use T. Hawk, Hakan, and Juri.
(not to mention I'm still working on Pokemon HeartGold)

If you're looking for something to listen to in the meantime... check out my new-ish Ace Attorney parody: .cgi?board=projects&action=display&thr ead=18174


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2010-04-30 00:00:38

hey Rina, are you thinking about anymore Brawl Taunts? because if you and Kirbopher were, you would get a good review from me if it's as good as the other 3

Rina-chan responds:

Nope, it's just a trilogy.


2010-04-30 00:03:31

plus, i was hoping you and Kirbopher would be friends with me, if not, then that's fine, i swear :) lol


2010-04-30 00:06:11

just message me back with your answer plz


2010-05-01 23:13:19

Is that game any good? The Street Fighters games lose sometimes, and I don't want to waste money with this extorti-, I mean stimulus-packge coming out. P.S. saw you in Wrathbourne's "Blizzconned", and I am now afraid of you, please don't kill me.

Rina-chan responds:

It's much better, and you don't have to waste time unlocking stuff. Trade in your vanilla SF4 and get this one.


2010-05-02 02:21:25

hey I fond someone who needs a vocie actor bad!


2010-05-05 12:28:35

so what new stuff is in super street fighter?

Rina-chan responds:

a bunch of new characters


2010-05-06 02:23:02

Juri, that's a surprise

At least i'm seeing a little more love more my grapplers T Hawk, Hakan, Zangief, and E Honda.

Rina-chan responds:

I mained Gief in vanilla SF4.


2010-05-07 12:35:11

Cool, more garbage to add to the pile.


2010-05-07 17:00:32



2010-05-07 17:09:23

Alright, so I just listened to the magnificent audio. Oh boy let me just say. It was gay as hell. like that was a major Hard on killer. I Love how you reference brawl taunts in it at least like...10 times. And also the HILL-ARE-OUZZ jokes like the Grape juice joke. Oh man I was in stitches! Man you are a comedic genius. Leave writting to people who dont waste there life playing fighting games and dating gookswho do the same. it'll do wonders in the long run.


2010-05-08 09:09:20

Im confused? when i was in Manitoba i was under the impression that it will come out soon. Man i was gravely misinformed.


2010-05-08 13:55:29

So I see you're back on xbox live. I recall you mentioning that you had a bad connection earlier.. Did you get it fixed or are you excited about the SSF4 online?

Rina-chan responds:

My connection is still pretty bad, but I don't think it's as bad as before. I just got a month renewal to try it out again.


2010-05-08 22:07:47

your more a dork than a villain, HeartGold? seriously?


2010-05-09 23:28:02

I'm guessing you have 360 like everyone else?

Being a PS3 user can be lonely at times

I wanna see what another Zangief user is like


2010-05-10 09:38:05

Hey Shaman Pokemon HeartGold isn't bad and if my DS wasn't busted I still think its a good game.


2010-05-11 20:21:32

I need some one to chat with please pm me it about singing


2010-05-12 08:34:51



2010-05-13 03:42:22

Good you're back on Live. Sucks I got red-ringed. On top of that, Split/Second, a racing game I so fucking want bad, is coming out a week before my system will return.

Well whatever.


2010-05-13 17:16:02

I like a lot your voice, it feels like a "princess" is talking ^^


2010-05-15 21:14:36

Hey, I'm a big fan of your voice-acting.

Keep up the great work!


2010-05-15 23:13:37

Apparantly Pirate 9899 thinks you're gay and im not listening to him. I also am thinking about getting SSF4 also since it is a long while since i played a street fighter game.


2010-05-16 16:05:09

love each and every game though each one is gone. Street fighter at friends pokemon gold with sibiling and miles edgeworth chronicles with best friend. i never get to play anything. >< great job on voice acting keep it up.


2010-05-16 22:40:51

hmmmi feel like i seen that some where... ! oh right that abridged, well i hope you have a good time with it Rina-Chan


2010-05-22 04:30:20

I've got pokemon heartgold so if ya need any tips just send me a message and i'll reply back.


2010-05-26 16:00:41

Love your voice! And you could do a good princess peach too =)


2010-05-27 18:11:20

HI. I talked to you on the Ng chat. Weeeeee! This is kewl


2010-05-29 01:25:54

what does kirbopher look like and where do you go to do you voice actn

Rina-chan responds:

I do almost all of it online from my computer.


2010-05-30 10:33:45

your still working on gold? I laugh at u.

Rina-chan responds:

Sorry I have.. you know, a real job, and can't just play video games all day long.


2010-06-03 09:36:47

Hulalaoo has done the worst thing to rip on you. (if i told you you wouldn't be happy either) Man am i ever gonna get him for his heinous crime!


2010-06-06 14:08:41

Hi rina-chan:3 is it come to be a brawl taunts 4? becuse if its not to much work i can help with something if it need'd:#3


2010-06-07 09:31:56

Rasnish Im under the thought that it will be just a trilogy and no 4th brawl taunts


2010-06-07 17:52:53

weellll hate me if you want but i dont like that game too much so i dont care about SF and about Pokemon Heart Gold i like it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd no thanks


2010-06-08 16:12:59

what u want to say that ur working on pokemon heartgold?


2010-06-10 00:24:54

hey rina i just love your flash so you know p-bot's picture why don't i make you your owe?
just give me the details and i'll make it for you.


2010-06-11 00:48:48

What the hell was the point of making that game its like god damn street fighter 4.


2010-06-11 09:39:18

did you do the voices in resident evil pawnchi? and which characters did you do?

Rina-chan responds:

I was Jill.


2010-06-11 10:37:39

i love your voice acting but did you practice alot


2010-06-15 14:38:25

I don't know how forums work! "snap" ow! my brain! Need Tylenol!


2010-06-17 16:14:34

Hi, remember me? i had sent you a mesage about my ''project'' days ago, remember?


2010-06-17 19:01:56

You must be super pro at SUPER street fighter to be chillin like a villian.

Did you meet some guy named peter who was like asian lol


2010-06-18 12:17:30

Hey rina guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a very nice voice!


2010-06-24 07:24:54

awesome sauce


2010-06-25 16:01:39

why is it with every female in a flash you are that woman


2010-07-05 00:46:07

how come you werent in the recent Sanity Not Included?


2010-07-12 04:01:14

nice :)


2010-07-12 15:33:03

I just wanna say that I watched Street Fighter Chode.....I'm sorry....It's bad, like, really bad...