2010-02-18 19:05:44 by Rina-chan

Greetings Newgrounders.

I've decided to make a blog today to express some concerns I've been hearing around various websites, namely that I am "arrogant", "rude/bitchy", or "only work on big projects these days."

First off, I want you to know that I do listen to feedback and take it to heart. Trolls will be trolls and aren't worth the time of day, but some of the people who made comments were not necessarily trolls but apparently "former fans of mine". I usually ignore rude comments made about me, but these made me think about how my words may come across online and the messages I am conveying in my correspondence with fans and producers who request voices.

I understand that it's difficult to tell what tone someone is taking in an email or private message. I respond to many messages from my phone when I'm out doing something, as I don't have a lot of time at home anymore to sit and check my inboxes on the various sites I'm affiliated with. As a result, my response may read more like a "text message" and seem kind of abrupt or cold. Now that I realize how this comes across, I'm going to take a little extra time to read through what I'm sending out and see that it is more personable.

If you've been offended by anything I've written to you, I assure you that it wasn't my intent. I know it's no excuse, but just to give you some background...I am going to university again now and I have a particular class which is extremely demanding (I generally spend 2-3 hrs a day studying for it) and on top of that I work 4-5 days a week. I am also the Gaming Director for my local convention meaning I spend a lot of time recruiting staff and setting up tournaments. I also have family commitments and other things I volunteer for. I'm saving up to move back to Los Angeles in fall 2011 in the hopes of having another go at a professional voiceover career, and to do so, I've had to sacrifice a lot of my free time and some of the work I do online. Being that I don't have any "days off" during a week, it can be a little stressful to receive 10-15 messages asking me for tips on voice acting, etc. when I've written extensive guides for this on my website/forum (www.voiceactingclub.com). But like I said, I'm definitely going to work on being more polite about these things and also respond to emails and PMs in a more timely manner. I know it's frustrating to feel that someone isn't reading what you have to say, so today I spent a couple of hours trying to clear out my PM box and make sure that any voice requests were directed to my email as necessary.

In regards to "only accepting big/popular roles": I will admit, I have had to be more selective lately as my schedule got busier. It really, really is nothing personal. I had to start turning down a few things that looked like they'd be a huge time commitment, because I realize that I haven't been entirely fair or reliable to some of the producers I'd already made a commitment to work for---sometimes making them wait a month or two for lines, and it wasn't fair to them for me to continue taking on more work than I can handle. Sure, it's for free and something I kinda do in my spare time, but that's no excuse to do a half-assed job especially when I realized how many people actually follow what I do intently. I still urge you to ask if you've got a role you'd like me to do---I always make exceptions for projects I'm really interested in---and if I have to turn it down because I don't think I can get it to you in a timely manner, I really hope there are no hard feelings, but I still do record for quite a few things and I'm going to make an effort to prioritize my time better so I can accept more work.

The one thing that's more or likely not going to change is the issue of chatting on messenger services. I love reading all of the encouraging emails I get and I appreciate each one (& like I said above, will try to do better about replying!) but given all the crazy things I have to do each day I feel that getting AIM etc. would just suck too much time out of my day that I could be using for... well, recording lines for you. I hope you understand that it's not out of "arrogance" that I don't do online chat---it's seriously just a time thing. I'm sure if you talk to, say, a well-known animator here on NG he will tell you he doesn't have a lot of time for IMs either. But like I said, just send me an e-mail if you have a message or a script for me and it will be fine.

There was an instance with one particular person where I'll admit I was a bit rude, and I have a feeling he was behind a lot of these rumors, so I'll do my best to explain the circumstances: He continually spammed my inbox with all sorts of disorganized messages, changing the script and what he wanted over and over, and harrassing me for lines after only a couple of days. I finally had to tell him I couldn't deal with it and gave him a link to my forum to find a new voice actress. Well, people didn't want to voice act for him there either given the unprofessionalism of his attitude and postings, so he ragequit the forums. =\ Over the nearly six years I've been voice acting for Newgrounds, I will note that incidents like this are few and far between and usually the result of a particularly young and inexperienced producer who has not yet learned the concept of professionalism and courtesy with people he wants to work for him.

Some people have stated things like "Rina-chan thinks she's God's gift to voice acting/smash bros/cosplay even though she's mediocre at all those things." I actually don't consider myself terribly gifted or talented at anything. I think I'm reasonably good at voice acting, but that's a result of hard work and determination and I know I still have a long way to go, so I do make sure to read critiques and take them into consideration whenever possible. Cosplaying and competing in smash tournaments are just things I do for fun and I guess to help get my name out there somehow. Oddly enough, if you were to meet my friends in real life, they'd probably tell you I have terribly low self esteem. XD;;

Anyway, I just wanted to issue a public apology for anyone who I've unintentionally offended or upset, and I will do my best to make sure it does not happen in the future. If you have anything you'd like to contact me about, please send me an e-mail at dizzyangelxx@gmail.com. Newgrounds means a lot to me and I hope not to do anything that goes against my loyalty to this site and its users.


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2010-02-18 19:17:19

Honestly, all of the things you're addressing are just those stereotypical misunderstandings that happen to everyone in the world. It's big of you, and considerate of you, to spend time writing this, regardless. If anyone wants to continue getting on your case after this for the issues addressed, then I think they'll just have to deal with it.


2010-02-18 19:28:51

The other major thing is that a lot of people haven't had the additional benefit of knowing you in person or as a HUMAN BEING and not just an online entity or voice. I'll admit that I had some fears and some thoughts before I ran into you at Anime Expo 2009, but my time with you was nothing short of absolutely enjoyable and I could easily tell that you're just a hard working girl who has not enough time and too many people to cater to at times.

Like Kirbopher said, what happens from here is based on the attitudes and behaviors of the people who decide to (or not to) read this, but I know so many other people who actually DO embody the persona you think others hold about you, so don't let it worry you anywhere near the level it seems to have been.


2010-02-18 19:31:21

Your tweets are always so depressing. Chin up love!


2010-02-18 19:33:13

Rina, I've been in love with your voice for a long time :) I always see you on facebook , on your site, here on NG. Your one of the most dedicated, passionate person I have ever seen or heard. I do wish to meet you one day, I'm 5 hours away from LA but if I ever find myself out there. At a convention or something, I will look for ya ;) So I can say hi, and thank you for all the hours of entertainment.

Your voice is what made a lot of animations and projects fantastic! Your very committed and if you weren't committed you wouldn't have an epic resume, you wouldn't have such a great, pro voice talent and you'd have all the time to write to us. Commitment owns all. I'd rather have fun then to do something cause people like it even if I didn't. And thats what you do, you have fun but stay professional and dedicated beyond expectations.

I wish you the best in your future Rina! If you ever need help, like a website (I'm a web designer/manager) Just PM me here :) Other then that, keep doing what your doing cause your going to change a big part of the voice acting world! You deserve to be in big movies I swear! Your voice, to me at least, I would love to see in many blockbuster hits and anime. Some voice actresses do it cause they believe or know they're good. You don't do it for that, and I respect you even more because of what you accomplished and what you will accomplish!

Sorry if I sound like an asskisser, but you know what? In this case, so be it! I love your dedication, your voice, I watch a ton of projects on NG and sometimes I go "Is that Rina Chan?" then I look at the credits and im like OH YEAH IT IS! haha.

Keep at it girl, never give up, and don't listen to the haters. People hate because they can't do the same, or they're not successful and thats because they lack a lot of things like committing to something and enjoying it. Take care Rina! This is Panda from VAC and CpmStudios Machinima production. Hope all is well and good luck!!

Your fanboy,


Rina-chan responds:

Thank you! I sadly don't live in LA anymore, so my pro career has to go on hold at the moment, but I hope that within the next two years I will be able to move back there and try to get into anime and games again.


2010-02-18 19:36:38

I like your response. If I was in the same position, my inner troll would have taken over and said "lol, damn straight"

Its good to see that you stop and doublecheck to make sure that you aren't. The antagonist, and I hope to see you at AI sometime in late 2011.


2010-02-18 19:38:32

hataz gonna hate


2010-02-18 19:38:45

and hattaz gonna hat

Rina-chan responds:

So do hataz wear hatz? :P


2010-02-18 20:23:11

im sorry peeps gotta hate like that- you were very respectful and timely about my project! (even tho it was about taco sex haha)

Rina-chan responds:

Haha! See, that's the thing. People assume if their project is too strange or out there then I won't do it, but that's not the case---I LOVE voice acting for interesting and unique projects. It's more the "Hi, I have no idea what I want, but here's 75 lines to record by next Monday in a generic woman voice" that just don't seem quite as exciting.


2010-02-18 20:25:20

Let's face it: there's ALWAYS going to be two sides to everything. You're no different. Now as for dealing with trolls and the like. either ignore them or counter their moves. Some people get relentless at times.
Also, don't worry too much about replying to messages and stuff. Sometimes, if the message is a complementary one, knowing that people appreciate what you do is good enough. But a little "Thank you" reply every so often won't hurt.
To the topic of instant messenger services... well... you don't have to get one. But if you hypothetically change your mind, just bear in mind that time can be flexible, if need be. Deadlines are important, I know, but a little reasoning can benefit a lot.
And always keep in mind that if you have to deal with inexperienced people, just give some advice on producing instead of accepting the edited script(s). Trust me, it'll help if you just gently nudge them in the right direction.

Now, after that long-winded speech, I could go for some good ol' fashioned cola, since New Ne' Fashioned is unholy.


2010-02-18 20:34:30

Don't listen to those morons, I sent a message once to her once about a voice acting thing she was not rude in her reply, not at all, infact she is probably one of the most nicest people on earth, keep it up Rina. Rakan~


2010-02-18 20:39:07

People only think you're arrogant because you won't voice act for a flash they'll never make.

Rina-chan responds:

Haha yep, this is a big thing too. =( I regret the fact that I have to be more careful but it's just that I've had SO many people waste my time by having me record huge batches of lines for a project that they never bothered to finish. If it were three lines I wouldn't even care, but I've had projects where I put hours into doing and redoing the lines, and then they end up recasting me because "their friend wants to hear their voice in a project." I suppose I can be a little harsh in my replies when something like that happens, but it just feels like sometimes people have no concept of the fact that I put in hours of time, FOR FREE, to give them what they said they wanted for their project and then they decide they want something else. It's frustrating. Sure, recasting happens in the pro world too, but at least then you still get paid for the hours you put in recording for it.

I've also turned down people who said things like "I don't know how to animate yet, but I'm looking for someone to help me." Or more like told them to contact me once they got everything figured out with the animation, because it makes no sense to have voice actors record lines if you don't even know how to animate or have someone lined up to animate for you.


2010-02-18 22:34:45

People can be rude most of the time, but just ignore it or either accept it for example someone calls you something bad just replied back to them "thanks for the complement" without even listening to them or reading there message.


2010-02-19 03:30:09

Whoever spreaded those nasty rumors about you, is just really immature. Honestly, people these days just don't understand and they are in no position to guilt trip you, or bash on you like that. They don't know what you do in real life, so who are they to point fingers and talk all that shit? There are some people who will just put peoples words or actions way out of context (I've been a victim of that, so many times) and label them as so and so, and make that said person look like the bad guy. And that's not cool at all. But then again, don't let what those fools say about you, get the best of you.

Basically what I'm just trying to say is, and I'm going to sound like most people here, forget all those haters! Don't listen to them! They don't dictate your life...you do. But yeah, I understand where you're coming from. You're still cool in my book and you're a very nice person, no matter what people might say about you. And as usual, I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your future road as a continuing professional voice actress, and you still got the support of your friends and fans, including myself. Good luck with everything else in life. And don't let anybody bring you down. =)

- Ryuta-kun: Ryutaros Imagin


2010-02-19 05:28:15

Oh Kira. You're trying to win an uphill battle versus people who will do anything for a reaction.

Rina-chan responds:

Possibly. But I decided to give some people the benefit of the doubt.


2010-02-19 08:52:56

Wow thank god im not one of those offended types. Honestly if I was I would be making rude comments. But no way in heck i'm doin that. You are just good at what you do and thats fine :) Also I agree with Kirb that they just have to deal with it.


2010-02-19 09:02:43

I wonder what it will be like to voice act after grade 12 when i find a way out of Canada?


2010-02-19 19:03:07

haha You're no Tiger Woods, but this entry is very considerate of you. I happened to be one of the ones you have ignored when I had PMed you regarding my comic, and guess what? ITS OKAY! :D I completely understand what you going through and I knew this the whole time, Everyone have a life to live even those you doesn't make much of it. Hate mail, amateur client/producer harassments, spammers, trolls..of the that is to be expected from the public area. Hell, I even deal with them myself for being a artist or get it worse if anything.
So please don't feel the need to apologize for living your OWN life, really. Its okay.^_^ If fact, I'm really glad you telling everyone this not as an apology though, it should be more of a reminder of some sort. Also for the record, I've already added you on the comic. The Newgrounds battle episode, you're in it!

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/th emanofsteal13/omar-du-more-issue-15-p age-3
Keep pushing on Rina, keep striving, and don't let anyone take you down.


2010-02-20 10:17:30

Yeah don't let anyone take you down. Just don't kill me.


2010-02-20 21:42:42

Seems like the typical popularity issue.


2010-02-21 00:40:34

So you had fans and ...haters, minus some of your fans, and we're left with your true fans and ...haters. Good luck trying to annoy us cuz' it'll be a cold day in the earth's core before that'll happen.


2010-02-21 18:26:08

Well, I was a little scared I'd be wasting my time reading this but no.
You seem to have this never ending fight against trolls I see? No worries, it's all for the reaction. You're a great voice actress, everything you've voiced in i've instantly recognized your voice without even knowing beforehand. I'm glad to know you're open to voice acting for me and I may contact you in the near future.


2010-02-22 10:45:23

It's cool Rina. Don't let these haters get you down. You're a decent voice actress. Don't let them break you, just let it get your skin tougher.


2010-02-22 17:50:18

lol, you are best voice actor on NG XD I am just throwing it out there. Can't wait to see... I mean hear your future works.

P.S. I like hats as well


2010-02-22 19:50:25

from the replies you've given me it doesnt seem you're like that at all. you've told people you've been busy with non-NG related things, and yet still take time to answer people. ^__^ not many famous people of the net do it as much as you do. and please dont mind the negatives comments some people may leave. all that matters is that you enjoy doing what you do.

thank you for providing us a very lovely voice to the many characters we are fond of.



2010-02-22 20:12:17

I can't really give any advice, because you'll probably know it already. All I can say is this:

Do your best. The burden of popularity is heavy, but there are those out there (like me) who'll cheer you on, and not because of your voice, but because of YOU as a person, who tries so hard and does her best. THAT is what we respect in you, Rina.

Oh, and if need be, just take a break. Do something else for a while. Doesn't matter weather it's sitting on the couch and drinking gallons of orange juice (I dunno if you do that, but orange juice is the nectar of the gods) or just sitting down in a chair for a nap.

In the great words of Willy Wonka:
"A little foolishness now and then is cherished by the wisest men~!" (and women)

~Scorium (VAC)


2010-02-22 23:59:14

I know you probably won't reply to my comments. And I'll understand, because you have many posts and things to do.

But I just want to let you know that I don't think you're arrogant or bitchy. I think you're a really nice person that's just really popular and some people get jealous is all. And I love your work and I will always be your fan.

And no matter what other people say, know that you will always have a person out there who believes in you.



2010-02-23 14:39:37

rena chan you rule :D


2010-02-24 05:34:31

i always thought u were a nice person cuz i can tell u truly r from the vids u voiced in. i love u in brawl taunts lol wen u thought of someone else to do the animating.


2010-02-24 12:06:57

Hey Rina. I've watched all the videos you voiced in, and it got me thinking you might actually have a good enough voice for an even bigger project. My best friend is making a video game and is looking for voice actors. So I was thinking maybe if you're interested, you'd like to be a part of it. What do ya say?


2010-02-24 15:22:36

Hey Sexy Babe What You Up To These Days Mmmmm!!!!
By Any Chance Can I See You Naked (=^_^=)
Ooohh Baby Yummy!!! I would Like It SO Much!!!!


2010-02-24 15:56:42

Your a talented young woman with a passion for what she does. You work hard and give your all. You make people laugh. All in all lass i think your a great person. The fact that you made time in your busy life to write this would have been nothing more than suprising if you werent already a caring individual. Keep up the good work and know that youll always have followers who love you for how you are not just what you do.


2010-02-24 16:32:52

It's amazing how many people can get so impatient! They should appreciate you took the time to accept their requests at all! Considering you ARE a human being and have a life!...My bro and I were kinda inspired to try voice acting because of you... never thought it would be so fun... I guess people need to learn that patience and preserverance are a few of those important virtues, hard to master but it's worth it! :-D


2010-02-24 20:10:47

My only concern is... welll.... There are very few female voice actors on NG so people get the idea that you are the only one that exists. and the only reason they think that... is because you are. And you do as much work as you can in these animations so people automatically think that you are full of yourself just because you are being kind to others.

Shame on them for being so rude to you!


2010-02-24 23:02:58

such a long description, well yes trolls will be trolls. i most certainly am not one. now if you'll excuse me i have to return to my bridge.


2010-02-24 23:58:42

*puts down violin* your swan song is over? finally. Now let's talk about the following statement.

Overall, you're virtually saying that you're pretty busy and don't have a time dagger to freeze time just so you can read EVERY message in yer inbox. Iz respects that. get yerself in your zen before you go back doin what you do best...

But in the last few paragraphs your tone of writing seems weak. I don't think you need to apologize to anyone. just realize your mistakes and fix em!

there. i'm off my soapbox.


2010-02-26 02:04:15

Keep doing what you love to do, rina-chan. As long as you hold to your dreams, you're a force to be reakoned with. (was that too sappy? meh.)
keep up the good work


2010-02-26 17:19:24

too long add too strong


2010-02-26 17:23:15

You know people who write crap about someone online has no life....


2010-02-26 20:53:40

Most people that post words like sappy and the "has no life card" is just mean, sad, proves they are trolls and that's not cool really not cool (I'm talking to you kevxd96!) Anyways truth is you are a very very good person (yes this hollow does have feelings still even though he is a noob but sounds almost like an expert :)


2010-02-27 02:22:54

I agree with you about what you/other people post with words that literally have two meanings (Stairway to Heaven reference), hell I'm almost the same way when I post a reply on a Youtube video.

I can understand why you pick only a few roles because of your hectic life. Sometimes you just have to tell some of those people demanding you daily to voice in a flash of theirs that you need to have a life of your own and your not on demand all the time (and you doing it for FREE).

Overall, I agree with some of the previous posts that it was quite admirable of you to apologize to so many people who you turned down (because of that, I have high respect for you). And the harsh criticism can also be used for good because behind every successful person, is a group of haters!!

In closing, I wish you good luck in the future (especially with going back to LA). And remember that life can throw some carves at you, all you have to do is to ride it out!!

With a big hug and a high five
- Tom


2010-02-27 12:30:39

With a fan base you have, backlash is inevitable.


2010-02-27 13:45:19

Hey so like your a faggot and completely full of yourself and your voice acting HONESTLY sucks, its veeeryy annoying and extreamly not original and god damn you can bitch for a lot of paragraphs!


2010-02-27 14:54:53


fyi people complain not because you may act like a cunt, but because your voice is god-awful. Think about it, what makes you hate Paris Hilton more: the fact she's a spoiled cunt or the fact that she's utterly talentless?


2010-02-27 14:55:56

btw you wouldn't even have a fan base if you didn't have an extra fold inbetween the fat in your legs


2010-02-27 16:10:31

Why don't you stop voice acting and find yourself a man? I mean jesus look at yourself, you're 22 and you're voiceacting for a couple of teenagers O_o?


2010-02-27 21:07:04



2010-02-28 10:55:28

Jeez Lorkas whats your problem!?


2010-03-01 00:04:23

Hey, if people can't get what you enjoy doing best , then forget them. Or castrate them. Whatever one you prefer.


2010-03-01 12:55:20

Holy Crap! @x@ There are some crazy bashings down here...Even though the blog is an apology! I wonder what peoples' problems are? Is it that their ranting (really?) or are some people really just a-holes...perhaps AccountableMasses is right- "get the knives ready!" ;-)Figured I'd add a recent "Lighten-the-mood-comment" as a pick me up. ^v^

From One of Your many fans and supporters,


2010-03-03 13:07:05

Rina, I've always been a fan of your voice acting, so when you see something or someone ripping on you they are probably either jealous or have no life. Don't take it personally, and just know that you have WAY more fans then enemies.

Keep up the good work.