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I did all the female voices for Castle Crashers! Check the favorites for flash I was in, and suzumiya-haruhi.net for my voice demos. *Yes, I played Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome.* Email me at DizzyAngelXX@gmail.c om if you need a female voice.

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Street Fighter Date

Posted by Rina-chan - December 1st, 2009

So I talked with Scoot and it's been confirmed that the Street Fighter parody release will actually be BEFORE Christmas. Yay!

Also I have no more xbox live account, & won't be able to renew it anytime soon for a variety of reasons. Sorry. :[

Gaming-wise right now I'm mostly playing Melee, and some Left 4 Dead 2. Working on learning some Halo and what not since I've primarily been a fighter & smash person & would like to branch out. :0

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Street fighter is awesome.
Like you. :3

ANOTHER Street Fighter Parody?

Should animations focus more on...like...oh what's the next big game....uh...hmm...

Epic Mickey?

did u write for the sf paraody

Thanks for the update!

You have a steam account? Nah, probably the Xbox or something.

why even TOUCH the jewcube???

It's better than Brawl, in a competitive sense.

good to hear!
hope that all works out for you

Halo hm? Are you going to focus more on 3 or ODST?

ODST, probably.

And suddenly my respect for Scoot has gone down the shitter.

My section-by-section breakdown, lol:
Oh fu- I mean oh goody. I'll get a free save point before Christmas.

Well, more time for singleplayer practicing with some o' your new games, eh?

In Halo, plasma grenades, AKA stickies, are pretty much a last-ditch effort. Also, tis a good thing to branch out. Just a shame I like FPSes waaaaaay too much.

That's all I got. But y'know, I thought of something. Maybe your computer, maybe it's made of chocolate...

ur awesomeeeeee x3

do you have OTHER movies?huh?huh?huh?HUH?

and oh by the way......you SUCK!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

an oh kirbopher is BETTER than you bitch!

Uh? We're friends; it's not a competition.

what are you talkin about, its already out
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/519305">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /519305</a>

cant wait,and also did your gold account expire or were you banned


I have seen most of your flashes and I love your work. and i think that you have the sexiest voice that I have ever herd. Keep it up.

Awesome, good for you and best of luck. (^w^) Sorry to hear that yor're not going to be on Xbox Live for a while. I'm also sorry about the e-mails I sent you, you must be really busy, especially around the holidays.

I'm still planning on doing a flash, but I still had some problems, including recording voices: 1) I tried to get time to do it, but people around me would think I just being bothersome. 2) I really don't have a quiet space to do it. 3) My brother and his friends would oftenly come over to the apartment at night and my brother can be a complete asshole, even when his friends are around looking. He would even shove me aside to use the desktop. 4) My mom currently has a night job and stays at home throughout the day to relax and that can still be part of how I don't have a quiet space to try recording. (T~T)

Sorry the paragraph went out of topic. I've been dealing with a lot of issues lately and it's really hard. It feels like something that should have been on a blog, but there are those limitations where you're typing up to 155 characters and avoiding negative character counts, like Twitter. I just really feel depressed now. I have confidence, but when something else happens, I end up lossing it. (T~T)

Halo is awesome even the older ones.

Left 4 Dead 2 is the way to go; plus you'd never beat my Lucario.
As I rap 'bout you, oh all the ways I could go!
No end in sight as my gusto grows.
Walkin' round shootin' zombies, oops one's your mommy;
taking you to town in a multi-platform party!
I don't know why I'm rhyming, but it's lot's of fun trying
Talkin trash to Rina-chan bout' games we're both enjoying!
I'll toss my blue balls right at your hip smash,
run around, do B down and counter with a dash.
Try and run from my hunter and you'll just get caught
by my silver sweet tongue that's wrapped your hot bod
please don't chainsaw my charm cause that's all I got,
besides I'll be gentle during scavenger hunt.
With my hands that are spiked I charge up some energy;
you and me baby we got some really synergy.
You're a cutie don't deny it, just confess and let go,
We're brawlers so holler if your up for a show!

Hey Rina-chan, I'm just another one of the guys you've impressed with your talents and hobbies. Also, I was bored and somehow was inspired to write a rhyme for you. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry if it doesn't quite fit together, or if you can't find it's rhythm. Live life like a video game: Exciting, infuriating, full of guilty pleasure, and fun, but game over could always be around the corner, so don't forget to find all of the hidden secrets!

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