Street Fighter Date

2009-12-01 01:36:01 by Rina-chan

So I talked with Scoot and it's been confirmed that the Street Fighter parody release will actually be BEFORE Christmas. Yay!

Also I have no more xbox live account, & won't be able to renew it anytime soon for a variety of reasons. Sorry. :[

Gaming-wise right now I'm mostly playing Melee, and some Left 4 Dead 2. Working on learning some Halo and what not since I've primarily been a fighter & smash person & would like to branch out. :0


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2009-12-01 02:01:44

Street fighter is awesome.
Like you. :3


2009-12-01 04:07:21

ANOTHER Street Fighter Parody?

Should animations focus more what's the next big game....uh...hmm...

Epic Mickey?


2009-12-01 04:49:00

did u write for the sf paraody


2009-12-01 05:46:55

Thanks for the update!


2009-12-01 06:35:37

You have a steam account? Nah, probably the Xbox or something.


2009-12-01 07:27:01

why even TOUCH the jewcube???

Rina-chan responds:

It's better than Brawl, in a competitive sense.


2009-12-01 08:54:28

good to hear!
hope that all works out for you


2009-12-01 09:22:47

Halo hm? Are you going to focus more on 3 or ODST?

Rina-chan responds:

ODST, probably.


2009-12-01 19:03:54

And suddenly my respect for Scoot has gone down the shitter.


2009-12-01 21:58:27

My section-by-section breakdown, lol:
Oh fu- I mean oh goody. I'll get a free save point before Christmas.

Well, more time for singleplayer practicing with some o' your new games, eh?

In Halo, plasma grenades, AKA stickies, are pretty much a last-ditch effort. Also, tis a good thing to branch out. Just a shame I like FPSes waaaaaay too much.

That's all I got. But y'know, I thought of something. Maybe your computer, maybe it's made of chocolate...


2009-12-03 17:48:08

ur awesomeeeeee x3


2009-12-04 06:41:10

do you have OTHER movies?huh?huh?huh?HUH?


2009-12-04 06:42:16

and oh by the SUCK!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!


2009-12-04 06:44:09

an oh kirbopher is BETTER than you bitch!

Rina-chan responds:

Uh? We're friends; it's not a competition.


2009-12-04 08:24:37

what are you talkin about, its already out /519305


2009-12-04 19:34:42

cant wait,and also did your gold account expire or were you banned

Rina-chan responds:



2009-12-04 23:21:30

I have seen most of your flashes and I love your work. and i think that you have the sexiest voice that I have ever herd. Keep it up.


2009-12-05 04:31:32

Awesome, good for you and best of luck. (^w^) Sorry to hear that yor're not going to be on Xbox Live for a while. I'm also sorry about the e-mails I sent you, you must be really busy, especially around the holidays.

I'm still planning on doing a flash, but I still had some problems, including recording voices: 1) I tried to get time to do it, but people around me would think I just being bothersome. 2) I really don't have a quiet space to do it. 3) My brother and his friends would oftenly come over to the apartment at night and my brother can be a complete asshole, even when his friends are around looking. He would even shove me aside to use the desktop. 4) My mom currently has a night job and stays at home throughout the day to relax and that can still be part of how I don't have a quiet space to try recording. (T~T)

Sorry the paragraph went out of topic. I've been dealing with a lot of issues lately and it's really hard. It feels like something that should have been on a blog, but there are those limitations where you're typing up to 155 characters and avoiding negative character counts, like Twitter. I just really feel depressed now. I have confidence, but when something else happens, I end up lossing it. (T~T)


2009-12-05 07:52:54

Halo is awesome even the older ones.


2009-12-05 17:30:44

Left 4 Dead 2 is the way to go; plus you'd never beat my Lucario.
As I rap 'bout you, oh all the ways I could go!
No end in sight as my gusto grows.
Walkin' round shootin' zombies, oops one's your mommy;
taking you to town in a multi-platform party!
I don't know why I'm rhyming, but it's lot's of fun trying
Talkin trash to Rina-chan bout' games we're both enjoying!
I'll toss my blue balls right at your hip smash,
run around, do B down and counter with a dash.
Try and run from my hunter and you'll just get caught
by my silver sweet tongue that's wrapped your hot bod
please don't chainsaw my charm cause that's all I got,
besides I'll be gentle during scavenger hunt.
With my hands that are spiked I charge up some energy;
you and me baby we got some really synergy.
You're a cutie don't deny it, just confess and let go,
We're brawlers so holler if your up for a show!

Hey Rina-chan, I'm just another one of the guys you've impressed with your talents and hobbies. Also, I was bored and somehow was inspired to write a rhyme for you. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry if it doesn't quite fit together, or if you can't find it's rhythm. Live life like a video game: Exciting, infuriating, full of guilty pleasure, and fun, but game over could always be around the corner, so don't forget to find all of the hidden secrets!


2009-12-06 02:13:44

omfg thats great news i was going to get it for crhistmas sadly i only have the L4D demo and i have halo 3 and halo wars


2009-12-06 15:47:29


Rina-chan responds:

obvious troll


2009-12-07 03:59:39

Oh deary me, the comment section looks like a mess. But who am I to judge, it ain't in my stuff. However, I dunno if I should continue my "somewhat-borderline spam, but not really spam" comments on here. I mean, it's been going for, like, a year, with no clear goal. Also, I'd like to state that-

Wait, this is starting to become spam. Fucking hell...


2009-12-08 20:35:47

how is it better than brawl????

are you retarded?

Rina-chan responds:

most highly competitive players prefer melee; you can research it if you want


2009-12-08 20:37:13

also i will get rid of all those abusive reviews on your flash ;)


2009-12-09 15:22:34



2009-12-10 20:38:21

You can ignore the comment I put up days ago. I'm also getting annoyed by my own comment.

Again I would love to see the Street Fighter flash you and Scoot is creating. ^%u3142^

If it there, you can use this 2channel emoticon, if you want or don't have to.
u2501%u2501(%uFF9F%u2200%uFF9F)%u2501 %u2501%u2501%u2501%u2501%u2501!!!!! (copied and pasted)
I have got to work on my Japanese a little more. (^_^)"


2009-12-10 20:39:44

Crap! I messed up again didn't I?


2009-12-10 22:07:15

so do you have fun doin these collabs or is it just a habit. OH wait sorry first time commenting your profile (trips and falls into a dark hole)...........(distant yells) Im OOOKee (yes i was trying to be funny but i suck at it ... yahhhh) so does kirbopher really not like to make the brawl taunts or were you guys just acting? and also cool profile picture whats it about? k thats all im asking (god if you could be buried in questions...well you get the idea)

Rina-chan responds:

He wasn't interested in animating it anymore as he wanted to focus on his own projects but obviously the scene in the flash was overdramatic; we don't even know each other in real life :P


2009-12-13 12:09:41

you and kirbopher rock!!!
i love the brawl taunts


2009-12-13 13:14:05

Whats you're xbox live tag? since you're interested in playing Halo? Mines PSP Lock.


2009-12-14 18:53:24

Are you coming to the "BC plays Melee" tournament in May? You're apparently on the unconfirmed list?

Rina-chan responds:

Possibly. My friends want to road trip.


2009-12-16 18:17:50

hey good luck on your street fighter parody! merry christmas!
also could u send a pm to when u get xbox live back?


2009-12-17 17:30:56

meh screw paying for live and get a ps3! wooooooooooooo!


2009-12-18 18:29:39

Saw it. Loved it


2009-12-19 01:18:02

it was pretty fucking terrible. not the least bit funny.

Rina-chan responds:

Oh boy, if it isn't ChainsawDentist with his usual dose of cheerfulness!


2009-12-19 13:22:06

Oh look, it's already out. And it passed. Not beeg sooprise. On an unrelated note, I dunno if I should blow the dust off of my Gamecube and play it...


2009-12-20 00:11:06

"It's better than Brawl, in a competitive sense."

yeah if you don't want to make any money, LOL!


2009-12-20 00:11:56

seriously it's deader than CvS2


2009-12-21 00:18:59

Did you have fun working on "forgotten spartans"?And WHEN CAN I GET UR BRAWL CODE, D:


2010-04-17 12:36:47

can i marry you? :)


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