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Review deletion.

Posted by Rina-chan - November 23rd, 2009

So, I'm rather confused.

I was recently notified that I had a review deleted for being "abusive". I voted the movie a 0 in my review, but I clearly explained my reasons for doing so. It was not a spam "LOLOLOLOLOLOL U SUCK UR MOVIE SUX!!!!!!!! 0!!! blam!!!" review; while I was rather harsh (because frankly the 'movie' should have never made it past the voting stage, but had a bunch of goonies giving it 5s to make sure it passed into the portal) I actually wrote a great deal and detailed why the movie should not have passed judgement.

Review was rather promptly deleted.

Meanwhile, I still see spam reviews all over it, but they are untouched.

I don't know which mod did this; it sends a bot notification, but it seems rather poor judgment on his/her call. Why even have an option to vote zero if you will get a warning for using it, even if your review had merit?

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Lol fag you really cant take a joke.... really

Oh, I can. It just has to be done well. Try harder next time.

Twas a good flash :)

can you give us a link to the review...?

This is now starting to feel the Newground Wars documentary that I'd been listening to. Oh, and "Metal Gear Awesome 2" is no longer in the "Top 50 Flash/Game Submissions of All Time."

''Please tell me how a video with random mspaint things flopping around and someone screaming incoherently into their mic is a "perfectly good flash"...?''

Wait... isn't that Brawl Taunts? XD

hey rina love your work or i should say voice acting thing anyway is chris niosi your boyfriend because you guys did alout of work together i noticed or are you just friends or just coworkers

i fell your pain rina i got banned for 7 days for voting 0 on that stupid mozz flash and said "the only good this will be is when i get 1 blam point for when this thing is kicked off" apparently that was offensive i dont get it people were voting 10's on it and it had crappy music crappy animation and a crappy background seriously what the hell freakin pm bot is coropte i say oh well i understand completly how your feeling my heart goes out to you. (in the not totaly wierd way)

Wow, why make a whole post about the ordeal? You do realize you're only making yourself look worse to them right?

And people voted it past the voting stage because they ENJOYED IT and thought it was FUNNY. Why else do you think Brawl Taunts was voted past? There had to be some people who liked it to give it the score it has now.

Yeah, I'd todally find that bullshit as well. People just don't seem to have a fair judgement anymore. I mean they don't even aknowlege the material people make for other peoples enjoyment. If there is just ONE thing someone doesn't like about it such as the way its made [Animation wise] or somthing. They are just selfish to try and get it off the site. Where the trolls come in as well. That or It could be just the fact that people that are "haters" are spreading rumors about your stuff saying "oh spam this person" Regaurdless. Some people just don't care about others opinions on stuff. If you gave statements on why you didnt like it. I guess that person was just embarressed of getting all of your statements shown on their stuff. Don't worry, People are wimps sometimes ^_^ What clip did you write your review on Rina?

Hey Rina, I have to ask you something.


Because that's what the review said.

The intention of the review was to make you mad, posting a review that said "You suck at trolling." Is just falling right into Spazkid's trap.

Have a nice day.

spot of tough luck with that turn of events, eh?
Ah well, I suppose with the millions of people willing to (hypothetically) jump in the way of a bullet for you, (me being one) you could very well leave the link to said movie and utilize us to give it an obscene amount of zeros (vote wise, review wise obviously won't work out well for anyone involved) and hopefully have it sent to that 'turd of the week' section, if it hasn't been there already... Crap the was long winded
Anyway, thanks again for The Lily lines, that should be out soon (if that sort of information concerns you...Not likely...Anyway)

Times like these I'm glad I chose to take a "civilian" look on things. In other words, neutrality. Hell, I'm a bit afraid to take a side on this.

what flash wuz it?

Rina..my little bitch...face it. you suck.you suck at writing,you suck at voice acting,you suck at Real life(LOL your a fucking cosplayer) you suck at everything

why dont you kill yourself and make us a favor ?

Oh, and remember that the different rev mods all have different standards when it comes to moderating reviews, so it´s not too easy to know what to write...

Anyhow. I´m a bit sad that you have decided to not review anything that deserves a low score anymore, reviews are there to give a more precise measurement of a submissions worth, and this means all reviews, even those negative, are needed...

Constructive criticism, is the word.

Meh. Funk it, as long as you haven´t given up on reviewing completely, ´s all good.


i agree with that, you should still rate flashes, even if they suck
it helps most people improve

oh, and rina-chan, don't let people dis you like that , they'll think that you have low self esteme

The person who made the flash also uploaded it to Youtube. He goes by the name ChainReacti0n AKA SpazkidXD. He was also planned on you leaving a review and giving it a zero so he could make fun of it like this

<a href="http://i2.ytimg.com/bg/YKJ2L_581EDsGLABqbjGbg/107.jpg?app=bg&amp;v=4b00e5cb">http://i2.ytimg.com/bg/YKJ2L_581EDsGL ABqbjGbg/107.jpg?app=bg&amp;v=4b00e5c b</a>

Wow, look at them go.
I miss all the drama around here, funny how you don't even need a face to start shit anymore :/
Hah. I'd like to see the flash though.
I dish out so many zeroes on inbound stuff but it never seems to matter, it's not even about the blam points, its just that so much of the spam is SOOOOO BAAADDD

i agree with you rina. i just got a review deleted by m-bot.... and it was a POSITIVE review!

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