Review deletion.

2009-11-23 05:18:51 by Rina-chan

So, I'm rather confused.

I was recently notified that I had a review deleted for being "abusive". I voted the movie a 0 in my review, but I clearly explained my reasons for doing so. It was not a spam "LOLOLOLOLOLOL U SUCK UR MOVIE SUX!!!!!!!! 0!!! blam!!!" review; while I was rather harsh (because frankly the 'movie' should have never made it past the voting stage, but had a bunch of goonies giving it 5s to make sure it passed into the portal) I actually wrote a great deal and detailed why the movie should not have passed judgement.

Review was rather promptly deleted.

Meanwhile, I still see spam reviews all over it, but they are untouched.

I don't know which mod did this; it sends a bot notification, but it seems rather poor judgment on his/her call. Why even have an option to vote zero if you will get a warning for using it, even if your review had merit?


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2012-01-03 21:37:08

Welcome to Newgrounds, slut.

You'll notice that an impressive 98% of this website will do this to any kind of criticism in reviews for the simple reason that they can't handle negative feedback. It's called being a little child and is currently being done in every single crappy flash you've voiced so far.

But then again, you probably repress that fact too.