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Review deletion.

Posted by Rina-chan - November 23rd, 2009

So, I'm rather confused.

I was recently notified that I had a review deleted for being "abusive". I voted the movie a 0 in my review, but I clearly explained my reasons for doing so. It was not a spam "LOLOLOLOLOLOL U SUCK UR MOVIE SUX!!!!!!!! 0!!! blam!!!" review; while I was rather harsh (because frankly the 'movie' should have never made it past the voting stage, but had a bunch of goonies giving it 5s to make sure it passed into the portal) I actually wrote a great deal and detailed why the movie should not have passed judgement.

Review was rather promptly deleted.

Meanwhile, I still see spam reviews all over it, but they are untouched.

I don't know which mod did this; it sends a bot notification, but it seems rather poor judgment on his/her call. Why even have an option to vote zero if you will get a warning for using it, even if your review had merit?

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the world of newgrounds is a strange and unfair place Rina.

Maybe you should tell your other friends like Egoraptor or Kirb about this, they can help spread the message and help you solve this.

I don't think it was becuase you voted 0. It was probaly the same goonies voting 5 to get past the portal that were probaly smashing the report button as well. The system isn't perfect. I seen 3 stolen flash games get past the voting without a simple word on it. I ended up having to pm a couple moderators with links to the site just to prove it. Sometimes error in judgment is all it was, lets just hope the movie will forever be buried in the databases never to rise again as anything important. :D

Don't even bother reviewing anymore. Review mods aren't even that good as they used to be. They now attack on ANY flagged review, regardless of who posted.

Oh by the way, nice going with the ding there.

thats funny... that happen to me a couple of weeks ago... you should just let it go. the uploader probably couldnt handle the truth so he complained to the staff =/ ya no? you should just let it be... but hey thats just my opinion.

I'm letting it be; I don't plan to contest it or anything as it's not worth the trouble. Just sayin'.

uhhh i dont know if this matters to you but: I saw a post on newgrounds front page some artist guy said that two newgrounders massed hacked some moderators so they might have gotten rid of your review for extra money made by the flash makers and so they hacked into the accounts and caused mayhem. That is my theory: buddy1006 (>'.')><( '.' )><('.'<)

I know how you feel....But still, if there is anything we can do, we might just get lectured by the mods. Cause.....WE CAN"T DO ANYTHING!!!!....Life is Unfair. BTW, I love you.

Erhem, may I butt in here and give you my take on the situation?

I´d say it was that "Should not have made it past judgement" thing that got your review got deleted.

As far as I know, you are not allowed to attack a submissions current status- what you said might be the same as saying "This flash does not deserve this or that award" which I know for a fact counts as abusive. So, no matter how well you explain why a certain submission does not deserve its current position, the fact of the matter is that it is not allowed to attack submission status in the first place.

That is how it was explained to me, and this is what I personally think happened here.

If you feel you have been wronged, by all means contact a rev mod. They aren´t as bad as they may seem, and they are OBLIGED to answer your questions.

Also: if you do contact any of them, I think he/ she will be happy if you accompany your complaint with the original review in full. Should be available in the PM you got to notify you the review had been deleted. If you do provide it, they will be able to point out exactly what you did wrong.

And, yeah it might seem a bit silly that wordier reviews are deleted in front of a bunch of "LOLERCOASTER" reviews, but please keep in mind that those may be taken down as well if the user writing them has a bunch of them. A few shorties are allowed, but if all one say to every submission is "G00d", "Lawlers" and "Shit mah pants" chances are all ones reviews will be deleted if someone notifies a rev mod of this behaviour.

But yeah. Those review mods. Talk to them. Might seem unlikely in your current position, but they will help explain this better than I ever could.

I've not been banned from posting reviews, so I probably just won't review anymore unless it's "OMG I LUV UR FLASH!!!!1111" seeing as I went through the deleted review thread on the BBS and anything saying "this flash was not good" or even something mild like that was considered abusive. I saw a lot worse stuff in reviews back when I first joined NG; seems pretty haphazard now and discourages people who might write legitimately constructive reviews (though mine was more towards the trollin' side.)

''except you dont have any flashes'' i dont need to be a great flash animator to tell you the truth your a heavy /b/tard.due to this you cant use your brain except for random crap why dont you take your crap and go to /b/ section where you belong with other idiot /b/tards to post your garbage flash to f/ section?

about the ban thing this always happens they dont do their job properly.

What did your review say?

I don't remember exactly---I said the flash was bad, but I did explain why.

well this kinda thing was actually the original reason i stopped reviewing on this site. thow its possible you may have "accidently" attacked the videos status or whatever, mistakes happen fairly often and as far as i can tell its really not hard to get anything past the voting stage. Anyone that remembers the fake alven earthworm and the things he posted will realize/remember how easy it is for practically ANYTHING to make it on this site... sadly:(

You ever think they. I don't know. Cheat to get it not remove. Like fake user. Helping them vote 5 for it. You know to make people like you to not get it remove so easy. But there are lots of ways to get not remove. Hacking is one. But hey who really knows?

I agree with you. I mean if something deserves a "zero", and the accompanying review has merit, then it should get it. My guess is that there were 'x' number of people that reported the review as abusive. Regardless of whether or not they were right, the number of reports was probably enough to get it removed. Likely the same people that kept giving it 5's to get it out of the "judgment" phase. Unless it starts happening to your more of your reviews, could likely have just been a fluke.

Ya win some, you lose some. :)

same thing happened to you eh?

OH NO not a review!

I suggest you get over it, because you're just wasting your time whining about it.

I'm not "whining about it". It's a BLOG; hence Newgrounds users can write about things relevant to the site if they wish.

I don't think anyone really gives a shit

apparently they do if someone made a comic about it

Traditionally I don't give zeros because I feel anything with a minimal effort deserves a number but if I do come by such a flash I actually just vote a big fat zero and move on. I only review movies that I feel show the slightest chance of promise or above because frankly anything zero worthy usually gets blammed and as a result my review goes in vain. Some people's judgment is either purely different, intolerent, or unfortunately backwards-assed (mostly this result).

well now we are two people

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