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I did all the female voices for Castle Crashers! Check the favorites for flash I was in, and suzumiya-haruhi.net for my voice demos. *Yes, I played Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome.* Email me at DizzyAngelXX@gmail.c om if you need a female voice.

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Press Release

Posted by Rina-chan - November 4th, 2009

The Street Fighter Club.
Coming to Newgrounds this winter.

Written by Rina-chan and animated by Scoot of the Zelda UO series.

A little more structured than Brawl Taunts, but still with plenty of caffeine-induced randomness. Featuring the voice talents of Kirbopher, Psyguy, Hnilmik, ShockDingo, and many more!

Comments (32)

You, scoot and other great voice actors? that sounds like another brilliant idea coming. Cant wait to see it!

can't wait

thanks for letting me voice in it.....but not a whole lot of people know me yet...but they might someday....yes...*brisky rubs hand together*....someday......*evil chuckle*

anyways, thanks =D

im sure your gonna milk this for all its worth as well


I don't wanna say that I've seen this type of collab before, so I won't. But then again, I've already did say it, leaving behind a confuckle of my mind.

Also, hasn't this been done before?

awsome,i love street fighter flash videos,cant wait for it to come out in winter

wtf taunts

Awesome, thanks for the shout out. ;)

Will it have any dpound cake?

Can't wait for it!

Whoo hoo! Can't wait for this,Rina.:D

Rina-chan! I love that brawl taunt flash movie! It was funny as hell! And if you have super smash bros. brawl can I have your friend code? I wanna brawl new people my friend code is: 3695-9162-6477. And if anyone else here wants to add me feel free too, just let me know your friend code please. Thanks Rina-chan and everyone else. =)

I don't play Brawl online; too laggy. I'm more of a Melee player TBH.

Also if you wanna add me just send me a message here on newgrounds thanks again Rina-chan and everyone else. =p

ohh yeah wow awesome yeah WHOOOHOO¡¡¡¡¡¡ :D

Hope its as good as it sounds =]

Sweetheart, you took the dignity that Brawl had left, don't ruin a game that's actually good.

Eekumbokum, James get bad vibes from idea. But James isn't maker of idea. So James step back and wait for stupid bear to want transformation. Oh, and stupid bear isn't Kira. But James transform anyone for silver skulls... provided James was shaman.
Wait, James get sidetracked. James sorry for speaking third-person on Kira's newspost. James put comment on here now.

Hiya. Thanks for letting me be a part of this and giving me the two parts that I really wanted. I can't wait til this comes out! \m/,. So excited ^_^

You hooked me with Brawl Taunts. You deviously clever woman. I'm looking forward to watching this Street Fighter parody. If it's half as good as Brawl Taunts, I'll still enjoy the hell out of it.

So wait how is this new one gonna roll exactly? Is it random madness like Brawl Taunts or are you going for a different take?

It's going to be tied together into a whole story rather than a bunch of random jokes thrown together, but it's still going to have a lot of random humor.

Cool! I can't wait for this to appear, I'm sure it'll be a hit! Good Luck Rina-chan, and don't worry about that flash that was posted recently, they failed at it and hard. I support you all the way! :)

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