My internet sucks.

2009-10-23 04:15:09 by Rina-chan

So, I've been realizing for a while that my Internet connection is bad, but Xbox Live really shows me how bad it is.

The connection is so bad that sometimes my game will freeze for 3 seconds at a time, and I have to jam on the arcade stick to get my attacks to come out. I played with MindChamber for a little while today and he eventually said he couldn't deal with the lag, LOL.

So just warning you guys if you decide to play with me XD


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2009-10-23 04:42:35

Sometimes the internet refuses to cooperate. Occasionally there are things that the user is able to do in order to fix the problem. During other times it is out of the user's ability to fix and not much can be done.

I hope your internet decides to cooperate soon. Enjoy life,


2009-10-23 05:30:41

What games do you play?

Castle Crashers?


2009-10-23 09:00:33

-Kicks the lag demon out of her interwebz- Well, have you figured out if its your provider messing up or perhaps might be in your end?

Rina-chan responds:

It's my family's Internet provider.


2009-10-23 09:35:24

Buy new internetz?
Is that even possible .. >__> ...
I suggest that you buy a new computer, it's NOT your slow internet.
You can buy a computer for a very low prize, or else just take a job.
Try not to put your computer full with things like your voice-demos or something.
Remove the thing you don't need anymore.

Rina-chan responds:

Your post really doesn't make sense.


2009-10-23 19:26:15

Er, yeh... I can't see myself getting into SF4 at this point. However, I'm liking Borderlands...
Also, gonna get Gold again soon, I hope...


2009-10-24 01:49:20

heheh, aw well, I suppose it could be worse, right?


2009-10-25 01:37:48

Well that kind of sucks. Just when I was considering looking for your Gamertag to look for a match, I find out that the match would be slower than a tortoise. Real shame.
Maybe it's a move out of the house.


2009-10-25 22:18:49

Meh i don't trust console internet connections....they're just too sketchy.
that's why i play most games on computer.

what kind of games do you have for the 360 anyway?
and i hope it gets fixed.



2009-10-26 17:42:12

Member a long time ago I tried to add you on gmail?and It failed hard?it finally worked,I see you now have a taste in guilty gear.Guess thats about it :/,I'm going to be publsihing some new comics soon.


2009-10-26 17:43:20

Would you be interested in swtcihing your internet service provding sto aprovinding that provides better provinding then your current providings? :3


2009-10-26 17:54:33

Plan on getting the new tekken that comes out tonight? or was it last night ._.?Whats your brawl code?You still haven't told me i nthe pass year i asked,i stopped playing for a year,by the way if your ever interested in Fighting games online,theres a new game i've started playing called "dungeon figthers online" its been out in korea for a couple of years,its a really fun game,its new but it gives you the feel of a old school 2 d arcade game


2009-10-27 11:32:13

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Rina-chan responds:

Oh no! Someone on the internet disapproves of me; whatever shall I do?

I'm not going to ban you because most trolls are kind of funny


2009-10-27 17:21:37

^---Unoriginal Rage



2009-10-28 10:29:28



2009-10-28 15:25:09

for 1 try to steal peoples internet (thats what i do hahaha) and second how good are u at street fighter??


2009-10-28 15:30:26

LOL rina-fag do you realy think that your internet is bad? XBL lags all the time with 2p2 servers its not your internet lulz.
i bet you suck ass at SF4


2009-10-28 15:32:52

cuz everybody know there is no women on the internets esspecially XBL and PSN


2009-10-28 16:08:21

yu rly think that ur internet sucks?

i have to connect and reboot mah computer like 20 times mah friend +
and i always have lag there and i had tried all
that isd a real suckin internet


2009-10-29 15:54:17

thanks for being such a friendly and understanding person Rina, I appreciate it =)

and don't worry, you're not the only one with terrible WiFi.


2009-10-31 19:45:58

what kind of live games do you play, and tell me what kind of router you are using, i may be able to help you and we can play live together ^_^


2009-11-01 00:21:15

Happy Halloween!


2009-11-04 02:15:19

You have Xbox live? What games do you play?
If you want we can play sometime :D

Gamertag: Claudia Rikku.

If you ever decide to add or wanna play :3 Either way. I'd love to pwn with ya XD


2010-05-05 08:42:17

I have had this before. its an annoying problem but if the whole online thing is messing up with your xbox live and internet. you might have to get a new router. we did that and everything was fixed. could there be anything else that could cause the problem?