Seirei no Moribito

2009-10-04 06:28:57 by Rina-chan opedia/releases.php?id=14900

^ A DVD I voiced in officially is coming out this month!!

The character I play is called Nimka. She appears in that specific DVD only.


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2009-10-04 06:34:19

Yes quite an interesting factor indeed. If this could mean the last fact for me to wonderly acquire, then I'm sold. You seem somewhat familiar to someone else in Newgrounds.


2009-10-04 07:36:58

Cool! did you get paid for it?


2009-10-04 09:34:33

Your voice in a animated movie wow you really are popular, so will I just wait for my game to come out in 2011 in I also put you in it too. You can check my post if you want to see the people and animation characters names who's going to be in it. Hope your still here in that year.


2009-10-04 09:50:27

Yay! You made it to the big time. I'm so proud of you.


2009-10-04 11:09:09

Good to hear you're going pro. They'd best be paying you hefty; Those goddess's vocal cords are too good to be free.


2009-10-04 17:05:16

I has no money, lol.
I also has no reason to say positive or negatibe things.


2009-10-04 19:45:07

i'm jelous of you I wish I could use my voice in some videos but I don't have a microphone.

Rina-chan responds:

So get one :P


2009-10-07 17:15:41

wow congratulations i always tougth that you are pretty good at this


2009-10-08 02:07:56

Awsome, Good for you. I love that anime.


2009-10-10 00:00:12

Er... *poke*
And with that, pow!, I'm gone!


2009-10-10 15:29:45

Wow! Congratulations on getting your voice featured in an anime. As an aspiring voice artist, I think it's very cool that you made it up there. And yes, I recognized you from MGA; you do awesome work overall. Don't throw those vocal cords out, now. :)


2009-10-11 02:55:33

I just watched 5 cm per second the other night, I had no idea you voiced Kanae

That movie was pretty chill, particularly all the locations... made me jealous after living in L.A all these years


2009-10-12 00:12:59

heh, that's good!... I may buy that!


2009-10-12 04:53:20

ok i really like that anime but since i barely make enough to pay my cell phone bill working at a crappy Toys "R" Us im gonna have to wait for the episode's release on Adult Swim in the coming months (years?) ... i hope its soon ... and congratulations on getting a mainstream role i hope u get even bigger and better stuff ... maybe even play a main star in one ... if that happens im gonna have to go with cell service for a few weeks to buy it lol ... keep up the good work and cant wait to hear more lol congrats again and good luck in all you do hun lol.


2009-10-12 13:49:47

That's great, I love that anime!


2009-10-14 22:54:23

O wow, ive totaly caught that show on adult swim a few times, its not bad and congratz on the dvd


2009-10-15 01:12:09

Rar. I'll have to check that out.


2009-10-18 15:13:39

WOOO!!! CONGRATS RINA-CHAN!!! im so gonna buy that dvd :3


2009-10-21 21:11:17

Hey, whoah! I'm in the process of watching the show right now!

Pretty sweet stuff.


2009-10-22 06:57:54

It's weird, but I though I heard your voice when watching that show on TV once.