Street Fighter IV Demo Reel!

2009-04-25 06:24:28 by Rina-chan

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Hey guys! I know there are quite a few Street Fighter flashes in the making right now, so I'd like to offer my voice to anyone who may need it~ I've put together a demo reel of me voicing Sakura, Cammy, Chun-Li and Crimson Viper, in that order: er.mp3

(The Sakura one is more of my own interpretation of her character than the English dub.. but I could voice match that if you really want me to.)

I'm going to be moving and stuff but after I get my xbox live account set up (...finally) I will let you guys know so you can play me. ;; (Despite all the girly voices in the above audio file, I use Zangief and Sagat. Hahaha.)


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2009-04-25 10:20:26

Nice anime voice.


2009-04-27 12:31:20

...Dunno what i was gonna say...

...well uh, hi again!


2009-04-27 19:04:42



2009-04-27 21:46:45

Haha I wanna play you in SF4 :p


2009-04-28 00:53:53

I'm glad to see that you're interested in doing Street Fighter voices.

Very glad indeed...



2009-04-28 09:33:57

Good stuff, 'cept that your interpretations of Chun-Li and Sakura sound the same if anything. But other than that, that was pretty cool.


2009-04-28 19:14:53

hey Rina,

Ok lot to catch you up on....

first, jake and me are now practicing making the trailer for the anime of mine Shadow Genesis.....hoorah...

second, still need more time and may need your voice for episodes after the trailer is done......(thats totally up to you if you want to do voicing for me)

third,do you play on the computer? if soo id love it if we could play some
fps gamming together one point aka(left4dead, tf2) idk somthing...but i dont have a -_-;

forth.....fwew....lot to say.... ill try and send you a pic of one of the girls from my anime if i can....idk how but ill try....

anyways looking forward to working with you in the future....that is if you want....
i gtg still working up on CS3.......what a hassel.....

P.s pm me or send me a Gmail, my gmail name is



2009-04-29 09:05:02

Excellent Demo reel.


2009-04-30 19:49:23

Wow! You are a very talented voice actor! I would enjoy working with you once my flash is setup. Great job!


2009-05-01 00:24:12

that's freakin cool! but why not Rose?

Rina-chan responds:

I couldn't pull off the accent :( I tried, but it sounded really bad, so I didn't end up putting it in.


2009-05-01 13:23:59

Your voice acting blows my fucking mind.

In a good way.

Not the gross brains everywhere kind of way.

You probably figured that out durring the the second comment.

I should stop ranting.

NO! This is not longer ranting I'm writing you a speech.

8 score on pong 20 years ago when pong was invented I din't exist, but you might have. Or not. Tell me all you are comfortable with telling my about yourself. Or not.

Fuck this is getting creepy.

I should stop.

I'm Anti-stalking now days...

You don't want to here about me though.

I heard girls like to to tell you about themself.

I'm listening.

and well... I have a dream speak over


2009-05-01 19:15:18

Wow, and you're 21? Haha, you can really control your voice, it's amazing. Though I have to admit, hearing a grown women (sort of I suppose, I mean, you're on Newgrounds, how mature CAN you be? :P) giggle like a little school girl scares and confuses me haha.


2009-05-02 00:12:43

heeeeeyyyy Nice voice you got their but hey i got an XBOX360 so while im typing this ill give you my gamer tag haha its Pippy Da Pipper hope you come on and play =)


2009-05-02 04:01:02

hey rina i just wanted to ask if you do your voice acting at a studio or at home

Rina-chan responds:



2009-05-04 11:15:02

You know, I liked Cammy and C. Viper. They're really good.

And your Sakura and Chun Li are good too for what they are, but the way english sounds in that soft energetic squeaky way, I just don't think it translates well from Japanese style of doing it, so I'm not all crazy for it.


2009-05-04 18:30:51

Nice. Now this may be immature, but I laughed when you said "Here I come!". Yeah, not to proud of myself.


2009-05-04 22:23:20

Rina-Chan!!! i think your great at what you do and wanted to stop by to say you do a good job ^^


2009-05-06 08:52:43



2009-05-06 19:23:10

so you do voice acting whenever someone hands a script and says "try this" or do you audition for those parts if you feel like it?


2009-05-07 01:14:56

hmm i know a guy who worked in cerritos.. im from torrance :D
lub ur work keepz up teh good jobs


2009-05-07 02:16:35



2009-05-07 05:09:02

Can you also speak a joung boy?


2009-05-07 05:20:17

you're a huge pile of meaningless shit and my fuzzy dog's nutsack got more talent than you.
you practically get attention for doing nothing
someone should h4x0r your account and turn it into a porn bot it would at least make some fags fap it up

Rina-chan responds:

you're a huge pile of boring troll


2009-05-07 05:35:43

I haven't played SFIV yet. How much do I suck??

Rina-chan responds:

If you played the earlier Street Fighters it will be easier for you.


2009-05-07 17:17:08

thats just heartless....
even for me thats cold as hell man.
i should know im a bastard.

shes very good at anime voice acting and if you dont like it fuck off
this aint a comment section for being a flaming troll.



2009-05-07 19:44:44

your vioce it's aewsome!!!.


2009-05-07 19:46:53

You sound hawt.

...Still was a good job. :D


2009-05-07 22:11:18

You should have done Sakura's voice


2009-05-08 00:35:03

Keep up the good work Rina-chan... Maybe you'll might get something good in your career...


2009-05-08 01:12:10

I played the original Street Fighters! I used to think Ryu was saying "ha-move-itz!!" when I was like five. -_-;;

I just haven't gotten around to playing IV yet. I'm sure it'll happen at AX.


2009-05-08 01:20:09

Hey Rina-Chan I just wanted to say I'm glad you're not affiliated with any of those talentless fuckwads that made the other collab. Seriously those assholes are the collab rejects. - You did a great job, and I really hope you turn that talent of yours into something that's both fun and profitable. Best wishes.

PS. Used to play a lot of Street Fighter II when I was a kid, played with Guile mostly. Kicked some serious butt, though I do admit that on hard difficulty Bison would own me at least one out of three times.


2009-05-08 02:03:14

do you have a x360 if you do whats your gt so i can fight you in SFIV?


2009-05-08 02:12:50

lmao @ limator


2009-05-08 02:53:36

Woot always love your work keep it up! Ima big fan too lol


2009-05-08 03:03:22

Very nice voice acting. Your Crimson Viper sounded ike if it was from the video game itself. If you ever want to fight a pretty good El Fuerte. Then my Gamertag is Fewmr pickles. It's spelled exactly as how it was just typed just in case you think I made a typo. One again keep up the great voice acting.


2009-05-08 03:53:05

Hello Rina-chan, Just thought I'd stop by and say i'm a big fan of your work and you do a great job on your voices. Hopefully you'll get the job for the collab.

Good luck and keep up the good work :)


2009-05-08 22:10:29

Love your work! I really havent played thorugh any of the street fighters. I loved them when i did play though! Am i missing out? whatever...
great voices. if ever wana play somethin else on Live hit me up!

spelled just like that. and their Zeros (0) not Os

once again i love your stuff. c ya
oh and a big lolz to sonicpokemon.


2009-05-08 23:16:19

that is pretty kawaii...what would it take for someone like me to RP with you?

Rina-chan responds:

I was going to say "I don't RP" but then I looked at your profile and I see you are from the backalleys so :P


2009-05-09 02:02:10

Wow great voice


2009-05-09 11:34:42

my gamer tag is XjperezX27............ i luv ur voices plz add \\\\\\Street Fighter IV


2009-05-09 14:47:48

Hey, there's someone who's being an imposter of you!

I'm serious.


2009-05-09 16:35:18

For the mopst part im pretty damn impressed, cammy and viper you pulled off really well! You sounded just like them from right outta the game!
Although im not to fond of chun-le and sakura. I'll give you a call if we ever need you


2009-05-09 18:47:54

when it say just-kidding it sound like it come from soul calibur IV :P From Xiangua
used it to taunt lot and win . it funny :D


2009-05-09 21:37:34

Those voice acting are really good! Almost sounds exactly like what they did in SFIV for real.

Other than that, you have the nicest voice acting on random women around in Newgrounds. And I enjoyed your 3rd Brawl Taunts movie, too. Saying that voice acting is your job in Newgrounds was the reason why I joined Newgrounds, because I'm good at the voice acting as well. You inspired me to join NG, and I like to say thank you.

Hopefully, someone will ask me to do Ken Masters. Good luck on getting those Street Fighter parts, though!


2009-05-09 22:56:56

Hey, dont have SFIV yet but ill play you on XBL, my tag is KSI Iceknight, add me ^^


2009-05-10 12:53:51

i lvoe your Sakura interpritation, i have played her since she was introduced in SFA2 and i dont play any other character other than her and Ryu, i think she is better than Ryu just for the fact that she can charge up her Hadou-Ken and, flashes her panties now and then! lol! oh, not meaning to nit pick, but you rolled the R when you said Hadou-Ken a bit too much =P

Rina-chan responds:

Huh? There's no "r" in "hadouken"...


2009-05-10 13:58:58

I'll play you when you get XBL ;).

XBLN = tebone7, imagine that.

It would only make since that you use Sagat since I use Ryu.


2009-05-10 18:33:10

I'd love to play you on SFIV, but sadly I have the PS3 version. : (

But I loved your street fighter voices, especially Cammy.


2009-05-10 19:02:16

You are a goddess of the voice acting :D great job!


2009-05-11 00:03:21

And here I was looking forward to hearing your Zangief