Brawl Taunts "Press Release"

2009-04-11 20:03:56 by Rina-chan

I've been getting quite a few emails about this, so let me just say that I apologize for the extreme delay in the Brawl Taunts collab being released. Unfortunately, several of our animators ran into unavoidable real life issues which severely delayed the finishing of their segments. Right now I am only waiting on two animators and I have already spoken with them and they are almost done. I am hesitant to give any sort of release date as I certainly didn't expect the collab would take as long as it did, but everything is done except for these two parts which are almost done, so yeah. (Please don't ask if you can contribute voices or jokes---all the scripting and audio was finished months ago and we are just waiting on the finishing touches for the animation!)

PS: Many people have asked if I am going to Anime Expo. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to make it---I've got to move back home (and out of California) due to financial and other issues. I MAY be able to go to Comic-Con, but that depends. If anything, you can catch me at the UCLA Smash Tournament in May.


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2009-04-11 22:22:26

You don't really need a due date for brawl taunts. I know everyone's going to hate me for this, but if you need more time and its going to be better (than it would without the time needed) than take all the time you need.

Sorry to hear about you having to have to move in with your parents. That most be annoying.


2009-04-11 23:03:14

nice stuff


2009-04-12 05:33:44

Well, if yer leaving California, then, see ya. Also, enjoy the mountains, but not so much. With that aside, cock jokes, spamming, and other unnecessary bullshit that happens to fill me mind, I'll hold me own and continue with this bullshit that I do.From what I've seen here, Brawl Taunts was like a nuke. Everyone on here was affected by it. Not I, for I was conveniently away. If there is to be a third one (likely not), just warn me before hand so I can avoid the blast. Plus, bullshitty shit and whatnot, I shall make music for the hell of it, maybe a flash if I'm motivated.
Saying "Whoopdy fucking do",
James "widespreadinman06" Espinoza

Rina-chan responds:

No, it'll just sneak up on you like surprise buttsecks.


2009-04-12 06:35:01

Awesome! So theres going to be another brawl taunts?

Rina-chan responds:

Yeah, it's a collab.


2009-04-12 21:28:45

Is this the last bit of work that you'll write, or are you planning on making more scripts for more cartoons?


2009-04-13 01:49:46

Yeh, if it ever sneaks on here at all.


2009-04-13 17:02:32

Well life is life eh?
Hope life goes a bit better for you.


2009-04-14 06:10:49

I can hardly wait for the new Brawl Taunts collab to come out. Just the thought of it coming, is getting me all stoked =D. Otherwise, good luck completing the rest of it. Ganbare Rina-chan!

- Ryutaros-kun

PS: Sorry to hear that you have to move back home. I hope everything will turn out okay in the end. Only thing I can say on my end is...just hang in there.


2009-04-14 18:16:53

You have a hot voice.......................... Sorry but i had to say it


2009-04-14 23:16:39

Hey, you lasted longer in L.A. than I did in Boston. That's pretty impressive on it's own. At least you won't have to worry about 5 roommates making too much noise, and your 'rents shouldn't mind you turning the spare closet into a fullblown recording booth for a while. ;)


2009-04-16 20:29:23

my kitty died rina do you think you could get chris to make a video of cats rated for all audience 3 of my kittys have died 2 of them got sick and the other one got hit by a car please make a video of cats cause your icon remids me of nia cat


2009-04-17 11:27:37

Good luck with the moving thing. I also agree with Brusier.
I've listened to your interview with Egoraptor on BTF many-a-time, it's saved me quite a few boredom-filled trips on buses while I was on holiday so thanks for that.


2009-04-18 01:15:02

Why such a ugly avatar like this? your voice is so pretty...

Rina-chan responds:

It's from Castle Crashers; I voiced those princesses.


2009-04-18 02:11:32

Guys say "Whuh"
Ladies say "oh yuh"
N***as say "yo yo, muthafucka"
I say "Shut the fuck up to all of yeh"


2009-04-19 14:21:19

Aw, man. I hope you're able to go to Comic con.


2009-04-21 02:02:50

AWESOME! your the greatest funny female voice ever XD.


2009-04-21 15:06:06

I love you


2009-05-07 15:28:01

Those jokes sucked.
The voice was good duh.
The animation not so much.