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Posted by Rina-chan - March 31st, 2009

This weekend, I am being flown to New York as a guest for I-CON! If any Newgrounders are planning to attend, please stop by and say hi. :D

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Thats awesome!! are you exited? thats pretty big.

my friend is chris going . . .maybe I'll go with him. . . I mean I live in New York so... well long Island NY.

If I can get enough cash and I'll see ya there Rina!

Chris as in Kirbopher? haha

Congrats and I hope you enjoy your stay in NY. Have fun at I-CON.

sorry man, i have no idea wat ur talking about................

black sabbath 1980

Dont care. Too busy enjoying communism on NG.

I've uploaded the conficker virus on the servers, this site should be going down by tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely day. Yours truly,

~ Clock-Ninja


Whats a I-CON? I am not a hip young person like you, so I wouldnt know.

That's very cool! Hope you have a good time!

Cool! Just the lucky break you've been needing.

whats I-CON

Which day are you gonna be there? :)

Friday and Saturday, mostly.

someone plz tell me this newgrounds this n e w g r o u n d s wreck is just and April folls joke! I spaced out n e w g r o u n d s becuase stupid China is gonna do this, watch i'm gonna try to type in n e w g r o u n d s and it's gonna end up being China okay here goes.....newgrounds

oh, that's cool, wish i could go. anyone know what's up with the site, when i try to type in the site's name is comes out as China. Yeah, i agree with Manaheart14, this is a (name of the holiday that's today) I rly hope they don't edit anything I typed, which i you read it, common sense will say they did.

Are you the voice actor for Princess peach in Power Star, if you are Then I worship you.

I was!

Never heard of I-CON before. But have fun anyway. Where in New York is it located anyway?

im actually going this is gonna be my first convention :D but ur only attending friday and sat :C

k, if i see u ill hug u for no reason :P

Well that should help with your other problem. Good job on voice for the recent Brotherhood, just watched.

Sidenote: I would doubt you, give any special treatment to any newgrounders only the ones you have worked with. I'm from newgrounds, "oh good for you!". It just seems this was as a matter of fact.

No, I love meeting all Newgrounders IRL! Even the ones that troll me.

see ya there soon! XD

Really? I have dealt with people in polite way and greeted them. but sometimes afterwards i just write people are ignorant a 100 times cause it so frustrating.

Sidenote: i find it funny how you say "IRL, in really life i like meeting them" imply that you would rather live without the random internet encounter sush as these.

But still it gets you out and meet new people so it's good for you.

Hope you have funny with or without Trolls, lol.

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