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2009-01-22 17:47:16 by Rina-chan

Hey there.
I'm pretty bad about checking my PMs (I get a lot of spam and useless crap in there daily), so if you have a voice request for me, please e-mail:




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2009-01-22 18:16:16

but wouldnt that cost? i mean pro's gots to hav money right?

Rina-chan responds:

I wish people paid me for the stuff I do on NG. =P


2009-01-23 11:03:17

Hold the phone.
You would do a voice request for ANY animation? Or only for those that you think are worthy?

Rina-chan responds:

Anything that's not too time consuming. Or COMPLETE crap. =P


2009-01-23 19:05:47

I am glad ure here..again ^^


2009-01-23 19:13:12


Rina-chan responds:

Because I put off checking my PMs on a regular basis since I hate wading through all the crap.


2009-01-23 19:42:09

lol u r soooooooooooooo funny


2009-01-23 21:04:06

You also write scripts, right? Like in Smash Brawl Taun ts ans that kind of jazz. Can we ask for a script from you?


2009-01-23 23:47:34

do u have smash bros brawl?if so do u have wifi i want to see ifur any good and if u do have wifi do u pla as zelda a lot cus there always dis girl that spamms with zelda and i cant do crap!

Rina-chan responds:

Yeah, I don't go on wi-fi much because of the lag. But I'm pretty good; I play in tournament every week and I live with other competitive smashers so I get to practice with good people any time I feel like it.

I do use Zelda, but my main is Mr. Game & Watch. ;O


2009-01-24 18:22:19

wwell you got a point there


2009-01-25 00:16:24

0_o odd mr.game and watc his my main also but i like to use ike just to be fair i never lose with green mr.game and watch even if it loks like im losing O-O but I AM THE MASTER OF MR.GAME AND WATCH DONT DIS MEH!

Rina-chan responds:

I use the green one too, usually.


2009-01-25 00:16:45

oh and my gmail is JakariHanma@gmail.com :D