update regarding deadlines

2008-11-01 05:18:25 by Rina-chan

A lot of people asked if I could extend the deadline for sending in a sketch. However, I have already received an overwhelming number of submissions so far, and I would really like to get the process moving as soon as possible. It is now November 1st, so you will have until midnight PST to get your sketches in. I am very sorry for the inconvenience... but hey, when you think about it, Kirb animated Brawl Taunts 1 in three days ;) (Don't worry... if you're chosen to animate, you'll get more time than that.)

I divided up the script and in total I will be choosing six people to animate (in addition to Kirb who is doing the intro and outro, and a real life animator friend of mine who I'd already promised a part.) I will also be choosing a list of three alternates (first, second, and third runners up) to be available in case someone drops out or cannot do their segment.

Also... please don't ask me about voice acting >>;; I don't mean to be mean... it's just that, I run an entire forum full of voice actors, and Kirb and I do a lot of voices ourselves, plus I'm having cameos from some local smashers and parts I promised to people from forever ago, so.. yeah, that part is covered. Sorry D:

Anyway...up and at 'em! Thank you for all the submissions---it is a much bigger response than what we expected!


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2008-11-01 08:48:06

Out if curiosity, when do you think you'll be announcing who's taking part?

Rina-chan responds:

Probably tomorrow. Unless I get a huge wave of submissions at the last minute.


2008-11-01 19:21:19

I'm stoked to hear the results. I'll be waiting!


2008-11-01 19:22:35

This is so exciting :x


2008-11-02 13:55:16

Cool, can't wait to see who the animators are. So if the script is already written, why do the animators send you a sketch? Is this going to be a continuous story or like a sketch/robot chicken type show?

Rina-chan responds:

Because I want to see their style when drawing Brawl characters.


2008-11-02 16:51:01

ooooh... sketch as in rough drawing, not sketch as in Sketch comedy/writing. Oh lol


2008-11-02 16:57:41

Even if I don't get in, I'm sure it'll be a great flash.....But please pick me!!!!!!!