Calling All Animators! BRAWL TAUNTS 3 COLLAB

2008-10-16 21:38:17 by Rina-chan

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING BLOG POST IS ABOUT VIDEO GAME PARODY STUFF SO IF YOU HATE VIDEO GAME PARODIES PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. If you post anyway, I will assume you are just trolling to make your e-cock feel bigger.

Hey all! Rina-chan, writer of the "Brawl Taunts" videos here. Anyway, here's the deal: Since I play competitive Brawl, I hear a lot of people quoting and enjoying the movies, and many of them have asked about a third. The answer was originally "no", but I started coming up with jokes, and talking to Kirbopher more and more about it, and... we came to a conclusion.

There is going to be a Brawl Taunts 3.

But here's the catch: This is going to be a collaborative animation project.
I will choose (with Kirb's help) the top 3-5 animators to each animate a segment of "Even More Brawl Taunts" (which, btw, will incorporate every single character from the game this time around). The audio will be provided for you; you'll have a lot of creative freedom over the visuals (though I will meet with you online to give some basic direction). You'll also get some say in which part you want to animate.


So what will I get out of this?
+ Full credit for the animation, both in the actual credits of the movie (for all the youtube stealers) and listed as a coauthor on the Newgrounds page.
+ A share of the prize money IF we win a monthly prize. I cannot guarantee we will win anything, but if we do, the prize will be split between the animators who contributed.
+ The opportunity to be a part of something that literally millions of other smashers watch and enjoy. It will probably be premiering at a few local events, too. >_>

Can I contribute jokes/voices/etc?
The script is already written, but if you are chosen to animate a portion of it, I will be open to any constructive criticism on the jokes. As for voices, I'm pretty much sticking with my same cast (I do have a few new characters but most have already been promised to someone) but if you're doing animation and really want a voice cameo, I could try to work something out.

This is gay! Brawl Taunts sucks!
No one's forcing you to help---go ahead and click that little X on the window now. Many people do enjoy the Brawl Taunts movies, and I know that not everyone will enjoy my style of humor, but I really appreciate the fact that a lot of people do. (And yes, I've been listening to constructive criticism and went a little lighter on the internet memes for this next script. Hah.)

I'm in! How do I enter?
E-mail me at the following:
+ A sample of your animation (no sprites; please send me something you actually drew.) You don't have to make something specifically for this---you can just link me to your Newgrounds page, or send me a clip from a school project. I just need some sort of proof that you actually know how to animate using Flash.
+ A sketch of any Brawl character of your choice.

You have until November 1, 2008. Good luck!


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2008-10-16 21:42:52

i wish i could animate. anyways love the first 2.
check me out and comment^^


2008-10-16 21:54:45



2008-10-16 22:04:58

um, i guess ill give it a shot...
crap now i have to make something good to send to you


2008-10-17 01:28:16

OK yea I'll give it a shot (since i haven't been motivated lately to make an animation) I'll only have about seven days to make a sample (that's enough time i guess) because I'm going on a 5-day long trip on monday (just in case you cared witch you probably didn't :P)


2008-10-17 03:19:35

I'm definitely gonna do this. But I gotta animate something 'cause my newgrounds account is full of animations that I am not really proud of.
This should be really fun. Are all the characters going to be in the third? Or have you decided on a few in your script?


2008-10-17 03:22:47

Two questions

-How long does the segment gotta be?
-Nov.1 /08 to finish the segment or to notify you?

It sounds pretty interesting, | might join in


2008-10-17 07:58:10

once again, not many will see this without front page access, you really should get one of your boys to let you upload a flash


2008-10-17 11:16:56

I'll give this a plug this weekend when I'm able to make another front page post.


2008-10-17 18:18:10

Yes cant wait i love your voice and your battle Taunts and it was funny that you pull the gun to his head too lol.


2008-10-17 20:48:20

hey kirbo, how about helping your partner out and letting her upload for once. to be such a greedy fuck


2008-10-18 01:39:42

ummm.... dog.

that made total sense even if u don't understand it


2008-10-18 11:09:11

I Give To EMBT3 My 10 Points Now...
Good Luck , I Can't Wait Till It's Done!!!


2008-10-18 11:36:16


Now you've gone and spoiled my fun of spoiling it for people.


2008-10-19 05:29:04

This is awesome, we can all be a part of youtube history lol, I'll pass the word onto my animator


2008-10-19 05:49:44



2008-10-19 07:05:58

This could be a complete failure, or just a bit of silly fun.

I'd possibly consider doing something since you're my friend and all Kira (also because I owe you one for taking care of me in California), but November 1st isn't a deadline I can part take in since some of us have Halloween submissions they have to work on till the 31st.


Rina-chan responds:

If you seriously want to do it, I'll extend the deadline for you.

That's just the deadline for sending in your sketch though btw, not for actually animating it.


2008-10-19 08:07:18

I might as well give it a shot


2008-10-19 09:10:59

I'm afraid if I were to participate, this wouldn't get a monthly award, haha.


2008-10-19 09:29:41

I'm so glad you're toning down on the memes, I always kinda sigh and roll my eyes whenever they appear in any form of media really.

I think backgrounds would really help, the blank white box of the first two BT flashes is probably why a lot of people called them 'sloppy' in the looks department.


2008-10-19 09:34:39

I'd love to help out. Unfortunately I'm quite new to this flash business, so I don't expect you'll go with me.
I'm quite good but, so check out my NG page (click my name) to see my only submitted flash (I have writers block at the moment so I haven't made anything with a solid enough plot to submit here) As for the Brawl character sketch, I shall link it to you when I'm done.


2008-10-19 09:44:16

Sounds fun, i'd love to be a part of this.
i'll make a Traditional animation test in a few days.


2008-10-19 10:48:55

I wish I had flash! AH GOD! This could be a chance to be in Brawl Taunts. I love Brawl Taunts, I can't wait for it.


2008-10-19 11:08:30

lol cant wait rina/kirb this is going to be great and yes Brawl is alasy really funny XD me and my freidn are awlays qouting either sonics: your to slow, pawnch and cpt flaocsn death scream oh and of coruse you guys show me your boobs you guys are always good and i cant wait ~ a random fan xD


2008-10-19 11:10:53

you fucking suck

Rina-chan responds:

nope Kirby sucks, literally. along with Yoshi and Dedede.
they spit, too.


2008-10-19 11:49:36

I Hated Brawl because my brother keeps on playing it ALL DAY and the music and stuff pissed me off. I used to like it playing sometimes but now I dont. But anyways your writing of jokes about Brawl is awesome cant wait.


2008-10-19 12:21:17

I'll do it? :)


2008-10-19 12:22:58

I've always bashed Brawl Taunts mainly for the art, and now that is a collaboration, I can sorta see the quality improving alot. Anyways I'll try it out.


2008-10-19 12:34:21

I have to agree with Lenko. The one thing that made me dislike Brawl Taunts was the shameless use of memes. There's nothing creative or funny chucking them in for no apparent reason, even if they are in somewhat context. I kind of feel the same way about referential humor.

Even if I was to animate something for it, I wouldn't want to animate something somebody else wrote. I have one small relevant thing in mind that I would love to finally have a chance to animate.. But considering you guys don't seem to be open to self written content by the sounds of things.. It's rather off putting.

If you're open to a little bit more of a flexible deadline and the possibility of self written segments, I'd probably show a little interest.


2008-10-19 13:13:28

I'd do it, but I'm too lazy to make something at the moment.
And if you don't like my -only- flash on Newgrounds don't worry about it because I -have- indeed gotten a lot better.
But if you don't think I have what it takes, whatever.


2008-10-19 13:46:25

The only I can contribute is as a voice actor, but since you're using the same cast, I can't do much.
If you have any parts for me though, I would gladly accept it!


2008-10-19 14:04:55

Alright, I'll try draw Yoshi!! I hope I'm in!!


2008-10-19 14:08:01

Good Luck To all those who can animate. I will not be able to do this since i can't use flash.


2008-10-19 14:30:49

Okay forget about the lazy thing I mentioned earlier.
I'm in! I'll get something whipped up, and hopefully it will be impressing enough.
And since this thing already has a script and sound its alright with me, because I can't voice act for crap :P


2008-10-19 15:09:48

On second thought, I drew mario on my page. If you could check it out...


2008-10-19 16:08:14

Ok. this is a little somehting I have been wondering wether I should say or not.

why do you influence people to sellout?

the only benefit I can see from this collab is to gain popularity.

besides, this kind of stuff is almost never good. people are so worried about how much should people vote 5 they make nothing than utter shit.

I can already smell a japanase anime line over there and some lame joke in the vein of

-"Hey Im Ike"
-"Oh I like Ike"
-gay joke



oh and you mentioned the money prize... and why do people mention money prizes? because they want it, and whats the easyer way to get it? sell out.


I am not the kind of a guy who just likes to bash. In fact I make some videogame parodies too. its just that this is just beating up a dead horse.

but hey Im the ex-spriter right? I dont know anything about animation or peopleĀ“s liking.

Rina-chan responds:

I can't remember whether you are an alt or not. I just know you comment on a lot of my news posts.


2008-10-19 16:18:41

timebomb it!


2008-10-19 17:21:32



2008-10-19 19:57:57

uh... have you seen this? O_____O
its got your voice from castle crashers ~ 3 ~u /458541


2008-10-19 20:15:16

Im inclined to agree with Mr Ninja. Im almost tempted just because i havent made anything game related in years, but im not really one for animating other peoples scripts and so on and so forth.


2008-10-19 21:00:18

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-10-19 22:43:32

I guess I'll try. How long should the animation sample be?

Rina-chan responds:

You can link me to your previous works; or if you don't have any, just 15 seconds or so is fine.


2008-10-20 05:02:11


Rina-chan responds:

Knowing you, Zekey, I was hoping for a comment about panties or something.


2008-10-20 08:01:51

Well I sent my info in, hope to hear from you!


2008-10-20 11:58:16

I think I'll give this a shot.


2008-10-20 15:20:36

Im a fairly good animator but i cant get any flash plaer on my new computer scince they all cost money, any ideas? I really want to be working with you and kirb!


2008-10-20 16:13:28

Just go to my page, I have a picture their.


2008-10-20 16:14:40

I don't have GMail


2008-10-20 16:27:19

I'm definitely in this......Give me a few days and I'll have my sample.


2008-10-20 16:30:21

I've sent the message to you.


2008-10-20 17:06:11

Wait im confused.On the coments of kirbophor he sais he didnt want to do it.He kept saying its Your project.Then in one of your replys to a coment you says he sucks (or wer u being sarcastict?)He keeps saying he dosent want to do it.Soooo.............Y the hell r u working together on it?i mean i want you to work together cuz i liked the other ones but still y r both of u working together???????

Rina-chan responds:

I was talking about the character Kirby. It was just a silly comment I was making to a troll post.