2008-09-11 23:57:38 by Rina-chan

So I got an awesome certificate in the mail today. It said that I am "recognized by Newgrounds.com, Inc., for outstanding contributions to the community."


Sorry for the documentary hiatus---I've been having some software issues.

Also. If anyone's attending the Brawl tournament in Mission Viejo, CA this Sunday... see you there and wish me luck.


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2008-09-12 00:29:08

God I wish I could go to a Brawl tournament; man living in South Dakota sucks.


2008-09-12 00:44:15

in California? Man, I wish I could go. :/

Congratulations on getting that certificate! You deserve it! =D


2008-09-12 01:05:25

Good Luck! We all know your going to win. Congratulations on the certificate. I can't think of many others who should get it.


2008-09-12 03:21:54

I bet I can fair well at a Smash Tournament!

Though the only Character I play as is Ike...But dispite that...I fair pretty well against alliances as well. NO Smash-Balls / Four Lives / Final D.

When Smash Brawl first came out...there was a contest at Gamestop. I got 8th place out of 50 people.

Good Luck! Please Let us know which player you will use!

Rina-chan responds:

I main Peach. Congrats on your rankings!


2008-09-12 03:33:19

PS: Why don't you post the Certificate...I wonder what it looks like?


2008-09-13 03:21:02

I've read on your profile that you've done the voice for Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome, which is awesome, and the Princesses from castle crashers. I love that game, I live in Cali, but I don't know where Mission Viejo is... and I wish you luck. I play best with Luigi and Sonic! Luigi Time!


2008-09-13 13:41:13

I wish I could go to the tournament. Good luck! Bring your camera and tape it please. :D


2008-09-13 21:20:32

Good luck Babe.


2008-09-15 20:47:38

Hah, that's pretty awesome! I got... T-shirts!

Are the tourneys you go to official-ish no items, Fox only, Final Destination (basically how I play)? I tried to Google Brawl tourneys by me, but only found actual brawls in the news...
-insert silly tongue face here-

Good luck, and remember, when working with rice, keep your hands damp to prevent stickage and breakage.

Rina-chan responds:

Yes, they're very official~


2008-09-16 02:36:33

How did the tournament go?


2008-09-19 04:17:43

You voiced Meryl

Do you also have rookie eyes :D


2008-09-19 21:25:53

I saw you on Halo 3.

You're fucking good.


2008-09-24 21:04:16

Are you japanese?

Rina-chan responds:

wow I get this question in every other news post xD


2008-09-25 00:06:24

I just quit Brawl...too addicted. I was an online tournament goer...I didn't think you'd be a tournament junky.


2008-09-27 04:31:52

errr wasn't official screen name kagome something?

Rina-chan responds:

Used to be KagomeHigurashi.


2008-09-27 09:18:39

My my, a certificate you say. Don't you feel special ;)


2008-09-27 09:38:33

did you win the tournament?


2008-09-27 14:43:41

Sorry,I'm a northern californian,I can't go :(


2008-09-27 21:32:17

Well I happen to live in Cali so I may be there.


2008-09-28 05:17:24

WARNING: do not eat this Candy

"White Rabbit Candy"

google it and see why


2008-09-28 10:53:18

i wish too but live in LA (not los angeles)


2008-09-30 02:17:30

Yo, do you play Brawl with Newgrounders? I wanna test out your peach...who I'm guessing you probably Main as. Am I wrong.

I'll come back and check if you wanna exchange for a few rounds.


2008-09-30 22:50:39

Good luck


2008-10-02 01:57:07

Your main is Peach. That totally figures lol.
Congrats on the certificate and good job on the Parody Rangers Movie if that was you.


2008-10-03 13:42:21

Brawl Tournament? Damn, wish there were one of those here in the U.K.
Or better yet, if Tom or somebody held one here at Newgrounds.
That would be great.
Oh, and good luck btw.


2008-10-03 16:31:33

yay! smash bros.! wish i could go:(


2008-10-03 20:17:32

i was at a brawl tourny a couple months back i got my ass kicked by a Wolf!!!

f*ck Wolf


2008-10-04 10:42:09

Brawl Tournaments are one of the only reason to keep your Wii. Strangely enough it was why i sold it after 3 months.


2008-10-05 01:27:10

So I take it you won't play with us?

Rina-chan responds:

I don't play online much...


2008-10-05 17:31:50

Hey gorgeous congulations. I wish i could do a brawl tournament. Luigi All the way lol he is my main guy ever since Super Smash Bros. I do live in Kelso Washington but i dont have no way to get down there as of yet. I would like to see you and face you. Peach vs Luigi lol.