Comic-Con Video Interviews

2008-08-18 21:37:18 by Rina-chan

For the few people who actually enjoyed Behind The Flash, I've got a special treat for you: Video interviews with your favorite Newgrounds flash artists about their Comic-Con experience.

These were taken in the lobby of a nearby hotel, on Egoraptor's camera. I'm sorry for the audio quality/volume issues; I haven't really done much filming before so I'm kind of new to how that stuff works.

PART ONE (Afro-Ninja, RubberNinja, Ido Tal, The-EXP, Anigen, Super Flash Bros)

PART TWO (Super Flash Bros - cont'd, Redmongoose, CZ-Backlash, Egoraptor, and the Penicorn)

PART THREE (Hans Van Harken, Danomano, Rtil)

Before anyone even starts thinking about conspiracy theories... this is what it is. I interviewed the people who were there hanging out on Sunday night. Some of the artists talked more than others, so yes, some of the interviews are longer. Also some people had to leave early to catch a taxi or plane (like poor Afro-Ninja) so their interviews are short. I assure you that there is no conspiracy involved. :P

and here is a special picture preview

Comic-Con Video Interviews


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2008-08-18 21:52:47

Who was that kid who introduced Egoraptor? He's a Fag among Fags boy, I'll tell ya.


2008-08-18 23:57:32

man that intro was nayyssteyyy


2008-08-19 11:57:29

I like how egoraptor wasn't afraid to suck penicorn on camera


2008-08-19 15:31:10

Oh awesome!And sorry that you ha to stop BtF cause of ftards that had to flame it


2008-08-20 03:17:21

Your just Awesome Rina-Chan! ^^


2008-08-20 16:42:46

That was...... creepy. 0_0


2008-08-22 20:41:58

Redmongoose's voice gave me a orgasm.


2008-08-25 20:17:50

lol. Awsome Picture.

It must be exciting to interview Afro and rubber ninja and the others.I had no idea rubberninja was british!

Rina-chan responds:

He's Australian XD


2008-08-25 22:28:43

ur voice is AWESOME XP


2008-08-26 02:59:37

you got a very cute voice

Rina-chan responds:

Why thank you :3


2008-08-29 17:16:33

Where did you get the stuffed Boo?

Rina-chan responds:

Someone randomly gave it to me at the con xD


2008-08-29 18:11:20

*sigh* too bad Kirb wasn't there.

Rina-chan responds:

He was at the con but had to leave before I got a chance to do the interviews.


2008-08-30 17:15:13

you should have interviewed tom or april or wade.

Rina-chan responds:

I wanted to. They weren't available.


2008-09-01 05:08:13

i wish i could join u guys at teh con ='[


2008-09-05 22:08:27

Where you at AX Idol 2008?

I happened to see this video on youtube and this looks like you

I took a screen pic and put it in my journal.

Rina-chan responds:

yeah that was me


2008-09-06 14:04:01

Maybe I'll be able to go to a Newgrounds event or Comic Con one year...

I wish.

But what's it really like at Comic Con?


2008-09-10 13:10:18

lol i didn't know you did hentai voice acting too, that castle crashers spoof was hot


2008-10-12 18:58:05

lol i left a comment on your part 1 vid, u DO know that u can just turn the annotation off rite? watcha gonna do about it?