New Voice Demo

2008-08-07 07:17:06 by Rina-chan

[edit] My NG name is now officially changed to Rina-chan so everyone can remember it easier (I can't tell you how many complaints I got about people trying to type in KagomeHigurashi but hey I made it in high school when I first joined NG... thank you Tom!

Hey guys! I updated my reel since I'd like to think my general voice range has improved.

Hope you enjoy ;D

Also... my PM box has been flooded as of late, so if you have a voice request for me, PLEASE send me an e-mail at or else I probably won't see your message in a timely manner. Thanks!

{PS. First 10 minutes of the Newgrounds documentary have been mixed and it sounds amazing so far. I really can't wait to finish it! Be sure to check out the trailer if you haven't already.}


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2008-08-07 13:43:36

Do you have any solid idea yet when the documentary might be finished? Not to put pressure on you, of course. Just interested.


2008-08-07 14:47:05

You should submit your Voice Demo to the audio portal, like Tomamoto did. Also, can't wait to hear "The Newgrounds War."

Rina-chan responds:

Supposedly I'm not allowed to submit it there because I don't own the rights to the background music. :<


2008-08-07 20:44:11

Your new voice demo sounds great.


2008-08-08 01:48:47

well that sucks >:(


2008-08-08 01:49:37

Jim's ^^^^^^


2008-08-08 04:19:45

Aye, they caought me with those royalty type things on one of my first demos in the audio portal, so now I'm blacklisted on this account!
For royalty free music, I'd suggest
Use that on my other account for the demos and don't get complaints!


2008-08-08 14:05:40

I really like it.


2008-08-08 18:41:33

sounds great


2008-08-08 20:01:59

That's an awesome voice demo. May I request a voice demo of the beauty and the beat unit from MGS4? If you can.


2008-08-08 23:47:03

So how did your NG name changed? I didn't think you could do that.


2008-08-09 00:15:06

I meant to say "How did you get your NG name changed?"

Rina-chan responds:

You have to PM a Newgrounds staff member and let them know what the reason for the change is.


2008-08-10 00:55:30

Alright, you got your name changed! Good for you! Also, good luck on the documentary. I hope it gets the highest score possible and gets recommended to a collection. Something that has a lot of hard work put into it deserves the best if you ask me. So, yeah. Good luck and all that.

Rina-chan responds:

It's not going to be animated though; just an audio thing... so it can't go in the portal :(


2008-08-10 14:55:21

You get the script?


2008-08-10 16:38:42

Awesome, I am really excited about The Newgrounds War! How long is it?


2008-08-11 01:00:53

Oh gawsh...
Do I really sound like that?
Why didn't I do a few more takes?
Otherwise its sounding awesome, kiddo!
Oh and hey! Don't forget to update your profile link at behindtheflash!

Rock, most indubitably, on!


2008-08-11 10:58:26

omg your awesome tottally awesome yayayayyayayayyayayayayyayayyyayaayya yayayyayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayya yayayya


2008-08-12 05:30:51

That documentary is going to be awesome.

If you bring behind the flash back maybe Tom could host it here on the site, kinda like the old NG Mag. That would be pretty cool.

Rina-chan responds:

I wish! I'd totally start it up again if that were the case :P


2008-08-13 00:45:17

cant wait for the newgrounds documentary, too bad i couldnt voice in it lol...

Rina-chan responds:

It's not really a matter of voice acting; different artists just sent in files of them discussing their opinions.


2008-08-13 03:19:24

Wow...are you going to be part of the Newgrounds Doc?

Anyway...good job! I just heard that you voiced all the princesses in Castle Crashers!

Rina-chan responds:

Huh? I'm the one who's putting together the documentary..


2008-08-13 06:33:37

Congratulations on changing your NG name! It's not an easy feat, even if you're the best known user in the whole site...And I think it was a good career move a way..


2008-08-13 14:53:26

how come when u did the voice acting for metal gear awsome egoraptor didnt put ur name in it? :/


2008-08-13 14:55:29

OH! I'm sorry....I was speed reading the news post and I guess I missed that part.


Wow...are you going to be part of the Newgrounds Doc?
Anyway...good job! I just heard that you voiced all the princesses in Castle Crashers!
Aug. 13, 2008 | 6:26 AMRina-chan responds:
Huh? I'm the one who's putting together the documentary..


2008-08-13 16:40:11

the newgronds doc sounds really cool.

so basicly, your interviewing people on what they think about newgrounds?....could i be part of it? i got a mic.

Rina-chan responds:

The deadline was a while ago and I'm already in the process of editing everything together, sorry :( It's an interview thing with a bunch of different flash artists on the current rivalry between parody and original work and its reception on the site.


2008-08-16 03:03:40

oh...... will there be a second?


2008-08-16 16:29:53

do u help with voices on lots of flashes?

Rina-chan responds:

Sure do.


2008-08-16 17:18:37

Bloody hell, you sure are one talented voice actor I must say, I thought those voices were from some video game :p One of them sounded like it came from Metal Gear Solid 3 lol, congrats, you have an awesome talent :D


2008-08-17 01:10:39

have you ever worked with people out of your state p.s love your voice acting :)


2008-08-18 05:32:16

Wow! That voice demo was awesome, also was the trailer o.0 =D


2008-10-05 18:45:16

From the cute to the serious to the emotionless to the batshit-insane, you've got talent in all of it :-P. I hope the best for you in that regard.

This is the first I've heard of a Newgrounds documentary, but I like the idea. The site's been around for something like ten years and it's about time somebody got the idea to put together what the various opinions are on what Newgrounds is about, what it stands for, so on and so forth. I look forward to hearing the whole thing when it hits the Web.