Comic-Con...Day 1.

2008-07-25 02:59:23 by Rina-chan

I met LOTS of Newgrounders at Comic-Con today~ Annnnd I finally got to meet the man himself, Tom Fulp!

OH AND I MET THE ASHKIN SKRIP 3.0 KID. If you don't know what that is, check out the video from last year on Luis's Comic Con post. We all recognized him from the videos and Tom was prepared for him right away haha. I also got to witness the fated real life meeting of Rtil and Egoraptor, and one kid called his friend on his cell phone to tell him about how he met me and Kirbopher. (Yeah, there was a big up-the-butt Charizard at the Pokemon booth... it was pretty amusing.)

But most importantly...THE CASTLE CRASHERS DEMO. They had multiple stations set up, and... guess what guys, I get to officially announce it now: I do the voice for all the little princesses that get kidnapped during the game. So yeah, it was pretty damn cool to be standing there at the booth and hear my screams every few minutes xD;;;; (I have another exciting secret but I can't say anything about that til after the game comes out...!)

Here are some other people I met/hung out with---
Everyone from Project DCK
The Super Flash Bros
Hans Van Harken
Tom's beautiful wife April
Dan Paladin

annnnd other people I'm probably forgetting at the moment. Right now ChannelCat and Egoraptor wanna play some Brawl so off to go hook up the wii ~


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2008-07-25 03:21:29

Woo! Sounds like you's having a great time, and congrats on the Castle Crashers role get!

I also hope to see a video of Rtil and Egoraptor either fighting to the death, or dancing a tango once this is all said and done.


2008-07-25 03:43:36

How did the Egoraptor and Rtil meeting went???


2008-07-25 03:48:43

Man I wish I could be there.


2008-07-25 05:05:24

Man, sounds awesome, i really wish i could have gone there


2008-07-25 14:12:47

Tell Tom that if the Castle Crashers game doesn't come out by next Wednesday, the Alien gets it >:(

P.S. I know Microsoft has the final say in the release date for Xbox Live Arcade games, but... come on, THIS. IS. TOM FULP. He carries more influence than GOD.


2008-07-25 15:22:55

What were the Flash Bros like in person?
[/hopeless fanboy]

Rina-chan responds:

Very cool. And British. xD


2008-07-25 15:52:34

"Tom was prepared for him right away"

He brought a taser this year?


2008-07-25 20:44:09

that's awesome congrats on the game role.

i wish i could of gone to Comic Con, but i'm saving up for my first convention"Anime Expo 2009"
anyway "Whoop them guys in Brawl!!!" Lawl


2008-07-26 01:07:40

ill have to play ya in brawl some time, :D, btw, hwos egoraptor in person? i wanna go to comic con sometime...ill try next year


2008-07-26 01:08:02



2008-07-26 04:20:32

I wonder what that other big secret is, have fun during Day 2 :3


2008-07-26 05:54:52

Ego and Rtil met? OH SHI-

Could you please tell me how that went?


2008-07-26 07:14:32 39904/9

Last one down - is that you sexually harassing Hans? For shame!


2008-07-26 20:13:29

glomps* XD


2008-07-26 21:08:36

I would have done anything to meet everyone from project DCK


2008-07-27 20:23:24

U were webcamming rite? If so hai from the chatroom ppl.


2008-07-28 09:07:22

goddammit I wanted to play you guys in smash so bad. and I didn't actually realize you did the princess voices, that's pretty cool


2008-07-28 22:49:05

I'm so freakin jealous


2008-07-29 13:51:12


ok. I am WAY jelouse now. I love Cycon! *no homo*.
you got to meet the best people. more then i got to meet. You saw dna paladin, super flash bros,etc.

When i was at big apple con. Only Tom, April, Mikes GF, Bob, Mindchamber, Swain, Luis, and krinkles came.....wait on second thought thats alot.....but I mean the star NG users you met....wish they came to teh east coast. Will you come to the next big apple con?

Rina-chan responds:

I doubt I'll be able to afford it. I live in California so I drove to SDCC.


2008-07-29 19:43:26

Gaaah I am so jealous you met all those guys aah !! Well I wish I was at the comic con but I don't think its pretty worth it now that I live in Sweden -.- Have to travel all the way to San Diego just going to watch it through the webcam that laggs alot...

Oh and that ASHKIN SKRIP 3.0 KID is This guy


2008-07-29 23:04:22

I get to hear those screams every five minutes at the office, lol


Rina-chan responds:

You cannot escape from my voice!


2008-07-30 17:57:54

Someone is a lucky ducky.


2008-07-30 20:32:09

you live in California? I thought you lived in Alaska.

Rina-chan responds:

I grew up there. I live in Cali now.


2008-07-30 20:42:08

yay me and u live in cali X3 i should meet u sometime X3


2008-07-30 21:04:51

well arnt u the shitz, lol just jk, lucky, i really wanted to go, so im going next year, seeya their, probably, i dunno, good for u


2008-08-01 02:38:32

".(Yeah, there was a big up-the-butt Charizard at the Pokemon booth... it was pretty amusing.)"

Please elaborate on that. The phrase "Up the butt, Charizard!" is one of the few things that never ceases to be hilarious no matter how many times I hear it.


2008-08-02 05:20:00

wow...your very good at whatcha old were you when you started voice acting?...

Rina-chan responds:



2008-08-02 19:22:35

I really which I could have gone to SDCC, but I live in New York D: Living on the opposite coast isn't always good. Congrats on the snag of that role, though!


2008-08-02 19:23:35



2008-08-05 17:11:24

cheese doodles


2008-08-06 00:48:43

are you jap-n-ease


2008-08-07 00:15:20

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