Off to Comic-Con!

2008-07-22 01:43:05 by Rina-chan

I'll be at Comic-Con Wednesday through Sunday to meet a bunch of Newgrounders. I'll probably be hanging around the Newgrounds area for most of the con, so it shouldn't be hard to find me.

Looking forward to meeting everyone who's going!

PS. lol thread of the day


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2008-07-22 02:00:13

Wtf? I'm watching that video when you were talking to david hayter and then this pops up and I'm like wtf? Am i delusional? But anyway have fun at Comic-Con!!


2008-07-22 02:43:16

awesome! i wish i was going this year... i hope i can go next year :)!


2008-07-22 04:07:00

Make sure you wave to the folks at home on the webcam set up near the booth. Not everyone is lucky enough to be attending :(


2008-07-22 05:40:47

Hey! I just want to say thank you for voicing the lines of the doorwoman for my incoming flash movie. And have fun at Comic-Con...


2008-07-22 09:39:55

You are more like a civil servant here. Good luck.

btw I have a huge penis.


2008-07-22 21:52:44

Are you Japanese?

Rina-chan responds:

No, but I speak it.


2008-07-22 23:48:02

What, is there going to be a party bus or something? When not at the convention, will the staff be getting tank'd? Now I really wish I wasn't living in the midwest T_T.


2008-07-23 23:59:01

I can never see you guys :( because I highly doubt I can get to you sort of ppl :P


2008-07-24 02:50:55

Lol!! That thread of the day was umm resally the thread of the day xD

I wish I could be there at Comic-con too :,(


2008-07-24 04:40:16

I wish I lived around there so I could go to Comic-Con. Id love to meet Tom and others that run and frequent Newgrounds.

Anyway have fun at Comic-Con and look for G4TV theyll be there, maybe you can get on tv if you tell them you voiced Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome.


2008-07-24 14:26:00

have fun at the con X3 if i was able to go i see u there and give u a big hug XD maybe next yr i might get to go so im looking forward to giving u that hug XD


2008-07-24 15:04:20

ARGH so angrily jealous!

*starts charging kamehameha*

Have fun!


2008-07-24 23:16:09