AX + trailer

2008-07-03 04:56:08 by Rina-chan

First off I want to say I'm sorry I've been really behind on responding to messages and voice requests and doing lines and what not. I will catch up after AX this weekend. Let me just say that being crowded around a Denny's table having dinner earlier tonight with RubberNinja, Egoraptor, Suzy, Nalem, Spanio, Wonchop, Princess Aurora, Adrienne, ChannelCat, Vensy, & Alex = full of win and awesome.

But! Before heading off to the con, I leave you with the trailer for this documentary I keep talking about. I got a pretty good response from both "sides" of the rivalry so I am hoping this will be an interesting and objective look at the situation. People also came up with interesting variations of ideas on solving the problem (or reasons why it cannot be solved) which you'll find out when the actual project is completed.

Click me for the trailer!

The music was done by DoctorAttitude who is an awesome audio portal artist and a good friend of mine.


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2008-07-03 05:38:57

Looking forward to the documentary.


2008-07-03 05:58:36

neat trailer


2008-07-03 07:44:52


BTW, will you send some time a voice demo
where you act like LUCY? I hope so


2008-07-03 11:54:13

That was a good trailor even though it was just sound. :D


2008-07-03 12:46:17

I don't see the problem. Most of the people who come to newgrounds are just fans who don't even have accounts. They come here just to be entertained. They don't care how good the animation is because they just know its better than what they can do. And whats wrong with videogame parodies? This site is, like, based on videogame parodies, movie parodies, parodies of anything.


2008-07-04 01:22:27

I can't wait for the war! Can I have a part in it?


2008-07-04 09:31:44

That musta been really cool and fun to hang with internet friends etc.etc.

That documentary sounds interesting.
Looking forward to it!


2008-07-04 17:26:34

So many of you people are ng users :P how the hell you all meet like that?


2008-07-04 18:26:30

Wow, something tells me this is going to be a very interesting documentary. The the background music is very fitting, mysterious even.

I'm really looking forward to this.


2008-07-05 12:51:05

Who's going to be in your documentary?


2008-07-05 18:47:15

This documentary is going to be ground-breaking. I hope you can find a way to get this to a good majority of the Newgrounds audience. Oh, and if you need a spiritual uplifting, listen to the song, "The Legendary Air Ride Machine". In Brawl, it is located under Data --> Sound Test --> Music --> Kirby.


2008-07-05 20:52:18

Holy Crap this big


2008-07-05 21:39:30

ur hot

Rina-chan responds:

How do you know?


2008-07-06 17:14:22

Ow, Lady... I can barely wait that. ;]



2008-07-07 07:07:26

I agree with austinhaywood


2008-07-10 17:05:59

Awesome sauce trailer. Very...documentary-ish. I can't wait to hear the finished product. All points are valid in the world of newgrounds, where if someone likes a single thing you say, you are boosted to the top of the ladder :P


2008-07-19 19:49:51 sounds like something which isn't that serious is going to be epic...