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2008-06-17 05:30:24 by Rina-chan


+ New userpage banner was made by Ross aka RubberNinja! He is AWESOME and I'll get a chance to meet him in a couple of weeks at Anime Expo along with Egoraptor and TomaMoto :D If anyone else is planning to go, look for me if you can! I'll be volunteering most of the time but I'll be sure to watch the voice actor idol auditions (I won last year, so this year I'm just going to cheer on Ego and Toma~)

+ Thank you all very much for your support on my decision regarding Behind the Flash. I am waiting to make my final decision as to whether I will ultimately continue the interviews by seeing how people respond to the documentary (which will hopefully be out before July.) If it gets a good response, I may decide to do a few interviews again. If not, then I probably won't bother. We'll see. [I still do have a VERY special video interview planned for Comic-Con if all goes well.]

+ For all the people PMing me begging me for a third Brawl Taunts---I really do appreciate the enthusiasm, but it's not my choice. Kirbopher has got to work on his Parody Rangers movie and wants to put his time and effort into that rather than commissions right now. No, I do not want to write another one and have someone else animate it---this is a project for me and Kirb. Plus, quite a few people have accused us of milking the popularity of the first one in order to get awards so it's probably best to back off for a while there too. I am still always up for helping people out as a writer so if you are a good, motivated artist looking for an idea to animate, send me an e-mail and we can discuss!

+ I've also gotten several PMs asking for my Brawl friend code. I don't do online Brawl---it's too laggy and just ugh. However, if you live in Southern California and have a Brawl get together or tournament I will gladly versus you in person! And to answer this other question I get a lot... I main Peach.

+ I MET DAVID HAYTER AND YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS. It was at the Best Buy midnight launch in West Hollywood and he quoted Metal Gear Awesome and said he watches it :O I didn't get to talk to him for very long but several people cosplayed and I went as the Brawl Taunts version of Peach with the "I <3 Snake" shirt. We weren't allowed to get pictures taken with the guests but I do have a few shitty low-quality pictures from the event here. Oh, and I told him to his face that he's the hottest man alive. But urrrrgh I can't afford a PS3 so I can't play MGS4 yet ;__;


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2008-06-17 07:34:52

He quoted MGA? Awesome!!!! Yes we're all jealous...


2008-06-17 07:35:16

Forgot to ask, what did he quote?

Rina-chan responds:



2008-06-17 08:55:06

Wow, David Hayter. <3 :D

Also, where's this banner? At the time of posting this it's not showing up. :(


2008-06-17 10:45:39

i have a tad OT question....

has it been very succesfull as just a writer and voice actress? i'm almost about ready to do just that as i cant really animate worth a crap.

Rina-chan responds:

Well I don't make any money off of it except for the few professional VA roles I got :P


2008-06-17 15:35:21

Wow, David Hayter. And he quoted MGA? That's just... well... Awesome!

Anyway, I hope you have fun at Anime Expo and Comic-Con.


2008-06-17 17:03:01

whats this my "decision regarding Behind the Flash" thing about? did i miss something, (i must have since im an idiot)

Rina-chan responds:

Read previous news post~


2008-06-17 21:41:48

I really hope you continue Behind the Flash, that last one was funny (the one with Egoraptor). Also, I don't blame you for using Peach, I main with Zero Suit Samus, and both are extremely powerful.


2008-06-17 21:44:00

Jun. 17, 2008 | 5:34 PM KagomeHigurashi responds:
Well I don't make any money off of it except for the few professional VA roles I got :P

well do you enjoy it anyways?

Rina-chan responds:

Of course!


2008-06-17 22:29:05

Oh wow you live in southern California! How weird!


2008-06-17 23:57:52

You should have recorded what David Hayter told you, I'm sure it was awesome.
Looking forward to hearing again to Behind the Flash, oh, and I need a Foto of you with that "I <3 Snake" shirt.
Also someday I should get I fight with you in Brawl, It's a shame I don't even live in your country.

Rina-chan responds:

I have a crappy picture of it on my myspace >_>


2008-06-18 00:12:30

Holy shit.. I would of had an orgasm if I met David Hayter! But then that wouldnt be so fun.. BUT STILL David Hayter!!! Congrats, you lucky person you... ARGH!! SSSNNAAAAAAKE!! T_T

Rina-chan responds:

I did.
He really is the hottest man alive.


2008-06-18 03:27:19

Awesome for you that you got to meet David! ^^

That must have been a wet dream come true (SNORT!) JK.

I must admit I am a little bit Jealous Egoraptor quoted jokingly "I would totally go gay for Solid Snake!"

If he was just like 15 years younger...and got in massive workout program...he could play Solid Snake for Real in a movie or something. He's WAYYY!!! Hotter than Tom Cruise...and Dare I say it...maybe even more suave than Pierce Brosnan when he plays as James Bond?

for example: GYC3M

There's something awesome about a sexy espionage mercenary. And David Hayter is the perfect man voicing Solid Snake.

Glad to see he's a fan of the Metal Gear Awsome and Brawl Taunts work.

You've definitely are famous! And You'll probably land a sweet Voice Acting Career like David Hayter...maybe even become an actress!

Either way...Glad you've meet your famed idol! I've still yet have to meet my Kung Fu master Jackie Chan! I know I know he's an old fogy! But he was so cool when he was still a Drunken Boxer! And he's really strong!

Again...Congrats on meeting David!



2008-06-18 03:45:09

Oh wait...I already forgot! You already ARE a Professional Voice Actor!

Doi :P


2008-06-18 03:45:49

*ahem...Voice Actress ^^


2008-06-18 09:01:02

I just like you Rina-Chan^^


2008-06-18 12:18:42

Nice. Did you tell Hayter you were in it? lol Man, I wish I could go to AX with you guys. I have to meet you and Josh!

So about the documentary - is this going to be an actual video documentary? Because that's what I think of when I hear the word. Or is it just going to be another radio interview? Anywho, you guys have a great time at AX and take lots of pics and I hope someone records AX idol

Rina-chan responds:

I sure did! I even got up the courage to do a line in my Meryl voice hahaha
The documentary is what I asked people to submit for a while ago. But I will be doing a video project thing at Comic-Con if all goes well.


2008-06-19 12:50:57

OmFG rina you have the hottest voice eva!!!!


2008-06-19 15:15:42

I would've told him the saaaame thing.


2008-06-19 19:06:28

I bet you tonnes of people are gonna ask him to say that at AX, bugging him to hilarious proportions.


2008-06-19 20:19:42

wario only
hammers only
green hill zone


2008-06-20 01:44:24

Of course we'd support your decision, it's your work, you should do what's necessary and only your actual fans will understand that. Personally I'm okay with there being no third brawl taunts, I loved the first two but making a series out of it would damper what it's originally supposed to have been, a short, comedic flash for people to enjoy.

You got to meet David Hayter? Yeah, we are all jealous lol, those pictures ya got were pretty good I thought. I agree, no words can describe how awesome he is as Snake. Awwww you can't play the game yet? You'll love MGS4 when you do finally get to play it, the game's so intense.


2008-06-21 06:53:04

He watches MGA haha awesome!

I wonder if he's watched crab battle too. :P

Rina-chan responds:

Yes, he has. Makes me wish I could have done a voice for that too, lol


2008-06-21 14:57:14

good luck with the documentary! hope it goes well!

damn dont live in america let alone california! im stuck in scotlands typical weather: rain,rain and more rain! but im goin to turkey tomorrow for a week so its kool! :P

haha thats brilliant! david hayter watching MGA! I take it he did it in snakes voice yeah? lol would have been awesome if you recorded it!


2008-06-21 19:44:49

...You're hot and you have a nice voice....You're only 20?! Dang, you're young :P


2008-06-21 21:45:33

which anime expo? and when is it? cause i think i may be going

Rina-chan responds:

The one coming up soon in LA


2008-06-22 22:54:00

Is kirb a serious man? :P Just wondered....... As in his personality


2008-06-23 01:57:27

What day is the voice idol thing? I'm going, but thats something I'm looking forward to

..maybe I should get off my ass and check myself


2008-06-23 06:28:47

Hmmm... if i actually get started on anything good , like a series...i might use you cause ur one hell of a voice actor! Wait wait wait...HOW THE HECK DOES RUBBERNINJA DO THAT??? he lves in Australia were i live. Stupid newgrounds events being held at america! WAIT AGAIN? Do you live in australia? Woops sorry california... I WANNA GO!!! Dam my young age...ANYWAYS! Please reply to dis. oh yeah, and i'll pm you if i need help with voice acting. Cause i don't think a short' good looking 13 yr old (me) would suit the criteria of wat i might be animating. Yep well that's it.


2008-06-23 18:48:58


How's the lines going?


2008-06-23 21:26:20

Wow. Finally, you got a chance to meet a real man.

Hey! What about-a me?


2008-06-23 23:32:03

Have you ever great the feeling that you sing in your sleep? :5


2008-06-24 02:32:05

I hope I get to meet you and everyone else at Comic-Con! Also you met David Hayter!? I AM JEALOUS!

Rina-chan responds:

You probably will! I'll be hanging around the Newgrounds area pretty much the entire time.


2008-06-24 09:15:31

I've been wondering, do people often ask you to say "You fucking ate my gun!"?

Rina-chan responds:

Oh yes. I think only once or twice have I been asked to say, "I'll go on ahead, you look at my ass."


2008-06-24 11:22:20


I get on a plane and I fly!

Don't worry, by the looks of things Luis and Adam Phillips are planning a NG meet over at Melbourne Supanova early next year.. I think Tom was interested in going to, so that'd be great fun!

Oh and looking forward to hanging out with you next week Kira! Hope you have a safe trip back to LA.


2008-06-24 13:23:00

Yeah, I sent you the lines, and was wondering had you completed them?

Rina-chan responds:

What lines are you talking about? Send me an email and we'll communicate through there.


2008-06-24 18:03:11

Sins I just joined about 10 mins ago I'm new to commenting. So anyway, It's hard to pick a favorite voice actor/actress. Ive come to two people. David hater and you.

Also. Oh my god you met David Hayter.

P.S. Sorry for acting stupid but its hard to talk to someone who's actually good at something. XD


2008-06-24 22:13:07

I didn't mean actually good at something, I meant experienced in something...and sorry for my bad grammar.


2008-06-26 09:57:12

I 'm still waiting for you to respond to that PM. I even e-mailed you through hot mail!


2008-06-26 15:54:16



2008-06-28 00:56:38

Aren't those characters worthless when fighting tabuu on entense?


2008-06-28 04:44:43

Do not stop with the interviews, I am serious. Read my comment that I wrote on your last NG post, do what you enjoy and don't stop because people are talking shit about it.


2008-07-25 01:44:41

What if you are a good motivated writer, but a shitty animator? Huh? Huh?


2008-10-30 17:08:46

ummm, are you in this video? YrwJ0 <-----Training School