2008-06-03 17:57:45 by Rina-chan

+ I'm accepting podcast submissions up through Sunday, so get them in! See previous news post for details.

+ A few people have PMed me expressing an interest in seeing my Princess Peach cosplay. My friend Tim did an informal photoshoot for me and all the pictures are up @ myspace. (No, I didn't make the costume, but I did cut and style the wig myself.)

+ AIKA R-16: VIRGIN MISSION is now out!! Check your local anime store or Best Buy and please pick up a copy~ I do the official English voice for Eri, the redhaired girl who's the leader of the treasure hunting club. Plus, it's got tons of panty shots so even if you could care less about getting it for my voice, get it for the content? ;D


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2008-06-03 17:59:38

darknessdweller wuz here.

Rina-chan responds:



2008-06-03 19:51:19

as for the cosplay, nice. As for AIKA R-16, you do know what men like. As for official voice acting, no offense, but I like my anime in Japanese. As for your interest in naruto, please tell me its not dubbed. As for your interest in FLCL, my GOD I am so happy to know i'm not alone!


2008-06-03 20:20:12

You did a great job on the Brawl Taunts animations with Kirbopher, they were great. The part where he had a gun to his head was real funny. Keep up the great work, you're a really good voice actress and I will look for more animations you star in.


2008-06-03 20:34:21

we don't have local anime store here
you would have to go to the Central Building District
as for the picture
you don't seem that evil...


2008-06-03 21:09:07

i wondered where u sounded familiar from(meaning from super smash flash) great job on the brawl taunts both where hillarious, are you going to be makeing a 3rd?


2008-06-04 00:08:45

Let's be enemies.

Rina-chan responds:

OH! You're the guy from the Tom Fulp Fapping thread!
I think we should be friends instead, because I love that thread! I even got my friend to read it aloud with dramatic music in the background...


2008-06-04 01:48:05

Ever participated in hadakamatsuri?

Rina-chan responds:

"Naked festival"? Nan na no desu ka?


2008-06-04 10:48:11

Congrats on your success. =3


2008-06-04 11:12:40

I love your Princess Peach cosplay! ^___^


2008-06-04 13:23:33

what is your myspace name? i want to add you.

Rina-chan responds:



2008-06-04 13:32:39

...where do you get voice acting things....recorder?


2008-06-04 14:53:17

amazing cosplay!!! also i loved watching you in AIKA R-16: VIRGIN MISSION!!!!
it's cool to hear a voice of someone i know (kinda)
anyway COOL!!!!


2008-06-04 15:18:10

Higurashi was an awesome series ^_^

Disturbing, but awesome.


2008-06-04 16:34:36

Hi, i´m the black knight nice to meet you kagome, i like your flash, good luck for the actress


2008-06-04 17:19:06

Tons of panty shots? You really want us to buy it, huh? :P


2008-06-04 18:26:05

Panty shots? Boo! The saying goes: "TITS OR GTFO!"

Rina-chan responds:

Oh, there are plenty of tits in it too. Don't worry.


2008-06-04 22:29:12

Impressive! ^^

I always wanted to be a voice actor professionally!

I fun to see that there are quasi-celebrities here on newgrounds

-JBK (a fan of your writing and voice talents)


2008-06-04 23:35:53

What could happen if this is not successful? (The help with the flash artist stuff)

Rina-chan responds:

I've gotten quite a few submissions already.


2008-06-05 01:03:36



2008-06-05 01:19:36

You are the best


2008-06-05 02:21:28

What's your Brawl friend code. Come on. Out with it ;)

Rina-chan responds:

online = massive lag


2008-06-05 02:30:36

"AIKA R-16: VIRGIN MISSION" eh? Yeah I'll probably buy it eventually... Although I recently blew all my monies on airsoft gear, but I should be getting a good amount of it in early july... just in time for AX.. think they'll sell it there?

Rina-chan responds:

I'm sure they will :D


2008-06-05 17:47:01

You can fight my girlfriend if you're worried about getting owned. She uses Zelda. Not much lag since we're both from California

Rina-chan responds:

If you're both from California, I could just fight you in person.
...Providing it's southern California. =x


2008-06-05 21:12:35

Voice acting in an actual Anime... fantastic.


2008-06-05 22:06:04

your pretty cool


2008-06-06 14:01:50

Your podcasts so far have been interesting.


2008-06-06 18:30:16

How Good Is Your Japanese?
Or Was The Ash Japanese Fake?
YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whats That In Japanese LOL....

Keep Tha Good Work up


(Updated ) Rina-chan responds:

He was basically saying "I won't die!" It's a reference to this Captain Falcon anime video thing.

I was a Japanese major in college so I took four years' equivalent of Japanese study and continue to study on my own.


2008-06-06 21:03:13

That's low! Don't advertise with the promise of fanservice. Fanservice actually turns me away from many anime.

Rina-chan responds:

Ah...well, then I'm afraid you won't like this one.
I do know a few people who can't stand blatant fanservice anime but are getting it to support my voice acting debut :P


2008-06-07 00:39:49

Warning if u dont want to read about me rambling on this comment, just read the end... seriously

Cheers to More Brawls Taunts, yet another successful attempt by kirbopher and ur self. However ive heard some negative feedback on the animation. 1 people complaining its soo popular between "nintendo" fans. However i on the otehr hand, have found it quite amusing. I seriously HATE nintendo, based on the past games on the wii. I played brawl once, it was ok. But the main idea is that anyone coulld get this jokes, no tjust "nintendo" fans

Second of all, 1 review stated that thi sflash is popular, due 2 u, being a girl... HOW Sexist can people be these days??!! Oh well ignore them....

Over all, cheers 4 More Brawl Taunts, ignore do*che bags, stay away from 2 day old, cold ramen,( I know, im part japanese, however no i will not continue this review in japanese, even if i could....)

blah blah blah this comment is over =)


2008-06-07 00:41:21

oh yeah, no more red bull, try amp

Rina-chan responds:

I enjoy Amp too, but Red Bull is my favorite.


2008-06-07 06:30:22

Hey! Your a Japanese major, right? What's "I'm in despair!" in Japanese?

Rina-chan responds:

"Zetsubou shita!"


2008-06-07 15:36:24

heh voolycooli:)


2008-06-07 18:18:01

damn i spen all my money on gunslinger girl :( well i guess its time to go back to work (I was on vacation)


2008-06-07 18:24:37

Be careful about drinking too much Red-Bull.

I prefeer drinking lot's of green tea. Sometimes Matcha with Soy Milk.



2008-06-08 00:44:53

You know, speaking of Princess Peach, ever since I've watched these flashes, I've been seriously thinking you should start talking to Nintendo to do the voice acting for Peach in all the games...since I'm convinced that the current on is really a man. D:

You'd do a much, much more impressive job. <3

Rina-chan responds:

I would do anything to voice for Peach in an actual game! Too bad Nintendo seems to mostly use random people from Seattle D:


2008-06-08 07:33:49

So in my enthousiasm I bought the version that doesn't have English voices...

The store doesn't have the correct one yet....damn import crap! I wish my country was more up to date anime-wise...


2008-06-08 12:30:21

ya know rina cha maybe u should go to some english translating company like bang zoom entertainment and such ur talent is really good way to good to be in NG
then again ng does need ya or else the phrase from MGA " u freaking ate my gun"
wouldnt be hilarius till this day

Rina-chan responds:

Actually, I have done a few recordings for BangZoom Entertainment, including Aika :)


2008-06-08 17:18:39

Err... so you're a voice actor? I don't suppose you can sing too.

Rina-chan responds:

I wish I could...


2008-06-08 21:50:05


Rina-chan responds:



2008-06-09 00:33:12

wow well keep up the good work rina chan cuase i think i just became a fan of ur work =D


2008-06-09 20:13:50

Behind the flash is cancelled? :( What happened.


2008-06-09 22:21:10

Hey, Where can I Find you on Myspace???

Rina-chan responds:


2008-06-09 23:18:31

All i gotta say is your a bad ass Script Writer and i love the Brawl Tuants vids.


2008-06-12 17:32:26

This fire is outta control!! And so are you! In the good way :)

PS. Your Awesome.