2008-05-07 04:12:26 by Rina-chan

Kirbopher made this animation for something I wrote/put together a while ago!
I know I didn't include every Brawl character but I didn't want to make it too long because as we can see on the Crack For All reviews, Newgrounds users don't have very long attention spans.

ALSO. I am starting a podcast where I will be interviewing various prominent flash animators from the Newgrounds community. I've already got my first couple of guests lined up, so expect to see something about that soon =)


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2008-05-07 09:47:08

Looking forward to the podcast! :)


2008-05-07 16:38:39

I would love to be interviewed by you :o

However! I really need to get back into flash again and put out movies instead of just the one kinda lame sprite movie I did 2 years ago D:


2008-05-08 03:33:25

It was funny, and i'm surprised that only took three days of work to animate. I really need to finish GTAIV and get a Wii.


2008-05-08 04:06:55

Enjoyed the brawl animation a whole lot! Great job!


2008-05-08 07:41:45



2008-05-09 04:02:10

You should be a Voice Actor Professionally!

Although...I would suggest not only going for Anime...most voice actors do a varity of voices for American, Japanese, and even Canadian Cartoons.

Matt of my favorite voice actors...does the voice for Ed (Ed Edd n Eddy) Fin (Storm Hawks) and that Guy from Dragon Booster. He also did a few animes...I think...

Point being said...perhaps you can post a few voice acting of other cartoon that range from other cartoons.

a fan of your work

Jak Baron King

Rina-chan responds:

Well, I can't do anything besides anime work until I get an agent, but I'm putting my stuff together for that this month so wish me luck :D


2010-04-17 14:09:04

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