I have a new demo!

2008-04-16 19:34:42 by Rina-chan

I finally took some time out of Brawling to make a new voice demo, so here you go.


This is my standard animation demo. If you just want to hear my videogame character impersonations, go here.


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2008-04-16 20:23:51

Lol sounding good. So what projects are you workin on with these demos? Sounds like a mix of Halo, MGS, Zelda etc.

Rina-chan responds:

If you're talking about my videogame impersonations reel... well, those weren't from any actual projects. XD Those are just characters I really want to voice, so I wanted to show people (for example) "Hey! I can do a Peach voice! Cast me?"


2008-04-17 21:08:25

hehe... kinda fun to listen to and try to figure out which ones you've seen before

quite a good demo.. you're even better than I thought ;P


2008-04-18 11:24:18

Impressive as usual. I suspect you're getting a lot of requests for the Metal Gear Collab at the moment, so good luck with that too!

Rina-chan responds:

Actually I've only gotten a few requests... I want more! hehe


2008-04-20 00:27:37

You do an awesome tails voice!


2008-04-20 00:27:52

or was it amy?

Rina-chan responds:

If you're talking about my videogame demo, that was Tails.


2008-04-23 09:20:54

Very impressive. Hope you manage to find someone who wants a Peach voice done! :)


2008-04-24 21:34:14

awsome voice reel thing a ma bobber........

if i ever make a flash where i need a female voice ill pm you.


2008-05-05 21:31:17

Wow, you're amazing. Wish i had a voice like that (all i do is take voice lessons for now). It'd be awesome to have you be a voice actor in the future. Keep up the awesome work!


2008-05-06 17:47:53

woo hoo for voice acting ^_~


2008-06-11 17:24:04