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I did all the female voices for Castle Crashers! Check the favorites for flash I was in, and suzumiya-haruhi.net for my voice demos. *Yes, I played Meryl in Metal Gear Awesome.* Email me at DizzyAngelXX@gmail.c om if you need a female voice.

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That might be the girliest Professor Oak anyone would have ever heard...i'd watch the video i don't even care. This FAQ seemed more...buiness related

Eh, pretty much. The other questions I get are kind of dumb like DO U HAVE PICZ when links to my facebook are pretty much everywhere lol

Here was my Professor Oak "audition" ;)
http://suzumiya-haruhi.net/auditi ons/Pokemon.mp3

haha, that explains why I sent you a PM before and never got a response...so now I settled with Sasuya. But if I ever need another female vioce I'll be sure to EMAIL you! :D

cool stuff. I like the part about professor oak the best :P

hey! - not that u care, but i think u do a great job with awesome epic, cinematic quality voice work!

i hope u dont let the haters get you down! (tho i know u dont haha)

best of luck on ur endeavors!

yay for tips and FAQ's to help every one :)

Yeah maybe you should have a Stalker FAQs too, god only know
1 Doyou have picz!
2. You you have a boyfriend?
3. DOyou ave picz?11!!!!


1. yes
2. yes, EmpyreanAria
3. yes

hey recomend kirbopher i think he need a job :)

hmmmmmmm very informative but i would like to know

1.is there any kind of role in general you will refuse to play

2.thar was the most agressive profeser oak i ever heard is that how he is portraid in the origanal japanese dub?

1. I'm open to most things, but usually if I turn a role down it's because it requires a huge time commitment (like, hundreds of lines) or an unreasonably short deadline.

2. lol nope just being silly

Hey rina-chan I Like the brawl taunts movies I am requesting for u 2 make another,pls!

There won't be any more Brawl Taunts, but glad you like. :D

shut up

You're the one commenting on my page, dude.

Well, at least the Chode spam has stopped. Unless that's what you were talking about.

I speak for some fans when I say that it's good the chode spams have stopped. Man I hate that flash and what happened after.

Love you work and i love how you voice sounds you truly do have a gift but i hate the fact that someone made that fake acount of you and that spazkid is making fun of you

ps. spazkid and his friends make to many things about dicks so im guessing he is gay

LOL the Professor Oak audition...I've met you in real life a couple of times but never while you were hyped up on caffiene and I'm kind of afraid to find out o_o;;

PhinnyCupcakes made a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY horrible joke about you on The True Bio of Justin Wong! I suggest you check it out! Go, and protect your dignity!

Hah 2 bad you didnt get the role as professor oak, i would have loved to hear that :)

lol I just saw spazkid's flash... and well XD.

i hope you get molested... your a terrible voice actor/writer.

XD On The last 1!

"I recently voiced Ash Ketchum for a really fun flash that I hope will be released by the end of summer!"

You mean the flash I´m working on? :D
Awww :3 I´m not even sure if it is, but you made me want to work on it again! (I had to stop because school started a few weeks ago and I had no time)

Don´t worry, I have more than half done, I don´t have a fixed release date but I´ll probably finish it before November if the school doesn´t get tougher xD